Jack’s Plan Chapter 1

Story written by abdl5622

Riiinnnngggg, the bell signaling the end of the school day rang. Finally, that day seemed to drag on forever. I got up from my desk eagerly and threw my folders in my blue backpack.

“Summer at last and not a moment to soon. Am I right Jack?”

“No kidding” I said as we walked toward the bright yellow school bus to take us home.

“Any plans?”
“None that I can think of. How about you Sam?”

“I have a vacation with my family planned”

“That sounds fun”

“Yeah, we are going to a lake house for a month”

“Oh, cool”

Now what am I going to do this summer? I thought as I stared out the window watching the brightly colored houses pass by.

“Well this is my stop. Talk to you later Jack”

“Have fun on your vacation”

“Thanks” he replied as he got off the bus.

So bored… I bet my sister never gets bored. She just gets to play all day without a care in the world. She doesn’t even have to worry about the bathroom. Man, what I would give to relive those days. Looks like this is my stop.

I got off the yellow school bus and walked to my house.

“Happy last day of school Jack” my mother said with glee.

“Thanks, it couldn’t have come a day later”

A rancid smell reached my nose and in waddled my little sister in her bright blue dress.

“Mommy… I make stinky”

“I will be right there dear”

“Sorry Jack, I am going to have to cut this short. Wouldn’t want this little stinker to get a rash now would we” she said while tickling my little sister before scooping her up and taking her upstairs.

Never anytime for me. I guess I can go watch some TV.

I plopped down on the couch and flipped on the TV and noticed the commercial playing was for a product called Goodnites. It had a mother reading to her happy child.

That would be nice, just me and mom together. Hmmm… I wonder.

Before I could finish my thought, in walks my mother.

“Sorry about that Jack”

“No problem”

“Thanks, your always such a good sport about stuff like this. So, how was your last day?”

“Good, Sam is leaving for the month though”
“That’s unfortunate”

“Ya, but I can find other things to do”


“So, how has your day been?”

“Busy, but not more than usual. I think I might start potty training your sister in a couple months or so. I just don’t know if she is ready. So what are you watching?”

“Nothing yet, just flipping channels”

“I am going to get dinner started. I will call you when it is ready”

“Sounds good mom”

She then walked out of the room as I continued to stare blankly at the screen. I could not get my mind off of the Goodnites from earlier.

What would it be like to wear those things? They look like my sisters Pampers.

I wanted to learn more about it. It filled my mind.

Maybe I will find something online about it?

I walked up the old stairs to my room. It was silent as usual. I grabbed my laptop from my desk and jumped on my bed. I began looking up the product.

Goodnites… says here that they are to help manage bedwetting. So, if I wet the bed, mom might get them for me and as a result, spend more time with me. But I don’t know, I do not need diapers, I am old enough. Though it says here that they are not diapers. I don’t know, this plan doesn’t seem sound.

“Jack. Dinner is ready” my mom called up.

“Be right there”

I guess this will have to wait.

With a click, I closed my laptop and went downstairs.

“What’s for dinner?”



I sat down at the table, my sister was in her high chair already being fed by my mom.

She gets all of the attention and I don’t even get a glance.

I made myself a plate and ate alone at the table. I put my plate in the sink and went back upstairs to continue my research. I opened up my laptop and began looking at the Goodnites page again.

If this is what it takes to get mom to notice me. Or even if it gives me a chance… A small tear formed in my left eye. A chance at not being alone. It has to be worth a try. I wiped away the tear from my eye.

Now for a plan. I thought as I came up with a strategy for the next few days, but it started tonight.

I soon began to get a little tired. So, I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. I found my least favorite pajamas and climbed into bed. I could feel pressure building in my bladder as it began to fill.

“Night mom”

“Night Jack” she called back from her room.

As I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling I just kept thinking. Do I really want to do this? I mean I can still turn back. I could feel pain coming from my bladder as it asked for relief. But all I could picture in my mind were the Goodnites. Here it goes. I slowly relaxed. It took a while to overcome the years of potty training but soon I could feel my crotch becoming warm and damp as the stream increased. I glanced down to see a dark patch forming on my sheets. Soon, the stream stopped as a faint smell of urine filled the room. Well, the deed is done. Now to see the results. As I drifted off into a damp sleep.

Story written by abdl5622

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