Playtime in the Sandbox

Playtime in the Sandbox

Pikachu have invite his friend Charmander today for some fun playtime in his big sandbox that he have in the backyard. They are weary good friend even that Charmander is a little bit older then Pikachu and he have recently stop sucking his pacifier during the day. But as you can see Pikachu is not there yet so the car noise is a little bit cuter now because of the pacifier that he is sucking on.

But as you can see they still need to wear diaper during the day. Hope they dont end up whit allot of sand inside the diaper now when they are out playing. That is not so match fun to get inside lather with allot of sand inside the wet diaper. They can spend allot of hours together in the sand playing whit all sort of toy cars.

Draw by: veemonsito

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