Jack’s Plan Chapter 7

Story written by abdl5622

“Cool, so what do you want to do John. The rain has kinda spoiled any outdoor activities”

“Ya it did. Let me see if there are any good games we can play together”

“Sounds fun”

We walked through the kitchen to what I presume would be the T.V. room when I spotted something strange. Is that a bottle in the sink? Does he have a younger sibling as well? I will ask him later.

He took me to his T.V. and handed me a controller. I sat down on the couch and noticed the crinkle from when he sat down.

We played games for about an hour during which I had carelessly soaked my Goodnite.

We then began to chat about school and such.

“Jack, do you know about my …umm… issue?”

“If you mean the protection thing. Then yes, I assume you know that I have a similar problem”

“Sort of”

Wanting to delve deeper and being excited that I finally had someone to talked to about this, I asked “Does it bother you?”


“Having to wear diapers”

“It did at first, but I kinda grew to like them. They are convenient in some situations. How about you?”

“Same, but it never really bothered me. What do you find is the worst part? For me it is how they get so cold and clammy after a while”

“I also dislike that, but I find the smell and icky feeling of when you go number two to be my least favorite”

He messes in them as well? Just like my sister.

“You use them for both?”

“I try not to but sometimes accidents happen” he replied as he blushed.

Ick, well something that I will never do. Though I should probably change the subject is seems as if this is a bit much for him.

“I don’t find it weird. I just have never experienced it myself” I replied trying to comfort him. Which seems to have worked.

“It is a very different experience. Thinking back on it, it was not that bad other than the smell”

Well I can’t really knock it until I have tried it technically. But, still that is a big no. I should probably change the subject. My eyes darted around looking for something to talk about. I peered out the window into the rain and made out a sandbox. Maybe he has siblings?

“John, I noticed a bottle when I walked in here, do you also have a younger sibling”

Maybe he was also jealous of his mom spending so much time with his younger sibling.

John just sat there looking frightened until eventually he asked,

“Jack can I trust you?”

All I did was ask if he had a sibling?

“Of course”

“This is a secret that you tell no one okay?”

Something other than the diapers?

“You can trust me”

“First off, I don’t have a sibling”

“Then why the bottle?”

“You know how diapers are kinda babyish”

Where is he going with this?

“I suppose”
“You like them right?”

More than you know.

“Ever thought what other babyish would be like? Maybe you might even enjoy them too”

What. That seems… well… I mean my sister enjoys herself. The thought had crossed my mind before.

“The thought had not really crossed my mind” I lied

“What if I told you that I enjoyed partaking in some of these things”

I guess that explains the bottle.

“That’s cool. I have not really tried anything like that before. Though I think I will pass”

“So, your okay with it?”

“I live with a two year old little sister, I definitely don’t mind”

“Thanks Jack”

“No problem”

Wait what else other than the bottle does he partake in?

“Lunch is ready guys. Do either of you need a change?” John’s mom said as she walked into the room.

Well I do but I don’t think that is possible without a spare.

“I’m just a little wet mom” John replied as she pulled back his shorts and the waistband of the diaper.

“How about you Jack” she said as she walked toward me.

“Well, I … uh …” I replied as I felt her put her finger into the waistband of my Goodnite.

“Wow you are soaked. Do you need my help to change?”

“So, I woke up late and was kinda in a rush and forgot to bring any spares”

“You look about John’s size. You could use one of his. If that is okay with you John”

“Of course. He also knows about the other stuff too now”

“Excellent, follow me up to John’s room”

“I need to grab something from there anyway” John said as he excitedly went upstairs.

So, this is happening. Uh… I don’t know about this.

“That’s okay, I should be able to change myself”

“It’s fine. I change John’s all the time. At least yours are only wet” she said with a chuckle as I followed her upstairs.She opened the door and I was shocked, it looked like my sister’s room but everything was bigger.

“John, Jack probably wants some privacy for a minute. You understand right?”

“Yeah, I’m just grabbing this” he said as he grabbed what looked like an oversized pacifier and left the room. This must be a dream or something. This doesn’t make sense. I mean I know he said he liked baby stuff. But…

“Strip for me Jack”

I was still lost in thought and did not really hear what she said when she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I guess your mom never mentioned this”

I shook my head.

“It is a lot to take in. It is different and maybe even a bit weird, but, is that so bad?” she said as she helped me get my clothes off and listed me up onto the changing table.

“John is happier now than he has ever been and to be honest I have enjoyed taking care of him” she continued as she removed the wet Goodnite.

“It fills my heart with joy seeing him running around so care free and happy”

I wonder if my mom would think the same thing.

“Is it wrong for my baby boy to not want to grow up just yet?” she said as she taped up the diaper.

“Sorry, I am ranting”

That just happened… Okay, random rant. I mean she does have a point it is not all that bad.

“I get not wanting to grow up. I enjoy wearing my Goodnites. It gives me a sense of security and comfort” I said as I hopped down off the table and struggled to get my balance due to having my legs spread so far apart from the bulk of the diapers.

“That’s wonderful to hear”

Realizing that I had probably said to much I replied, “Please don’t tell my mom about how I enjoy wearing Goodnites”

“Your secret is safe with me Jack” she said as she gave my rear a pat as I struggled to get my shorts on over the added bulk.

“Having a problem there? You can just wear the T-Shirt, I am sure John would join you. It would make my life easier and you both would look very cute”

After failing one more time I said, “As long as no one sees us. I guess that would be fine”

“John you can come in now”

He came in and took one look at me and said, “They don’t fit. I had a similar problem”

“John would you mind losing the shorts to make Jack not feel so alone”
“Sure” he replied as he took off his shorts revealing a damp diaper.

Well this just got a lot more awkward. Or maybe less awkward. I am unsure. Actually, I am unsure about a lot of things right now.

“Now that that is out of the way, how about some lunch guys?”

Maybe a nice meal will give me time to piece things together.

“Sounds good mom”


Story written by abdl5622

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