Happy Birthday Little Kiba

Happy Birthday Little KibaHAPPY BIRTDAY,KIBA!” all shouted at once!
Little Kiba was very excited and apart of that, it was a very great day too!After the birthday party, and when all his friends are gone to their homes, Kiba looked at his many gifts that his friends had brought him!

Kiba:”I will open this! No, better this one! Not yet! This will be better!”

Poor little Kiba!He never decided by which birthday gift he was going to open,because he was so exhausted and he fell asleep on them!^^

Happy birtday,Kiba!^^

Kiba belong to onikiba

Lineart by Victor/colors by Nelson88 and story writer as well

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17035476/

Looks like the birthday party was to match for Kiba. He fall asleep before he could open his presents. Hope he have some sweet and nice dreams now :)

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