Dancing with Plushies

Dancing with PlushiesFoxy is dancing with his plushies :) He couldn’t decide which one to dance with, so why not both? Pikachu is happily waiting for his turn!


Foxy and his friend Rex was invidte to a dance party at Yookey house. But this was a little problem for Foxy because on the invitetion it say it was only allowed to bring one Plushy to the party. But Foxy would like to bring bouth his teddy bear and Pikachu plush whit him. He decided to talk to his friend Rex about this. Rex told Foxy that maybe he could sneak Pikachu into the party if he hide it inside his diaper bag.

So when the day finerly come Foxy and his mother ring on the doorbell at Yookey house and when they was allowed to go inside the house they noticed abount of sad and crying cub. The reason way all the cub was sad was because Rex hade more then one plush whit him. It was five plush inside his arm that he was cuddling whit. The reason way Rex have done this was so that no one should notes that during the party Foxy ran back and forward from his diaper bag and every time he had a different plushy whit him. One time he hade a teddy bear and the other time a Piakchu plush.

Yookey that have figure out Rex plan thougt it was very sweet of him so when everything had settling down she sneak up beside Rex and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and run away. That made Rex blushing and the same time his diaper front sowing a fast growing yellow spot. When he look after Yookey that disappeared among the dancing cubs.

But before she disappeared she turn here head around and look at the blushing Rex whit his growing yellow spot on his diaper front and find it super cute and gave him a little smille and thougt boys and there bladder problem they always seems to wet them self when they are blushing.

Rex rexam-1

Draw and Yookey by Yookey

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