John’s Regression Part 7 to 8

Story written by: abdl5622

Chapter 7

Hours passed and my diaper began to get heavier and heavier. I could feel a cool pool of urine at my rear. “It is probably time for a change. I have never asked her for a change before, she has always just known. This might be awkward” I thought as a waddle down the steps squishing the soft full diaper material around.

“Hey mom”

“Yes baby”

“I um…” I said sheepishly while looking down at my saggy diaper.

“Oh sure I can change you. Just go upstairs and I will be there in a second” she said as she began to get up from her chair. I waddled back upstairs looking forward to a warm dry diaper.

After a couple of minutes my mom came in.

“Hey baby, you know the drill” she said as she grabbed a fresh diaper.

“So what have you been up to today?” she said while untaping the sodden diaper.

“Not much, but what is in that purple bin?” I asked.

“Just some things I thought we could use for tomorrow”

I was about to ask more on the specifics but was interrupted by the door bell ringing.

“Be right there!” my mom shouted as she finished taping up my fresh new diaper. With that she rushed to the door to answer it.

I just lay there pondering, “So, this is what my life has become. I am a baby. Well maybe not a complete baby. I still have some control over myself. But I wonder how long will it last?”

Suddenly, my mom rushed in with a large smile on her face. In her hands was a large brown box.

“John look your new clothes came. These should fit over your diaper. Unfortunately, because of your size and diaper size I was limited in my options” she said as she began opening the box on top of her bed.

“So, what do you think, cute right?” she said as she held up three pairs of overalls.

“A plus is that it will also give your diapers support”

My cheeks turned slightly red at this.

“There…. fine mom thanks” I said timidly. Still unsure of them. “So, what else did you get in the box?”

“A couple of other things but I will show you those later. I want it to be a surprise”

She then closed the box and put it in her closet. “Care to try on the overalls?”

“Sure” I said seeing that I really had nothing better to do. I took the overalls and waddled to my room and threw on a shirt and snapped the overalls on. I looked in my mirror, “I cannot believe that is me. It looks like I am looking at a toddler. I do look kinda cute though” I chuckled.

“You certainly do” my mother said startling me.

“You look so cute” she said as she squeezed me. “My baby boy” she said as she warmly hugged me. I felt so safe and secure right now that I was overcome and said “I love you mommy”

“I love you too baby”

We could have stood there forever just like that. But, reality has different plans.

“Oh would you look at the time, I should start dinner” my mom said as she left the room.

“Well I guess I can go back to playing with my fire engine” I thought as I started to play.

“John dinner is ready” my mom said. I was so into playing my game that I had not noticed how much time had gone by.

“Be right down” I replied back.

“I wonder what she could have made” I thought as I waddle down the stairs with a slightly damp diaper.

“Oh boy mac and cheese, thanks mom”

“Your welcome baby”

She made me a plate and we sat down to eat.

“Are you excited for the zoo tomorrow?” she asked.

“Very, I cannot wait to see the birds and lions”

We continued to have small talk until we were both finished. I was very full. I probably overate a bit, but it was my favorite dish. I then watched some TV with my mom until it was time for bed. By this time my diaper was fairly soaked.

“John, I got you some new pajamas, I will show them to you upstairs after your change”

“Cool, thanks mom”

I was soon changed into my double night diapers.

“Here it is, so what do you think?” she asked as she pulled out a sleeper. I felt it and it felt so soft and warm. I also noticed that the zipper was in the back.

“Wow that looks cozy” I said as she unzipped it and helped me into it. The warm plush feel surrounded my body. It felt like I was covered in a soft blanket.

“It is very nice, thank you mom”

“That is great, now off to bed we have a big day tomorrow”

With that she tucked me in and turned off the lights as I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 8

I awoke with a slight rumbling in my tummy but I paid it no attention because today I was going to the zoo with my mom. I got up to find that my mom was already up getting ready. “I must have slept for a while last night” I thought.

“How did you sleep?” my mother asked as she sipped her coffee.

“Good” I replied noticing the sodden state of the diaper.

“I was thinking that there will probably be a lot of lines and waiting at the zoo. Also, probably very limited access to bathrooms. So, I was going to double diaper you again” she said.

Not really listening I said “Ok”

After breakfast she went up to change me and I quickly got dressed in my overalls and was ready to go out the door.

“I am ready mom”

“Okay, do you want to quickly use the bathroom before we leave?” she asked.

“I did forget to go this morning but I should be fine. Anyway I am in a diaper, if it gets a little wet then that would not be the end of the world” I thought.

“No thanks I am okay” I responded

“All right then lets go” she said as she grabbed the keys.

While in the car, I felt my tummy rumble a little again. “I must have eaten way to much last night” I thought. I stared out the window noticing my reflection and thought to myself, “A white T-Shirt and blue overalls, I look just like a toddler. Maybe I am a toddler… I mean I look like one, and I am starting to act like one. But, this is not so bad, being carefree, getting to play anytime I want, life is good as a toddler”

“We are here sweety” my mother said as we pulled into the parking lot.

“Awesome” I enthusiastically responded. She parked the car and we both got out. We started to walk toward the main entrance. Every step I took was accompanied with a faint but audible crinkle from the thick mass between my legs. I was actually having a harder time walking than normal due to the thickness of the two pampers. My mother noticing this took my hand with her warm loving hand. We approached the ticket office and got in the relatively short line.

“Next” said a very unenthusiastic ticket vendor.

“One adult and one child please” my mother said to the ticket vendor.

“That will be 24 dollars”

With that my mother pulled out her card and handed it to the vendor.

“Thank you, enjoy your day at the zoo” the ticket vendor said with a very bored expression on his face as he handed my mother two tickets and her card.

We then began our walk or in my case waddle to the main gate. I was starting to get a little tired due to the difficulty of walking while padded. Noticing this my mother tugged me toward the stroller shop.

“Hey sweety, are you doing okay?” she asked probably already knowing the answer to the question.

“Sort of, I am still getting use to walking with the added bulk” I responded.

“I had an idea, to make things easier why don’t we rent a stroller for a dollar. When you get tired you can ride in it and I can use it to hold my purse and the diaper bag” my mother said as we approached the shop.

“That sounds nice” I said.

“Wait right here while I go and get a stroller baby” my mother said with a warm smile as she went into the shop.

“Getting to view the zoo from a shady seat. That sounds like a good deal” I thought.

My mother soon came out pushing a yellow and blue plastic stroller. I felt a rumble in my stomach but paid it no attention.

“All set baby, hop in” my mother said as she put her purse and the diaper bag into the back of the stroller.

“Okay mom” I said as I began to climb into the cool hard plastic stroller.

“Does not feel very comfortable” I thought as a began to sit down with a crinkle. “Hmm… well I guess another plus to wearing a diaper is that every seat is comfortable” I thought as my mother began to strap me in and with a click I was strapped in.

“Ready baby?”

“Yes mom” I replied with a smile. We then began to move toward the main gate. Bumping up and down due to the cobblestone pathway, but my soft thick diaper cushioned the bumps. I soon felt a familiar warm wet feeling in my crotch. That soon pooled and reached my backside. The padding between my legs began to thicken as the thirsty diaper absorbed the moisture and became sodden.. Now with every bump I felt a warm wet squish. We soon approached the front gate.

“Tickets please” said a large ticket officer. My mother presented the tickets. The man looked at them and then back at my mom and the stroller. He bent down and took a look at me.

“You’re all set. Have a nice day” said the ticket vendor as he gestured toward the gate. We proceeded inside.

“So, what do you want to see first baby?” my mother asked. I pondered for a second, then came to my conclusion.

“The birds” I said with a great big smile on my face.

“Okay then off to see the birds” my mother said as we bumped down the cobblestone path in the direction of the exotic bird exhibit. It was a rather hot day and I was getting fairly thirsty.

“Hey mom”

“Yes baby” she replied.

“I am getting thirsty can we stop for a drink?” I asked.

“Here sweety” she said as she reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a bottle of water.

I took the bottle and sucked down the cool refreshing liquid. Soon, the plastic bottle was empty and I was satisfied.

“Thanks mom” I said while handing the empty bottle back to her.

“Wow you really were thirsty” she chuckled.

We soon arrived at the exotic bird exhibit.

“We are here baby” my mother said as she parked the stroller and unbuckled me.

“Oh my, you are wet” she commented as she felt my sodden diaper. I blushed slightly.

“Good thing I double diapered you. Otherwise you probably would have leaked by now. But it feels like it still has some capacity left so we can see the birds first” she said as she gave my rear a nice firm pat that caused a squish of cool liquid on my backside. “I do enjoy a wet diaper but after a while it gets cold and uncomfortable. It will be nice to have a change” I thought to myself.

I waddled up to the cage holding my mother’s hand and looked in amazement at the colorful birds.

“What is that one mom?” I asked while pointing to a red bird with a rainbow tail.

“That is a parrot baby” she replied

“Cool, it is so colorful” I said as we began to walk to the next cage. The crinkle that accompanied each step was more noticeable than before. My stomach was also beginning to feel a little better and had even stopped rumbling. Though my diaper was feeling heavier than before and warmer which was a nice change from the cold clammy feel from before. I realized I was wetting again as the warm liquid pooled between my legs. Kept in place by the leak guards while waiting to be absorbed by the thirst diaper. It sloshed around as we walked until the diaper had finally finished expanding and absorbing the liquid.

“That water must have gone right through me” I thought as we approached the eagle exhibit.

We stopped and looked at the beautiful eagles as they extended their massive wings. I also was noticing the weight of the diaper as it began to sag, only to be supported by my overalls. “I really do need a change” I thought to myself as we continued to go through and look at the other birds.

Soon, we had come to the end of the exhibit and my mom placed her hand on my very thick at this point and squishy diaper.

“You really need a change baby” she said

“I agree” I replied noticing the very sodden state of my diaper.

My mother grabbed the stroller and I sat down with a squish. “Wow these can hold a lot” I thought as my mom fastened the straps.

We soon arrived at the bathroom. Luckily, there was a private baby changing room. “Fitting” I thought as my mom grabbed the diaper bag and unstrapped me. We then went into the changing room and my mother locked the door. She then pulled the straps of the overalls off my shoulders.

“Please put your arms up baby”

As I did she took off my T-shirt and pulled down my overalls revealing the soaked state of my diaper.

“Wow, you really did a number on this one baby, Lets get you up” she said as she picked me up gently and put me on the table. She reached into the diaper bag and pulled out two more diapers, one with slices in the plastic. After a couple minutes she was done.

“All set” she said as she helped me down and began to redress me. “That feels so nice. I love the feeling of a fresh dry diaper” I thought as the warm soft dry diaper pressed against my thighs. I also felt a strange sensation in my gut, but it went away soon after.

“What do you want to see next” my mother said as she rolled up the used heavy diaper and threw it in the trash. I thought for a second. But was soon interrupted.

“Wow look at the time, almost noon, we should probably get lunch before we see anything else” my mom said. I was feeling a little hungry, mostly thirsty but some food does not sound to bad.

“Sounds good mom” I replied.

With that she pushed me to the food court. I had a big cheeseburger while my mom had a salad. It was delicious, though the ketchup was getting all over my face.

“Maybe you should wear a bib” my mom joked as she wiped my face.

“Maybe” I chuckled as I sucked down the rest of my soda.

“All done baby?”

“Yes mom”

“What do you want to see next?” she asked as I felt pressure building in my bowels.

Noticing my discomfort, she asked “Are you feeling okay baby”

“Yeah, fine I just ate to fast” I said as I let out a burp.

“Alright off to see the lions” she said as I was strapped into the stroller and she began to push me.

As we traveled I could feel the pressure still growing in my backside as my dinner from last night began its final journey. But I would not miss the lions. They were my favorite part of the zoo. I let out a small fart that was muffled by my diaper. This made me feel a little better. “Okay after the lions I will ask to use the bathroom. I really do not want to do that in my diaper. I am not a complete baby” I thought.

“Here we are” my mother said as she unbuckled me. One of the lions let out a large roar and I instantly forgot about my bowel situation. I ran up to the glass and look at the large beast with its golden mane. Then my bowels reminded me of my situation as the pressure began to increase. I could really feel it now but, I was not yet struggling, uncomfortable but still okay. We walked further into the exhibit and along the way I passed some more gas but the sound was muted my thick diaper. “That feels a little better” I thought. But it was only temporary relief. I could still feel the pressure building and I was beginning to have bad cramps.


“Yes baby”

“I have to use the bathroom”

“The bathroom is a bit far away can it wait?”

“I guess” I replied with noticeable discomfort. As we continued walking the pressure was building I was less focused on the exhibit and more so on holding it until we reached the bathroom. The cramps began to get worse, I was beginning to struggle to hold on.

“Mom, I don’t think it can wait” I said

“Well, you are wearing a diaper, it is okay to use it. I am surprised you were able to hold it”

“I do not have to pee” I said in more discomfort than before.

“Oh, okay baby. Let’s start walking”

We began to walk back to the stroller but with each step the pressure was getting worse. We were soon out of the exhibit and approaching the stroller.

“Mom, I really have to go” I said desperately as the cramps got more and more painful.

Noticing my extreme discomfort my mom reassured me “It is okay if you don’t make it. Diapers are meant for that too. I wont mind. I will just change you and we would not have to stress out”

“It is okay. I can make it” I said. Though I was not quite sure if I could.

“You would feel a lot better” my mom said while placing her hand on my shoulder.

“It would feel a lot better. I mean I am suppose to be a toddler and toddlers poop in their diapers. But I am not a toddler. I think” I thought to myself as we continued to walk. The pressure was getting too much for me to take. I realized that I was not going to make it and scouted the area and noticed a potted plant on the side of the path. “I cannot believe what I am about to do” I thought to myself as I pulled my mother to the pot.

“Sweety the bathroom is over there” my mother said in confusion. We soon reached the pot as I let out another long fart. I stopped cold in my tracks and tightened my grip on my mother’s hand.

“Are you okay sweety?” My mother said as I began to squat just like a toddler and closed my eyes. “I cannot believe this is really happening” I thought as the final wave of cramps hit me and I grunted as I began to push. Everything went to work inside me. I let out a long muffled fart and the first firm hot log pushed past my butt cheeks and continued until it reached the soft cotton lining of the diaper and it pushed against it causing my diaper and pants to tent out in the back. I began to grunt more as I struggled. After the diaper had expanded to where the log could not push it further, the log began to coil around my butt like a snake. It fell off and plopped into the seat of my diaper. I continued pushing as the second log made its way out. Having no where else to go it began pushing down into my lower crotch area, expanding it it rolled between my thighs and plopped down right in the middle of my diaper. I was grunting more loudly at this point because of all the pushing. “This is why babies struggle so much when they poop” I thought as I continued. My face was becoming red as I took in another breathe and gave another solid push. A third warm sticky log came out and pushed its way past the first log and began pushing the second sticky log further up into my balls. Until it plopped down. I was not done yet though. I gave another push and a forth warm and not quite as firm log pushed the third and second logs down further expanding the seat of my diaper until landing on the third. I was beginning to feel better as I gave one last long push and pushed out my final mushy log. It mushroomed out along my butt and oozed around my backside on top of the first firm sticky log causing my diapers to crinkle as they continued to balloon out. I then let out a long wet fart and finally was done. I was nearly out of breathe. I stood up straight and felt the back of my diaper. There was a large very noticeable softball sized clinging to my rear. The foul smell of my deed reached my nose. This was a new feeling to me so I took a brief moment to experience it. The poop was warm yet sticky as it sort of stuck to me. My diaper was very heavy and full from the hot load sitting in the rear. I snapped back to reality and fully grasped what I had just done. Tears began to form in my eyes.

“It’s okay baby, accidents happen. Diapers are made for this” my mother soothed as she wiped away a tear rolling down my cheek. I cried as the crotch of my diaper began to become warm and moist. My diaper was truly full now. She hugged me and soothingly said “It’s okay there there”

The warmth and love calmed me down and the tears stopped.

“Lets get you into a nice fresh diaper. How does that sound baby?” she said as she walked back to the stroller.

I nodded with a slight smile as I began to waddle back to the stroller. Walking was exceedingly difficult because of the warm squishy mass between my legs oozed with every step. We then arrived at the stroller.

“It will be faster if I push you” she said as she gestured to the seat of the stroller. “Oh boy, I am going to have to sit down on my very full diaper” I thought nervously to myself as I began to sit down on the hard plastic of the stroller. I slowly inched myself down until the diaper made contact with the hard plastic seat of the stroller. I lost my grip for a moment causing me to firmly plant my rear into the load in my diaper. This caused the warm squishy load to ooze and spread, having no where else to go, the mass squished into my crotch and scrotum fully encasing my diaper area in a thick paste of my warm sticky mess.. My mother then grabbed the tight restrictive strap over my crotch further squishing the warm sticky logs into my crotch further completely covering my diapered area in the warm sticky mess. The stench was terrible. My mom began to push me and I could feel every bump with a noticeable squash from my diaper as the mess caked my diaper area. “Here I am in a poopy diaper being pushed in a stroller by my mommy. I am not 15. I am a toddler. This is what toddlers are suppose to do” I thought to myself as we approached the bathroom.

My mother unbuckled me and grabbed the diaper bag and went inside. I followed feeling the massive weight of the load in my diaper. She locked the door and undressed me and helped me onto the hard table and I planted my butt with a squish onto it. I looked down and could see the Elmo face on the front of my diaper had a brown background and was bulging out a half inch.

“Good thing I brought plenty of these” My mom said as she pulled out some baby wipes. She ripped open the tapes and we were both greeted with a fowl odor as my entire diaper area was covered with a warm mess.

“Wow, you really did have to go. It’s okay diapers are meant for this” she said as she patted my head. I instinctively put my thumb in my mouth and began sucking on it as she removed more and more of the sticky mess with the cold wet baby wipes. After about ten minutes I could feel that my skin was free of the mass. As my mom removed the messy diaper, she said “Since you have been so good, how about we go get ice cream after this?” she then put the fresh diapers under my rear.

“Doesn’t that feel better?” she said trying to cheer me up.

Feeling a little better I replied “Yes mom, ice cream sounds fun”

She finished taping up the diapers and redressed me and we began to make our way to the exit of the zoo. “It is so nice to be in a fresh diaper, so soft and secure” I thought as my mom pushed the stroller to the zoo exit.

Story written by: abdl5622

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