Jody’s New Job Chapter 6

Story written by neverdry.

Dr. Wells and Kim watched Jody on Susan’s iPhone.  The camera they had put in the far corner of the bedroom was working perfectly.  They both laughed when little Jody kicked the closest door. They watched the naked girl open all the drawers on the dresser and found them empty. They could see her peeking around looking at  them. She looked like a child that got sent to her room for being bad and was scared to come out.

Jody peeked around the doorway again.  Not really knowing what she was going to do, she slowly walked out into the hallway. Jody spotted her suitcases on the floor. ‘I’m leaving’ her mind was made. She walked towards her suitcases.

Susan turned off the video feed and waited for Jody. Jody slowly and quietly walked into the kitchen. Once Susan figured Jody was close she said, “Well I guess I should go see if I can find another employee.” Susan pushed her chair out and stood.

Jody heard her stopped in her tracks. She looked at Dr. Wells and without thinking she blurted out,  “No please. Dr. Wells i’m sorry.”

Susan turned and crossed her arms. “Excuse me. Did you say something?”

Jody standing naked on the kitchen floor,  lowered her head. “I said, I’m sorry.”

Susan did not move. She kept her arms crossed and tried to put on a angry face. “You’re sorry! Sorry for what? Maybe you should just get your things and leave.”

Jody picked her head up. She looked at her suitcases again. Where would she go back to the factory, she so wanted to get out of. She had went to night school for a reason. That reason was to get a better job.  “No please. I really want to work for you. I’m sorry for acting the way I did,”

“I don’t know,” Susan shook her head a few times.” I’m not sure what I should do.”

Kim spoke up. “Susan, give her another chance. I’m sure she will be better behaved now. Isn’t that right Jody?”

“Yes. I promise. Please, I don’t want to go.” Jody pleaded.

Susan looked at Kim. “Give her another chance? I don’t know.  She’s only been here 5 hours and as peed in her pants twice. I know 3 years old that don’t do that.”

Kim stood and walked over to Jody, placing her arm around her. “I’m sure that was just fluke. Right Jody?”

Jody looked up at Kim, then at Dr. Wells. “It was. It won’t happen again.” Jody felt smaller and smaller by the second. She felt like a little kid again.

Susan shook her head. “I don’t know. I’m not sure you can be trusted. If you start working for me on Monday, I’m I going to have to worry about you peeing in your pants in front of my patients? ”

“No. I promise. I won’t.”

“Let’s give her one more chance.” Kim said, pulling Jody closer.

Susan placed her hand on her chin, like she was thinking things over. She waited a few seconds. “Prove it then. Go sit on the potty. Prove to me that you can pee on the potty.”

Jody was not sure what to do. She turned at look down the hallway. That stupid potty. I hate it. “I…I..don’t like that thing. It’s too big.”

“Well then, I guess you should get your suitcases and leave. I will just find someone else that wants to work for $25.00 a hour.” Susan said, having a very hard time tying not to break a smile.

“$25.00 a hour. I thought it was $23.00.”

“It was $23.00, but Kim and I talked and thought that it should be $25.00”

Jody’s head was spinning. $25.00 a hour? Jody started doing the math in her head. 25×8=200, 200×5=1000. That’s $1000.00 a week. That’s twice as much as she was making in the factory. “Please, Dr. Wells I will do anything. I really want to work for you.”

“You will, will you. Then show me. Show me  that you’re  a big girl that can go pee pee on the potty.” Susan could not contain herself. She had to cover her mouth with her hand. Kim was almost in tears from holding back her laughter.

Jody again looked down the hallway. Kim had pulled her arm from Jody’s shoulders. Jody slowly started to walk towards the bathroom. She had to find a way to get up on that stupid big potty. Jody made it  to the doorway of the bathroom. She stopped when she saw the potty. Come on, you can do this. Find a way. Her feet would not move. Come on, just get up on that. Her hand reached out and grabbed the doorframe. Just walk up there and find a way to get up on that stupid thing. Jody heard something and turned. Dr. Wells and Kim stood behind her.

“Well. What are you waiting for?” Susan said sternly.

Jody looked back into the bathroom. The potty seemed to grow bigger. Jody lowered her head in defeat. “I…I..can’t”

“You can’t? Well isn’t this just great. My new employee can’t use the big bad scary potty. So  are you just going to pee in your pants like a little baby then?”

“Nooo. It’s just….” Jody had no words. She started to cry once again.

“Susan leave the little girl alone. Come here sweetie.” Kim said, bending down holding her arms out.

Jody took her hand off the doorframe and ran into Kim’s open arms. Jody cried a little harder   as Kim wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly.

“I can’t have someone working for me that cannot use the potty like a big girl.”

Kim picked up naked Jody and sat her on her hip. Jody placed her face in Kim shoulder. “Shhhh. Shhh. It’s okay Jody.” Kim said, bouncing little Jody on her hip. “Come on Jody, let’s find you some clothes.” Kim took Jody into her bedroom.

Susan finally got to  smile as she watched Kim take naked Jody back to her room. Good cop. Bad cop. That maybe just worked. Susan quickly walked back to the kitchen and opened the video feed on her iPhone.

Kim placed Jody on the bed. “Honey stop crying. Do you really wait to stay?”

Jody stood on the bed. She did want to stay, but Dr. Wells seemed so mad at her. “I do. I really do.” she managed to say between sobs.

“Okay. We are going to have to find away to prove to Dr. Wells that you want to stay. How can we do that?”

Jody thought for a few seconds, but didn’t know. “I don’t know.”

Kim held Jody by her arms. “Well for starters, you have to stop peeing in your pants?

“I know. It’s just that stupid big potty. I….I…can’t use it.”

“You’re scared of the big potty aren’t you baby?”

Jody’s 22 year old mind did not want to admit that she was scared, but the fact was, she really was scared. It was so big. “A little.”

Susan held back the smiles. “I think more then just a little scared. Right? It’s so big and scary it’s it.”

Jody nodded her head up and down. “Yes.”

“What if I got you a little potty to pee in. Do you think you could use that?”

Jody’s eyes opened wide. “A little one?”

“Yes baby. A little potty for you to go pee pee in. Do you think you could use that?”

Jody wiped some tears from her face and even smiled just a little. “I know I can.” Kim was being so nice. I can pee on the potty. Just not that stupid big one. “Where is it?”

“I will get it. First, sit down on your bum.” Jody quickly sat down. “Good girl. Let me get you some clothes to wear.” Kim let go of Jody and took a couple steps back.

When Jody sat down on the bed she  heard the plastic sheet crinkle. She waited for Kim to turn around and then Jody pushed her hand down into the bed. ‘Crinkle, crinkle.’ It sounded like there was a garbage bag underneath the sheets. Jody’s mind traveled back in time to when she was a child. She had been a bedwetter up until she turned 12. This plastic sheet,  made the same sound her’s had. A flurry of memories flood her brain.  Almost every morning her mother would strip her pjs and take the wet sheets to be laundered. Listening to the sheet crinkle was almost putting Jody mind returned to being 11. She could hear her mother’s voice in her head.  “Don’t worry baby. You will stop wetting your bed soon.”

Kim reached up and unlocked the closest doors. Kim knew exactly what she was going to be getting for Jody. She grabbed a pair of Superundies training pants they had purchased from Rearz and a pink night shirt. Kim closed the closest doors and locked them. Walking back over to Jody, she noticed Jody pushing on the bed. Kim could hear the plastic sheet beneath.

Kim placed the pink and white superundies on the bed. She held up the pink night shirt. “Arms up.”

Jody stopped making the plastic sheet crinkle and put her hands over her head. “Why is there a plastic sheet on this bed?” Jody asked.

Kim fed Jody’s arms into the shirt and then pulled it down over her head. Kim picked Jody up, lifted her over the railing and stood her on the floor. “That’s because Susan’s niece is a bedwetter and she comes to stay. Are you a bedwetter?” The truth was,  Susan’s niece was 16  and was never a bedwetter.

“NO.” Jody said proudly. “So is that why the bed is like it is?”

Kim smiled. “Of course. Did you think we just got this bed for you silly?”

It did not occur to Jody that this room was for someone else. With the money she was going to be making, she  was just staying here until she got her own place.  Jody blushed, “Uhmm. No.” Some how knowing that this bed was not really for her and the thought of getting her own place soon, calmed all the memories that had flooded mind. Jody was all more at ease.
Kim grabbed the superundies and held them out in front of Jody. “Right foot.” Kim placed the superundies over her right foot. “Left foot.” Kim fed the superundies over her left foot and then pulled them up over Jody’s waist. Perfect fit.

Once Kim pulled them up, Jody could tell right away, that they were not regular panties. Jody lifted up her pink night shirt and looked down at the superundies. They were pink in the middle and  white along the sides. They puffed out a lot. Jody pressed in the middle of her new panties.

“What are these?” Jody asked, still poking at them.

Kim could not believe how little Jody looked, holding up her shirt, showing off her new training pants. “Dr. Wells will really like them Jody. I think you should run out there and show her.”

Jody poked the training pants a few more times. “But…they feel weird.”

“Well they look absolutely great on you. I see many girls that wear panties almost exactly like these. These are going to show Dr. Wells that you really want to stay here. Now hurry, run out to the kitchen and show Dr. Wells.”

Dr. Wells had seem very upset with her. If she was going to work for her, she needs to find someway to please her. “You really think she will like these?”  Jody had never babysat before. She had wanted to when she was younger but every time she would get a call and go meet the parents, they would  see her and they would say things like. ‘Oh my daughter is bigger then you.’ or ‘I don’t think you can handle it just yet.’ So Jody had never seen anything like these training pants before.

“Jody, I promise she will. I bet she will even let you have the ice cream from earlier.”

Jody let her shirt go. Ice cream did sound good.  The pink shirt barely covered her training pants. Jody took a couple small steps. The panties felt a lot  different then anything she had worn before. They were thick between her legs and they made a little noise when she moved. Kim took Jody’s hand gently in her’s.

Susan was so excited watching Kim get Jody into the training pants. She really thought it would take at least a week before that would happen. Susan turned off the video feed on her iPhone. She looked up and watched as little Jody walked down the hallway, looking more like a 4 year old then ever.

Kim stopped Jody just before they entered the kitchen. She bent down and whispered in Jody’s ear. “You need to run up to Dr. Wells and apologize. Give her a big hug. Okay?” Kim let go of Jody’s hand. Jody hesitated for a second, then took off running towards  Susan.

“I,m sorry.” she said weakly.

Susan pushed her chair out and took Jody lightly by both arms. Jody’s night shirt rose up a little and Susan  could she the pink and white superundies. “I,m sorry also Jody. I know that it’s been a long week and big day for you.” Susan pulled Jody close and wrapped her arms around her. Susan and Jody  hugged.

Kim went to the freezer and took out the bowl of ice cream. She grabbed a spoon from the drawer.  “Dr. Wells. Do you think Jody could have her ice cream now?”

Susan stopped hugging Jody and placed her hands on her shoulders. “I think so. Do you want some ice cream?”

“Yes please.” Jody said.

Susan turned Jody around and pulled her up onto her lap. Kim set the bowl down in front of them and handed Susan the spoon. Susan dug the spoon  into the ice cream. She brought the spoon up,  full of ice cream. Jody leaned back into Susan. “I can do it.” Jody said. Jody was not happy when Dr. Wells sat her on her lap. She was really not pleased that Dr. Wells was gong to feed her.  “Can I sit in my own chair?”

Susan let out a big breath. “I don’t think so! You can’t manage to go pee on the big  potty. How can I trust that you will not have ice cream all over?”

The question stunned Jody. The thought of that stupid big potty, got Jody all flustered. “I…I.I… can pee in the potty.” Jody turned a little so she could see Kim. Pointing her hand at Kim she said, “She said she was going to get me a little potty.”

“A little potty. What’s this all about?” Susan said, pushing the spoon full of ice cream into Jody’s mouth. Jody was so consumed with the potty that when the spoon reached her mouth it opened.

Kim walked over from cleaning up the kitchen. “What’s this about a potty?”

Jody swallowed the ice cream. “You….You said you were going to get a little potty.”

Kim acted surprised, “I did? When did I say that?”

Susan put another spoonful of ice cream in Jody’s mouth. Jody had to wait and swallow. “In….In the bedroom.”

“The only thing I remember saying about the the potty was that you are very scared of the big potty.”

Susan had another spoonful of ice cream in Jody’s mouth. This time Jody  did not swallow all the ice cream before she started to say, “Buuu. Ooo saith I couth uoos a wittle pothy.” Ice cream ran down Jody’s chin and dripped on her night shirt.

As fast as Susan could,  she placed another spoonful in Jody’s mouth. Jody was getting upset. How could she not remember telling her about getting a little potty for her? Jody watched as Kim turned and walked away. “Hey, you said it. You said you were getting me a little potty.”

Kim returned with a wet cloth. “Susan, do we even have a little potty?” Kim took the wet cloth and wiped Jody’s chin. Jody tried to bat it away, but failed.

“Not that I know of Kim.” Susan said, placing another spoonful of ice cream in Jody’s mouth as soon as Kim took the cloth away from Jody’s face.

Jody placed her hands in her lap hard. “You did!” she said, just before more ice cream entered her mouth.

Susan set the spoon down and slid her chair out from the table. She pulled Jody’s legs around so that they were crossed her lap. Placing her arm around Jody’s back, Jody laid back into it. “Sweetie, stop worrying about the potty.” Susan slowly lifted Jody’s night shirt up, exposing her training pants. “This is why Kim put you in these new panties.”

Jody looked down at the puffed out panties that she had on. “What do you mean?”

Susan placed her hand on the front of the training pants. “These will help if you can’t use the potty.”

Jody finally realized what she was wearing. She was wearing something like a diaper. They were not diapers, but pants for people who wet themselves. Like pull-ups she has seen on TV.   She turned her head into Susan’s chest. “I don’t need these.” Jody said, before she started to cry.

Susan holding Jody, stood from her chair. She walked carrying her down the hallway. “If you don’t need them, then proof to me that you can use the potty.” Susan stood in the doorway of the bathroom. Jody slowly lifted her head and turned. When she saw the big potty she quickly buried her face back into Susan’s breast. “That’s what I thought.” Susan said, turning and taking Jody into her bedroom.

Susan pulled back the covers and place Jody on the bed. She pulled the covers up over Jody. “Don’t worry about the big scary potty baby. Just have a good sleep.” Susan kissed Jody on the forehead and walked out.  Turning the light out and closing the door behind her.

Story written by neverdry.

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