John’s Regression Chapter 19

Story is written by abdl5622

The whole someone else is going to see you like this had not really sunk in until I lied down and thought about it. Someone else like me. What will he think about the crib? And the pacifier? Or the bottle? I nervously thought as I finished the bottle. She didn’t say he was into the whole baby thing. He could just be a normal person that has a condition. I felt sick to my stomach. He could be nice. It would be nice to have a friend. Well, I will find out tomorrow. I thought as I drifted off into a deep sleep.

However, I was awoken to a sharp pain in my gut. Okay, so it was purely me being nervous. Maybe it is almost time for my mom to get up? I thought hopefully as I looked at the clock. 4:03AM welp so much for that plan. My diaper was quite soggy at that point. Do I really want to? I thought as I lay on my back. I really don’t want to have to sleep in it. But, my body had different plans. The churning had hit the point of no return. Maybe I can get out of this crib? I desperately thought as I got up onto my knees and that was all it took. Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle, crriinkkle, I felt a gooey load gush out of me, forcing the rear of the diaper to expand. Then it stopped as I managed to regain control. I still felt pressure coming from my bowels. Well so much for that idea. I thought as the fowl smell reached my nose, another reminder of what was between my legs. I sat down with a squash and felt the mixture bubble up the front of my diaper. I grabbed my pacifier and just sucked on it as I lay on my back. The need to expel was still present. In for a penny. I guess. I thought as I could feel the urgency to continue emptying into my diaper. I bit down on my pacifier, clenched my fists, and pushed. Bllrrt, a quiet muffled fart accompanied some goo and a firm log. The log encountered the seat of my diaper and pushed out between my legs and stopped. I continued to struggle, grunting heavily, and then it all came out. Completely filling the rear of my diaper and coming up toward my crotch. Ahhh much better. I thought with a sigh of relief as my bladder emptied. I felt much better and I fell back asleep happily sucking on my pacifier.

“John, baby, it’s time to wake up”

I cracked open my eyes, still kind of groggy and not thinking about the events of the previous night and sat up. Instantly smooshing the cold load up into my crotch.

My mother noticed my facial expression and chuckled.

“Smells like someone could use a fresh diaper”

I nodded in agreement and with that she lifted me out of the crib, removed my sleeper, and put me up onto the changing table.

“Are you feeling better now that that’s all out of you” she cooed.

I nodded. I do feel a lot better. I guess it is good that this didn’t happen while Jack is here. I thought as I was changed into a fresh diaper.

“Mom, when does Jack get here?”

“Soon, better get you dressed and downstairs” she replied as she helped me put on a T-Shirt and shorts.

I began to toddle downstairs and think of things to do.

“You left your paci upstairs. Do you want me to bring it down?”

“While it would help my nerves, I don’t think I am ready to show Jack that side of me yet”

“I don’t think he would mind, but whenever you are ready is fine”

I walked downstairs and waited by the door.

Ding dong. I stood up as my mom answered the door.

“Mary” my mom said as she hugged the other woman.

“Amanda, it has been too long since we have seen each other. Unfortunately, I have some work I have to attend to” the other woman said.

“You must be Jack. I have heard a lot about you. Don’t be a stranger. Come in out of the rain. I will take your coat”

I then saw Jack. He looked a bit younger than me but was still around the same size. He gave my mom his coat and looked toward me.

“I will let you guys get to know each other. Lunch will be ready at one” she said as she left.

Jack walked up to me held out his hand and said “Hi, my name is Jack. It is nice to meet you”

I could not really see a diaper bulge. Maybe he is not like me after all. Well I will ask at a later point in time.

“Likewise, and my name is John” I replied as I shook his hand.

Story is written by abdl5622

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