Lucky Chapter 4

This story is written by neverdry

Miss Henry carried the sobbing girl into the upstairs bathroom. Taylor let out little noises  with every step Miss Henry took. Her very sore bottom  was resting on Miss Henry’s arm. Taylor looked around the bathroom as Miss Henry leaned down and turned the faucet on. Miss Henry popped the top on the baby shampoo and put some under the running water. Bubbles soon formed on the top of the water.

Taylor tried to say something, anything, but she could not get any words out. Miss Henry let Taylor down. Taylor stood beside the tub, reaching around to rub her bottom.

“Okay. In you go honey.” Miss Henry said, taking Taylor’s hand.

“Please….You don’t understand. I’m….I’m eighteen.”

Miss Henry took her free hand and brought it down onto Taylor’s bottom. SWAT!. “Enough of your nonsense. I’m not going to listen to this for the next month.”

Taylor let out a screech, as her already sore backside took another spank. “Please….Just call my Daddy. He will tell you.”

Miss Henry knelt down in front of Taylor. “We can’t call your Daddy right now. Maybe, if you start to act like a proper eleven year old, things would go much better for you.”

Taylor’s eye’s went wide. “Eleven….I’m not eleven. I’m really eighteen. Please.”

Swat! Miss Henry brought her hand down once again. “That’s enough” Miss Henry said, standing back up and letting go of Taylor’s hand. She picked Taylor up and lifted her into the tub. “Sit on your bum.”

Taylor looked up at Miss Henry. Her right hand rubbing her bottom, trying to sooth it. Miss Henry got on her knees. “On your bum, please.”

Taylor felt the tears running down her cheeks. Her butt was on fire. “Please…..Miss Henry.”

SWAT! Miss Henry spanked Taylor again. “How many spankings is it going to take? Now be a good girl and sit on your bum before you fall.”

Taylor almost did fall when she received yet another swat on her bottom. If Miss Henry had not been holding onto her arm, she most likely would have fallen. Taylor slowing starting sitting. When her bum hit the bottom of the tub, she winched.

Miss Henry took a wash cloth and dipped it into the water. She poured some baby shampoo onto the cloth and rubbed it together. Miss Henry started rubbing Taylor’s back with the wash cloth. When she got down to her lower back, she gently lifted Taylor up just enough  by the arm and used the wash cloth to clean Taylor’s bum. Taylor cried a little harder when Miss  Henry washed her bottom.

Once Taylor was back sitting, she rubbed some of the tears out of her eyes and stopped crying enough to say, “I’m not a baby. Please, you need to stop this.”

Miss Henry brought the washcloth up to Taylor’s face and went to work. “No, you are not a baby dear and I should not have to bathe a eleven year old. So, once I’m done with your face you can show me how a big eleven year girl can wash herself. If you prove to me that you can do it properly, then Nanny will just watch you.”

Miss Henry let the cloth down into the water and then rung it out. Taylor’s face was covered with baby shampoo. She was afraid to open her eyes, in fear of getting soap in them.

“Here is the cloth dear. Show Nanny what a big girl you can be.” Miss Henry said, setting the washcloth into Taylor’s hand.

Taylor quickly brought the washcloth up to her face and rubbed, praying she had gotten rid of the shampoo. She opened her eyes slowly. She looked at Miss Henry.

“Very good dear. Now show Nanny what else needs to be washed.”

Taylor wanted to say something, but she did not think her butt could take another spank.  Taylor put the cloth into the water, then brought it back out and rung out some water.  She starred at the washcloth for a few seconds.  She could not bring herself to start washing herself with Miss Henry right beside her. How could she? She was eighteen. She was sitting in the bathtub, getting praised like she was a toddler that had just washed her face by herself for the first time.  Something came over Taylor and she snapped. She raised her arm up and threw the washcloth down into the water. “Leave me alone!” she screamed. “Im not doing this. I’m eighteen freaking years old.”

Before Taylor had finished her sentence,  Miss Henry stood up and grabbed Taylor’s arm, lifting her up. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! Miss Henry landed three very hard blows to Taylor’s bottom. Miss Henry then took Taylor by both arms and turned her so that she was facing her. Taylor started sobbing uncontrollably.

“You dear do not seem to get it. You listen and you listen good.” Miss Henry yelled. “You are going to repeat after me. I’m eleven years old.”

Taylor was sobbing.  Tears filled her eyes so much she could barely see. Miss Henry had a hold of both her arms and she was squeezing them, they started to hurt.  She was scared. very scared. Taylor had never been confronted and treated like this by anyone, ever before.  All of a sudden her bladder let loose without any warning what so ever. She could hear her pee flowing into the water below.

“Oh dear.” Miss Henry said, noticing Taylor peeing into the tub. Miss Henry’s tone changed instantly . She started to feel sorry for Taylor. She never wanted to be the mean Nanny.  “I guess that is the end of your bath. We will try again tomorrow honey.”

Miss Henry pulled the plug on the tub, turned on the facet and picked the washcloth out of the bath water. She held Taylor’s one arm and placed the washcloth under the running water. She then placed the cloth on the side of the tub and  then picked Taylor up from under her arms. She stood  her on the bathmat. Miss Henry rung out the washcloth, then proceeded to use it on Taylor, rubbing it down her legs and over her private parts.

Taylor stood feeling Miss Henry use the cloth on her most sensitive part. She looked down but it was hard to focus,  her vision was so blurry from all the tears.  Taylor was scared and upset. She could not believe her bladder had let go with out any warning at all. She started to  feel  like a little girl at this point.  The more she thought about it,  the more the tears flowed.

Miss Henry wrapped a towel around Taylor and started to dry her off. Once she was somewhat dry Miss Henry picked her up with the towel still around her. “Come on honey. Let’s go get you dressed.”

Taylor said nothing as she was carried through the door and into her bedroom. She could not withstand another spanking. She would just let Miss Henry do whatever and she would figure out how to get a hold of her Daddy. Then this would soon be over.

This story is written by neverdry

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