John’s Regression Part 17 to 18

The story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 17

“John, baby, it is time to head home” my mother called out.

“Has an hour gone bye already?” I thought as I stood up, noticing the cold mess in my rear and the pressure in my bowels. “And I have to go again so soon? That is odd” I thought as I poked the rear of my diaper feeling the mush in my rear before walking back towards my mom.

“How is my baby doing?” she said in an enthusiastic tone.

“A little smelly, but I am doing good. This was a fun day”

“I am glad you enjoyed it baby. You probably want a change though” she said noticing the bulging state of my diaper. I looked down at my crotch and could see that the diaper had expanded at least an inch.

“A change would be nice”

“And maybe a bath after dinner” my mom said as she pointed to some of the dirt that I had on my arms.


“Wouldn’t it be nice to get all clean after such a dirty day?”

“I guess, but I have not had a bath in a long time”

“All the more reason for it and besides you didn’t take a shower this morning did you?”

“Uh… I may have forgot”

“It’s alright baby. You were playing and sweating anyway. But, now you really do need a bath” she said in a slightly more serious tone.

Not wanting to upset my mother, I replied, “Okay, a bath would be nice, I suppose”

“Great, it’s settled then, now let’s go home” she said as we began walking back to our house.

With each step, I could feel my diaper squish and release a small amount of cool liquid before absorbing it again.

We had just passed the half way point when a sharp cramp hit my bowels. I stopped for a second and grabbed my stomach in pain.

“Are you okay baby?”

“Yeah, probably just some gas” I replied as we continued. I put the pacifier in my mouth to try and distract myself from the churning in my intestines. I had only taken a few more steps before Blarrrsh. My rear opened like a faucet and out poor a hot, slimy liquid. It flowed down between my legs and began to pool and slosh as I walked. Small, solid chunks made there way to my crotch as the diaper continued to fill with this liquid before partially absorbing it. With every step my diaper became heavier and heavier, but then the flow finally stopped. It felt like a hot tube of ketchup had exploded in my diaper as the fresh mess caused my diaper to bulge out. Then the rancid scent reached my nose.

“Feel better now baby?”

I nodded at her.

“I’m glad that is all out of you now” she said as she gave my rear a firm pat forcing the warm, sticky slop down between my legs and up into the crotch of my diaper.

After a long, squishy walk, we finally had arrived back home. My mom unlocked the door and we stepped inside. She took off my hat and untied my pacifier.

“Let’s go upstairs and get you clean”

I nodded happily in agreement. “Finally, I can get out of this smelly diaper” I thought as we went upstairs to my room. My mom began helped me out of my overalls and t-shirt, leaving me in a very used diaper.

“I am going to get the bath started first baby”

I nodded, still happily sucking on my pacifier as she left the room. I could feel the diaper sagging down and straining the tapes. I glanced down to see the damage that I had done. The diaper was now a greyish yellow instead of a pearly white, and had a large, dark, brown splotch that went from my crotch down between my legs. I looked in the mirror behind me to see the massive, brown stain on the seat of my diaper.

Then I heard the faucet running. “Well not long now at least” I thought as my mom entered to room.

“Up you go” she said as she lifted me onto the changing table. I slowly lowered my rear onto the pad squashing the mess even further.

“Let’s see how bad it is” she said while ripping the tapes off and with a splat, the front of my diaper was pulled down and landed between my legs. The intensity of the fowl smell increased as I felt the cool air contact my skin.

“Wow, these held up really well” she said while removing the heavy, brown diaper and throwing it into the bin.

I looked down to see a thick, dark, brown mush covering my crotch.

“I am glad that is out of you now. You must have not felt all that well” she said as she began wiping the mess away.

After, what seemed like an eternity and two dozen wipes, she said, “All done”

It felt so nice to have that bile off of my skin.

“Now for a nice bath” she said as she removed my pacifier.

Normally, I might have protested, but I was getting tired.

“That sounds nice” I replied as my mom scooped me up and gently carried me into her bathroom where a tub full of warm water was waiting for me.

She gently lowered me down into the refreshing water and began to wash me.

“All clean. Now doesn’t that feel nice?” she said as she dried me off.

“Yes, it does”

She wrapped me in the over sized towel and carried me to my room where she changed me into a nice fresh diaper.

“It is sort of early baby, but do you want to get into your jammies now?” she asked.

“Sounds like a plan” I replied with a yawn as she helped me into my sleeper.

“Maybe a quick nap would do you good?”


She handed me my pacifier and helped me into bed and soon I was fast asleep.

“John! Not again” My mother exclaimed.

I was startled awake and noticed that I was on the floor again.

“I am okay mom, again”

“This is the second time baby. I know you cannot help it but maybe we should do something to ensure that this doesn’t happen again”

“What do you have in mind?”

“We will discuss it over dinner”

Chapter 18

We sat down at the table. My stomach was still sort of upset from earlier. Yet, I felt decently hungry.

“So, what if your bed had railings?”

“What do you mean by railings?”

“Just railing around your bed to prevent you from falling out”

“What kind of bed has railings?”

“I can find one”

“Well… I suppose that would be okay”

“Excellent, I will handle it”

“Cool, thanks”

“That’s the spirit. Now I am going to go set up the bed for you while you watch some T.V.”


“Wait set up the bed?” I thought as I waddled to the couch. My stomach was making noises.

“I thought she still had to find one? My stomach is killing me. Maybe if I lay down it will get better”

I lay on the couch and began watching TV. Soon, I began to get tired and I waddled up to bed. On my way my mom noticed me and said that she would help me get ready for bed.

As we entered the room, I saw it. It had large wooden bars on all sides that were at least four feet tall.

“Mom, is that my new bed?”

“Yes, you won’t fall out of this one”

“It looks a lot like a…”

“A crib. So it does. They do have the same purpose, to keep children safe”

“But… I guess it makes sense”

“Glad to hear it. In other news, recently I discovered that one of my friends has a son in a similar situation to you”

“Her son also has… issues with control. I think you two would get along great”

“So, he also wears diapers

“Well, yes. For different reasons but still yes”

“Different reasons?”

“It is not important. What is important is that you will have a new friend to play with”

“I guess that does sound nice”

“Oh and I made some warm milk for you” she said while lowering the railings.

“Cool, thanks mom, what is his name?” I said as I climbed into the crib. She handed me the bottle and with a click she locked the railings into place.

“Wait what if I need to use the bathroom or something”

With a chuckle she replied “When was the last time you used a bathroom?”

“She does have a point” I thought as I looked down at the bulge coming from my crotch.

“Oh, and his name is Jack” my mom replied after turning off the lights.

The story is written by abdl5622

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