John’s Regression – Chapter 25

Story is written by abdl5622

So bored. I thought as I let out a yawn while I pushed a shovel around in the sand with that stupid light blue harness. She has to be doing this just to mess with me. Other than the fact I don’t really look like a toddler, well I guess my present attire might bring that into question. A sharp pain coming from my rear interrupted my thoughts. No way am I giving her that satisfaction. I thought as I begun to stand up. Then Blarrttt, my rear opened and a tidal wave of sludge poured out. Pushing against the tight straps of the leash, forcing the mess to spread up to the crotch of my diaper. I could hear Jessica chuckling at my current state. I stood up and was about to tell her off when squelch, my rear opened up for a second time and poured out another hot, gooey mess. I reached around and felt the seat of my overalls. I could feel the heat of the load radiating through them. Somehow I knew that this was her fault. She definitely planned this. I thought as I watched her try to contain her laughter.

“John, is something wrong?”


“Do you need to use the potty?”

Okay now she is just taunting me.

“No, I’m just stretching my legs”

“Okay, tell me if you want to go inside”

She wanted me to fill my diaper, for her amusement. I plopped my rear back into the sand with a splat into the mound of poo in my rear. Which gave me a naughty idea. If she wants me to have a messy diaper than I will make sure I have a messy diaper. I got onto my knees and pushed as hard as I could, clenching my fists. A firm log pushed its way out but was stopped by the tight harness. I grabbed the harness and pulled it down to make room. Plop, plop, plop, I grunted as I pushed out as much as I could, creating a softball sized lump in my rear. When my insides were empty I was satisfied. Clean up that. I thought as I let go of the harness which dug into the mound in my rear. Forcing it to push against the leg gatherer! s. I then sat down ensuring the load was forced to go everywhere in my diapered area. Once I was satisfied that I had squashed the mess around everywhere, I got up to go talk to Jessica.

As I waddled over, I began to regret my decision. Maybe I should have…

“Whew, smells like someone is in serious need of a diaper change”

My cheeks burned from the embarrassment and shame as she undid the harness. The diaper clung to my skin like glue as we walked inside and up to the changing table.

Maybe she isn’t so bad, I guess I can forgive her. I thought as she opened up a very dirty diaper.

“I’m going to guess you know how old I am?”

“Yep, your mom thought you might be more comfortable if you thought that I thought you were younger”

“And that does not bother you?”

“Why would it?”

“I’m a bit old for diapers” I sheepishly replied.

“You are not the oldest kid I have changed. A few kids your age that I look after wear diapers”


“Yes, well most wear them at night. But, that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you”

“Thanks” I felt a lot better about being in diapers now.

“You’re all clean” she said with a light pat to my rear.

“I think I will go watch some T.V.” I said as I grabbed my pacifier.


Time flew by and soon I heard the front door open.

“Hello Amanda”

“Hi Jessica. I hope John was well behaved”

I excitedly jumped off the couch to greet my mom.

“He was”

“Great. I know you must be busy. Say bye to Jessica John”


She soon left.

“So, tell me all about your day with Jessica. Was she nice?”

Well should I tell her about the whole harness incident. Probably shouldn’t considering my overreaction.

“She was nice. I played outside for a bit then we watched T.V.”

“Fun. So, tomorrow Mary invited us over for the day”

“Sure, I would like to see Jack again”


The rest of the night was boring and ordinary until bedtime. My mom tucked me in and raised the gate. Soon, I drifted off into a deep slumber.

I awoke to a warm gentle hand nudging me.

“John, sweety, it’s time to wake up”

“Already” I yawned causing my pacifier to fall as she lifted me out of my crib.

“We are going over to Jack’s today” she said a she caught my pacifier.

Soon, I was in a fresh diaper and a T-shirt and overalls, and we were on our way to Jack’s. He is not going to believe the day I had. A babysitter. I thought as we pulled up to the driveway, and my mom rang the doorbell.



“It’s good to see you. Come in”


“Hi John”

“You are not going to believe the day I had”

“Oh, I also had quite the day yesterday”

We both then went outside and discussed the event in the sandbox.

“A leash. Like what you walk a dog with?” Jack asked.

“Sort of. Anyway, you now have had the full diaper experience. Was it that bad?”

“It was really not that bad. Other than one thing”

“The smell” we both laughed in unison.

“By the way thanks for this” Jack said as he pulled out the pacifier I gave him.

“It is nice. I enjoy mine”

“Boys, I have some lemonade out here for you” Jack’s mom called out as they both relaxed on lawn chairs.

I walked over with Jack to be greeted by his little sister.

“Come to play with us”

“Yeah” she said with excitement.

What a beautiful day. I thought as I waddled over to the sandbox to play with Jack and Katie. As I was walking, I could feel something warm pushing past my butt cheeks. Who cares at this point. I am a baby, and I like it. I gave a gentle push and the rear of my diaper began to slowly expand as I approached the sandbox. I don’t think they will notice or care, from the smell of things I am not the first one. I thought as my diaper became heavier, and I continued sucking away on my pacifier. I got to the sandbox and sat on the wooden edge with a squash as I sat in my fresh mess. I looked over to Jack, It seems like he is struggling… oh. I thought as I watch the seat of his diaper expand. I then began to overhear our moms talking.

“Well this has been a turn of events Amanda”

“It certainly has been”

“Look at how happy they are playing in the sandbox”

“I don’t think I have seen John like this since his father passed away”

“Nor have I seen Jack like this since he left”

“I have also been enjoying have my baby boy to take care of again, and all it took was a bit of … encouragement from me and some special milk”

I figured.

“It is nice for Katie to have a playmate and I do enjoy seeing Jack like this. Though this was mostly his idea, I just played along with his little plan” she chuckled.

“Thanks for all of your help Amanda”

“No problem, I figured if it worked for John, it might work for Jack”

“Speaking of our babies, it smells like one of them needs a change” mom said as she sniffed the air.

They both walked over to us and we all looked up at them.

“So, which one of you is our little stinker?” Jack’s mom said in a playful voice.

“Which one isn’t is probably a better question” mom laughed.

We all laughed with her. She does have a point.

We hugged and right then I was happier than I had ever been in my life. Though not what I wanted, this is exactly what I needed in life.

Story is written by abdl5622

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