Jack’s Plan Chapter 2

Story written by abdl5622.

The sun warmed my face as I slowly cracked my eyes open. The aroma of stale urine was in the air and then I felt the cold damp sheets. Right, that happened. Well, let’s see if it works. Mom should be coming in here to see what is wrong. I glanced at the clock. 9:30… she would have woken me up if something was wrong by now. I will quickly change into something dry. I don’t want to make it to obvious as to my intentions. With that I peeled off the cold, damp clothing and threw it into my hamper. I then walked down the stairs to see my mom making some breakfast for my sister. I went to grab a bowl for cereal as I began to ponder how to tell my mom about the incident. Should I just come out and say it or should I ease into it? I definitely don’t want my sister hearing.

“Oh, good morning Jack”

“Good morning mom”

“Sleep well”

Now’s my chance.

“Sort of”

“What’s wrong”

“Let’s talk about it after breakfast”


We both finished up our meals and then my sister went off to play.

“So what did you want to talk about Jack?”

Okay, got to work up the courage, think of why you are doing this.

“Last night, I um… had a sort of… accident”

“An accident?”

“Yes, I um… wet the bed”

“Oh sweety, it’s okay, I will wash your sheets. It was probably just a fluke”

Damn… I guess I will have to do this again.

“I hope so”

“All will be fine. This is not something uncommon for me to deal with”

I bet.

“Thanks for understanding”

“No problem sweety”

She then left to go do a load of laundry.

Well that sort of worked. I did get to have a long talk with her. So, the plan worked. I suppose repeating the process will yield even better results

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Then came the night. Okay, so same plan as before. Wet the bed then more attention from mom. I thought to myself as I climbed into bed. Well round two. I thought as I relaxed and felt warmth envelope my crotch and I drifted off into a deep sleep.

I awoke again to a familiar scent and feeling. Okay, let’s see if this works. Maybe I should add a little more. I thought as I slowly relaxed and felt the cold damp sheets get even damper, as they began to warm up. Ahh, much better. Now to go see if my plan worked. I hurried downstairs after changing into some dry clothing.

“So, Jack, did you sleep well?” my mom asked.

“Sort of”

“Will I have to do another load of laundry?”


My sister then came frolicking in, with nothing but a T-shirt with a daisy on it and her pamper.

My mom glanced over at her and then back to me.

“I may have a temporary solution to this little problem you seem to be having”

Yes. I think she just came to the right conclusion.

“Jack, I have to run a couple of errands. Could you watch your sister for a bit”

“Sure thing mom”

I went into the living room to find my sister playing on the floor. I flipped on the T.V. Yet I could not focus on it. All of my attention was on my sister.

I can only imagine. No responsibilities. No worries. Just all the time in the world to play.

Soon, my mom arrived back home with some bags. I bet I know what is in those.

“Thanks for watching her”

“No problem mom”

I left to go back upstairs to further explore the internet.

Dinner was uneventful. Other than the struggle to hold back my eagerness for night.

Soon night finally arrived. Alright now more time with mom.

“Jack, can I see you in my room for a second”


Okay, have to not be so cheery.

“Now, I know what you might think. But, it would make my life easier and you would get a lot better rest if you wore these” she said as she handed me the brightly colored package. I read the side, Goodnites. Success! But now I have to act how a 12 year old should act.

“What are these?”

“They are some new… underwear for you to wear to bed. They will help keep the sheets dry”

“How?” Maybe that was a little to much of playing dumb.

“They will… help contain any accident you might have while sleeping. It would help both of us out”

“Only for you mom” I said as I opened the package with a rip.

“Great. I am going to go get your sister ready for bed. Thanks for understanding”

And with that she left the room.

Well that did not seem to work to well. She only was with me for ten minutes. But, it was a start. Maybe if it gets worse she will be with me more? I don’t know. But now that I have them. Might as well see what they are like.

I closed and locked my door. My heart was racing. Jack calm down. Why would you even want to wear these? I mean your sister does seem to enjoy them. Well it can’t hurt to at least try them on.

I slowly approached the package. My heart was pounding in my chest. I slowly pulled one out. It felt exactly the same as one of my sister’s pampers. Only it was a bit thinner. I slowly opened it up and began to take off my pants and underwear. Well now to see what it is all about. I place both my legs into the holes and slid it up. The soft padding encased my crotch. It was warm and inviting. Far more comfortable than my plain old underwear. The added bulk between my legs gave my a sense of security that I had not felt in a long time. Wow, these feel great. I did not expect these to feel so nice. I never want to go back to plain old underwear.

Story written by abdl5622.

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