Change cdn provider from MaxCDN to CDNsun

Today i change my CDN provider from MaxCDN to CDNsun because i would like to try out a different CDN provider this year and see if this one deliver my content faster then MaxCDN did. And when i lock around on CDNsuns website i found out that they use SSD hard drive in there data center around the world and that is really good special when it comes to read the data that is on the disk quickly. I looking forward to see what this CDN change is going to do whit my SEO score and may ranking on the search engines. So far i think my blog is loading and responds match faster then it have done before and that is always good when your website responds and load fast for your visitors. That make them more positive to look around to search for information on your site.

Please let me know if you notes any thing strange. And i hope you all had a good weekend.

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