Jack’s Plan Chapter 4

Story written by abdl5622.

Soon, I finished up eating and went to watch some T.V. on the couch. After a while I began to overhear my mom laughing on the phone.

“Funny, and he was okay with it”

“Oh, I don’t know. If it makes him happy than sure”

“I will let you know how things turn out”

With that my mom hung up the phone and I went back to mindlessly watching T.V.

Why is there nothing to do around here. I thought as I glanced over at my sister playing with her toys. I remember how everything was always enjoyable, never a dull moment when the world is so new.

Time went by and the only thing I could think about was being young again and how much I enjoyed it.

Maybe I will watch a movie or something. I looked through our collection to find something that I could watch with my sister in the room. Toy Story is enjoyable. I put the movie in and began to watch it. I then had an uneventful dinner and went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Oh boy, finally, I get to put these on again. I thought as I grabbed a Goodnite out of the bag and slid it on.

“Goodnight Jack”

“Night mom”

The night is not over for me. I thought as I continued to explore the padding between my legs. I began writing down my thoughts in my journal.

Today was laid back. It was a bit annoying that I missed part of the movie due to having to use the bathroom, a Goodnite would have been nice there. I paused there noticing the pressure in my bladder.

Speaking of which ahhhh. A wave of relief came over me as my crotch began getting warmer and the front of the Goodnite began to swell.

It is an interesting feeling, being in your room, in front of your computer and just peeing. It also feels great. I might try to take my plan even further tomorrow. I am unsure though, wearing at night is one thing but during the day. That is another thing entirely. I mean what would people say? What would Sam say? Maybe people won’t notice? I can always just stop if I want to anyway and Sam is not even in town. I will do it tomorrow.

I saved and shut my laptop.

Maybe a quick glass of water, I am rather thirsty.

After satisfying my thirst, I climbed into bed with a squish and fell asleep.

I awoke to a strange yet familiar damp feeling. The scent of stale urine filled the room.

Did I wet the bed? I thought as I got up out of my cold damp bed. I shivered as I felt a drop of urine run down my leg. Glancing down at the sodden Goodnite and thought to myself, I can’t believe I unintentionally wet the bed… I mean I guess it is not such a big deal considering now I don’t have to fake it or lie about it. I should get changed into some dry clothes.

I took a shower and got dressed.

What should I tell mom? I never see my sister leak. Did I do something wrong? I thought as a nervously walked into the kitchen.

“Morning Jack”

“Hi mom” I replied as I gestured toward the hall. My mom sort of picked up on the fact that I wanted to talk to her in private and we both went into the hall.

“What’s wrong Jack? Did something happen?”

“Last night, it seems that the Goodnites didn’t work to well”

“Oh, you leaked, I am sorry dear, I will wash your sheets up. You probably need something better than Goodnites. I will pick up somethings at the store later today. Do you mind watching your sister while I’m gone?”

“No problem. I did not know there was a better version of Goodnites”

“They are not exactly the same, we will talk about it when I get back”

I then went to finish up my breakfast and began to watch T.V.

I wonder what she meant by that. No matter, the real question I need to ask myself is if I should attempt the daytime wetting. My thoughts were interrupted by my mom leaving for the store.

“Bye Jack, I am heading to the store. Your sister is outside in the sandbox”

“Okay mom, see you soon”

I had better keep an eye on my sister. I thought as I went outside into our fenced in backyard and approached the colorful swing set.

I sat down on the yellow plastic swing and watched my sister play in the sandbox. Alright Jack, is it really a good idea to attempt daytime wetting? It would make it so I would not have to miss scenes from movies. However, what would people say if they saw me? Well, Goodnites are discrete and the only person who will know would be mom. Who knows, maybe she will spend more time with me.

I felt a familiar pressure coming from my bladder. I darted my eyes around to make sure no one was looking and that my sister was facing the house. No one is watching. My heart was racing, and I was beginning to sweat. I took a deep breathe and relaxed my bladder. I could feel a couple of drops then a light stream. I could feel the fabric becoming warm and damp. I looked at my crotch to see a darkened area about the size of a baseball growing as drops began to drip down my leg and off of the swing. Finally, my bladder was empty and the deed had been done. No turning back now. I thought as I look back at my sister to ensure that she had not seen anything. She was now standing up and gazing at the door. She dropped her shovel and squatted down, placing her arms around her legs. She stayed like that for a couple minutes. What is she doing? Is something wrong? She then stood up, patted her padded bum and continued playing. It then clicked. Oh, she was doing THAT. At least we are outside so I don’t have to smell it. Something that I don’t think I will ever do in a Goodnite.

After about fifteen minutes I heard my mom pull up and watched as my sister jumped up to go and say hi to her. Now how am I going to explain this to mom. I thought about it for a while and could not think of anything to say. before my mom came outside.

“Sorry about that Jack, I had to change your sister before putting her down for a nap”

“No problem. But I… uhh… sort of had”

“an accident” she finished. I just lowered my head in shame.

“It’s okay. Just tell me what happened”

“I was sitting here watching Katie when I began to daydream. When I returned to reality, I found that my shorts were soaked. I was scared to tell you”

“I’m not mad Jack. It is probably just a phase that you will grow out of. You should go take a shower and get into dry clothes”

“That sounds nice mom” I replied as I got up from the damp seat.

“One more thing. I think it would be wise if you wore one of your Goodnites. Just to be safe”

I nodded. Well the plan worked. Now let’s hope that it was the right move.

Story written by abdl5622.

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