The school project!

The school project!One day the twins asked to their father if they could see some pictures  on the computer from when he was a little pup, because  they needed some for a school project !

Matt gladly said yes, but when the twins were seeking the best pictures, they found some very interesting!

Sammy:”Look what we have here!Our father looks so cute wearing a pink dress!”
Remi:”Look at the second picture!Grandpa Richard just gave him a  spanking,look, his little bottom is red!”
Sammy:”But the third photo is the best, papa looks so cute sleeping!Decided!Those are the pictures that we take to  our school class for everyone to see!”
Remi:”I’m pretty sure that we will get an A!”

But suddenly, Matt’s voice was heard saying:”What you two are going to get is a “O” … which means “Ouch!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


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