John’s Regression Chapter 20

Story written by abdl5622

“Cool, so what do you want to do John. The rain has kinda spoiled any outdoor activities”

“Ya it did. Let me see if there are any good games we can play together”

“Sounds fun”

We went to the T.V. room and got on the couch and started playing video games together.

After about an hour I wanted to ask him if he wore protection like me. So, I began chatting about school and such. Then I built up enough courage to ask him.

“Jack, do you know about my …umm… issue?”

“If you mean the protection thing. Then yes, I assume you know that I have a similar problem”

So, he does wear diapers.

“Sort of”

“Does it bother you?”


“Having to wear diapers”

“It did at first, but I kinda grew to like them. They are convenient in some situations. How about you?”

“Same, but it never really bothered me. What do you find is the worst part? For me it is how they get so cold and clammy after a while”

“I also dislike that, but I find the smell and icky feeling of when you go number two to be my least favorite”

“You use them for both?”

Is that wrong? “I try not to but sometimes accidents happen”

“I don’t find it weird. I just have never experienced it myself”

He seems fairly open and accepting. Maybe he will understand about the other stuff, maybe…

“It is a very different experience. Thinking back on it, it was not that bad other than the smell”

Awkward silence ensued until,

“John, I noticed a bottle when I walked in here, do you also have a younger sibling”

What do I say? What do I do? Well I am kinda out of options. I can try telling him. He seems like he would be a person to understand this.

“Jack can I trust you?”

“Of course”

“This is a secret that you tell no one okay?”

“You can trust me”

“First off, I don’t have a sibling”

I might have if dad were still here. Things to ponder upon at a different time.

“Then why the bottle?”

I hope he understands.

“You know how diapers are kinda babyish”

“I suppose”
“You like them right?”

“Ever thought what other babyish would be like? Maybe you might even enjoy them too”

“The thought had not really crossed my mind”

“What if I told you that I enjoyed partaking in some of these things”

Please don’t be weirded out.

“That’s cool. I have not really tried anything like that before. Though I think I will pass”

Well at least he doesn’t mind.

“So, your okay with it?”

“I live with a two year old little sister, I definitely don’t mind”

“Thanks Jack”

“No problem”

“Lunch is ready guys. Do either of you need a change?” mom said as she walked into the room.

“I’m just a little wet mom” I replied as I felt a cold rush of air on my rear.

“How about you Jack?”

“Well, I … uh …” he replied as she checked his diaper.

“Wow you are soaked. Do you need my help to change?”

“So, I woke up late and was kinda in a rush and forgot to bring any spares”

“You look about John’s size. You could use one of his. If that is okay with you John”

“Of course. He also knows about the other stuff too now”

Speaking of which, I can grab my pacifier now.

“Excellent, follow me up to John’s room”

“I need to grab something from there anyway” I said as I walked upstairs to my room.

Soon Jack and mom followed.

“John, Jack probably wants some privacy for a minute. You understand right?”

“Yeah, I’m just grabbing this” I replied as I grabbed my pacifier and left the room.

After about five minutes I heard my mom saying “John you can come in now”

I noticed Jack without any shorts.

“They don’t fit. I had a similar problem”

“John would you mind losing the shorts to make Jack not feel so alone”
“Sure” I replied as I took off my shorts revealing a damp diaper.

Maybe he is just like me?

“Now that that is out of the way, how about some lunch guys?”

“Sounds good mom”


Story written by abdl5622

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