Summer Punishment Chapter 5 And 6

Story is written by DLglasgow

Chapter 5

The stand was occupied by a much younger man probably around 25 and whose table featured a wide array of large plastic squares and what looked like towels. These must be the nappies and this attractive guy is going to help my mum select the nappies I will be wearing. That thought alone made me turn beat red with embarrassment.

“Hi there, I’m Jake” he introduced “What are your levels?”

“2 and 4”my mum “OK, well let’s start with the level two, which one is that?”

I couldn’t believe how matter of fact he was being as my mum proceeded to point to my sister.

“Right she’s a small so your first choice is do you want disposable or cloth? Cloth is thicker but means you have to wash it and well, it can get quite messy.” He smiled

“Disposable, definitely” dad shot back!

“Fine, as she will be in them full time you should probably disregard these” he said pointing to the left of the table.

“Now I would recommend either this” holding up a thick nappy with a green stripe down it “or this” holding up a similar looking one but this time with a purple stripe and noticeably thicker.

“What’s the difference?” my mum said

“Well the purple one is a Tena slip maxi, rather than a super so has more capacity and increases the time between changes…”

“That one sounds perfect for Lucy then but what about for Hannah here?” she replied

“Well, being a level 4 and wanting disposable I would say you only have one option” he said moving along to the other end of the table and picking up an incredibly thick nappy covered in baby prints.

“What?” I said aloud. It was clearly twice the thickness of Lucy’s one

“This” he said “is a custom teen nappy we have had created which is the thickest and most absorbent in the world. The idea is to simulate the feeling a baby would get wearing a nappy”

“Well that was easy then” my mum said “What next?”

“Move along to the next stand and they will help you select your nappy changing intervals” Both my parents thanked him for his help while he updated our sheets before we moved on.

The next few stands were a blur as I was crying quietly and had taken the ‘pretend it’s not happening approach’. My dad noticing I was not required for them to make the choices said me and my sister could go and wait at a small seating area in the middle. We both quickly accepted, deciding that not watching the decision being made would reduce the continual embarrassment.

It took over 30 minutes for my parents to move through about ¾ of the stands, my bum was getting numb so I decided to re-join my parents. This was a bad idea as the stand they had just arrived at was marked ‘Level 4 – 5 Only’. The women behind this stand was already talking when I arrived unbeknown to my parents.

“So is your daughter over 16? And do you know if she is sexual active?”

“Yes she’s 18 but I hope not” my mother replied

“Well one of the problems with level 4 & 5’s is that the restrictive clothing prevents the ability of your teen to carry out self-sexual simulation such as masturbation. Which is I might add is an important part of becoming an adult”

“Ok…” my dad said obviously sounding nervous for what was about to follow

“Well, obviously you can’t let her remove the nappies as this would ruin the process of correction and dependence, so we created this” she said holding up what appears to large pair of pants but with a hollow dido at the front and back.

“To allow your daughter to experience masturbation you can strap this on her and select a setting as required” pointing to a small remote control with the options; 1 to 4. “The powerful vibrators in the front and rear will do the rest.” After taking a quite pause she continued “This is optional but I would highly recommend it”

“OK, if you think its best” my mum replied

“No Mum”, I couldn’t help myself and she span around to see me standing their behind her. “You lost your right to have a say when you took those drugs Hannah, now you can either be quite or go back and join your sister”

What could I do? Although noticing the next and penultimate stand was labelled ‘punishments’ I resisted retorting.

Again my sheet was marked and I noticed it was looking rather full, that worried me greatly but mum was already moving off again.

The punishment stand was fairly bland and the bored looking, middle aged woman behind it appeared visibly pleased when we stopped in front of it.

“Hi there” she said in a strong Irish accent. “What’s the level?” she asked

“Level’s” my mum corrected, “2 & 4”

“Well we have over 20 punishment methods available divided into 3 categories of misbehaviour. Now you can pick and choose the ones you want but many parents find this hard so we have created premade ‘packs’ if you will, for each level”

“That sound’s easier” dad responded

“It is and what’s more they are in sealed envelopes so neither party knows the punishment until required. Now if you want to go ahead I will just have to see the sheets to check the compatibility”

My mum quickly handed over the two pieces to paper which she studied for about 40 seconds before added a quick mark on the last blank row. And pointed off to the final stand.

“Right your all set, you can pay at the next stand and then they will load up your car with the materials”


Chapter 6

20 minutes later all 4 of us were in the car heading out of the car park. The mood in the car was miserable, the first thing my mum had said after the boot was closed over the many boxes was how she and my father had wished they didn’t need to do this but thought it would be the best for us in the long run. I didn’t agree but remained quiet, as did Lucy. She then proceeded to hand over a folded document titled ‘Your Correction Plan’ to each of us. “Read that” she said “Your correction will start the minute we get home, no arguments”


Correction Plan – Hannah McDowell – 18 – Level 4

Please read this carefully as it sets out the rules and the choices your parents have made for you.

Firstly as a level 4 you will be regressed back in almost every way to that of an infant. You will be forced to wet and mess your nappies, wear baby clothes, be fed baby food, drink from a bottle and sleep in a crib. You will have a dummy in at all times but as a level 4 you will, at the discretion of your parents, be able to talk like an adult at times.


Forced Use:                       Yes (wetting & messing)
Nappy:                                Disposable Teen Baby Maxi (Medium)
Change Interval:               10am, 2pm and 7pm
Friend contact:                  None
Clothing options:              Onesie (pink), Sleeper / All-in-one (pink), Play Dress (yellow)
Clothing accessories:       Restrictive moment mittens, teen size dummy with harness
Rental Furniture:               Crib, Changing Table, Play Pen & Highchair
Restraints:                          Yes (crib only)
Sexual:                                Strap on vibrator
Extras:                                 Enema kit
Punishments:                     Preselected and unknown to both parties


In addition to the core rules mentioned earlier your parents have selected to add these rules:

1.      No attempt to be made to remove clothing

2.      Nappy changes cannot be requested

3.      All adult food and drinks out of bounds

4.      You must also obey commends from your sister as she is now older than you

Now you have read this document we would advise that you accept these selections and do not resist the process as this will just result in punishments and more discomfort. Your punishment has been set to last for 6 weeks but can be extended at any time.

Note that furniture is rented and will normally be installed within 2 working days. You correction will however start upon arriving home.


I read and re-read the document hoping this was a dream but the harsh reality set in and I began to accept that I would only be a teenager for another hour until we arrived home.

Lucy asked if she you see mine indicating to the piece of paper and we swapped with me quickly reading over her selected options. It seemed she had got off much more lightly and while she would also be in nappies full time, the baby clothing or furniture options were missing and she had an extra change interval each day.

Lucy seemed to have finished reading mine and had turned very pale. “Oh my god, I thought I had it bad” she whispered in my ear, there was no glee in her voice she genuinely sounds sorry for me. I didn’t however respond, after all what could I say.

The rest of the long journey was uneventful and we were sound travelling down the narrow, dead end road which led to our house. The house itself was positioned right next to the sea and we had no neighbours for miles. Normally I hated this remoteness but this summer it was great as there was no risk one of my friends would drop by and see me.

We pulled up outside the house and after turning off the engine both my parents jumped out the car. I was shaking with fear, embarrassment and anger for what was about to happen and didn’t move, Lucy was the same and even had started to cry again. Mum obviously noticing we haven’t got out opened by door and said “Actually girls I want you to stay in the car while me and your father unpack and setup the things. We will call you in when ready”

We waited in silence for what felt like hours but was probably only 10 minutes for mum or dad to return. In this time I considered running away, fighting them or calling the police but dismissed each idea after thinking it through.

The tap on the window caused me to turn around to see my dad waiting outside, we both quickly got out and followed him inside in silence.

“Sit down on the sofa girls, we want to run through the rules before we get started”

I sat quickly, looking down at my feet although I couldn’t help notice a large plastic mat on the floor a few feet away with two nappies sitting next to it.

Story is written by DLglasgow

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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