Kindergarten – where adults pretend to be toddlers

They can not sleep without a bedtime story, must have their diapers swapped – and cry when they want something. But they are not kids – but adults. Sunday visited a “nursery”, kindergarten, for adults in England.

It could be: any home on a residential street in a small town in northwest England . It runs identical terraced houses along the street , as they often do in the UK. Around the corner is the area’s local pub and take aways on line .

On one of the driveway were carrying a woman in bags from the car in the winter cold , she’s neighbor to the married couple who recently moved into one of the houses . But neither she nor the others who live here know what life Maxine and Derek alive.

Their discrete business activities are not known in the area. What is going on in their homes when customers come to visit stops there.

The couple , however, agreed to let Sunday in his nursery in an afternoon.

Maxine and Derek are two of Britain enthusiasts fetish AB , “adult babies” . They are pushing a so-called “nursery ” , kindergarten, with a fully decorated nursery in their home. Hit the AB enthusiasts come to be cared for and enjoy one of the perhaps most taboo fetishes . It means to leave the adult role and sometimes liver and behaves like a baby – with diaper, baby bottle , bedtime stories and overnight stays in the crib.

In Maxine and Derek‘s relationship, it is he who is the baby , although he also takes care of some of the customers. He tells me that he discovered that he enjoyed wearing diapers when he was still a child.

But there was no one who was told .

– I started to put my diaper when I was seven . I could not tell my parents , it was an impossibility. And there was nobody else I could say anything to either or ask what it was. So I continued to wear diaper in secret and I liked it. It made me feel safe and secure , he says.

Derek retained interest in diapers within itself through the rest of childhood and adolescence.

Finally , in the early ’80s , he met Maxine through mutual friends and they ended up on a date. They sued hit again and eventually they became a couple. She did not then about her boyfriend’s interest in diapers , but was told eventually.

– I helped his mother in the house where he was staying and found a plastic pants under his pillow. So I asked the last time he had wet himself . Then he broke down and just started crying . And I could see how frightened he was, but then we just sat and talked and talked and he explained that he did not know what it was really just that he liked the feeling of having a diaper on , says Maxine.

Eventually Maxine and Derek explore his fetish together .

He became his girlfriend’s “adult baby.”

She got her boyfriend’s ” mummy ” .

When Sunday visiting Maxine and Derek is one of their regular customers to visit.

Victoria , 21, has been “adult baby” since her early teens . Previously, she lived in the south of England but recently moved north to live closer to Maxine and Derek . When we meet , it is obvious that they know each other well . The first meeting was different.

– I was just about to turn around when I arrived at the door . I was too scared. It was like forbidden fruit. And it was something I had been waiting to do for so long. It was just too much, says Victoria .

Now she is anything but nervous and takes accustomed place in the big pink crib upstairs , waiting for ” mummy ” and ” daddy” to change her diaper . When she turns into baby she has an alias – then she is called ” Buttercup ” .

– You are our little princess , says Maxine with the same tone as adults often appeal to young children with .

” Buttercup ” whines and whimpers . She does not seem happy with anything and hug their big cuddly toy harder. In the room sits stickers set with all sorts of motives: different animals , butterflies, hearts and blue elephants. On the wall , the adult babies who were visiting the traces left behind :

“Love mama and dada ,” the scribbled in childish handwriting.

Meanwhile Derek changing diaper on the 21 – year-old woman in the crib goes Maxine ‘s off to the kitchen to get a bottle. The couple’s dog Sunny paws into the room and stares for a few seconds at the adult woman in the crib before he turns and folds in the doorway.

– You’re so cute my little girl , whispering Derek to ” Buttercup ” which creeps closer to get kisses .

Maxine comes up from the kitchen with the baby’s bottle .

– It’s milk with honey. Sometimes her tea , she says.

Before we leave the nursery she goes away to the bookshelf and pulls out a storybook .

” Buttercup ” is told that it is about a princess. She burst into a big smile.

In addition to the fetish and the business with adult kindergarten – and they basically just hang out with other “adult babies” – is Maxine and Derek as British middle-aged couples anywhere.

Derek talks about how stressful it was to renovate the house.

– We are almost fully booked so I have no time for anything , he says.

Derek says he likes to go to the pub and Maxine like to go to a larger town nearby for shopping .

– We are making such couples do. We go on vacation, we take two weeks every year when it’s just us two. We go to the cinema , theater and eating dinners out . Many may think that just because you are interested in this kind of fetish that ‘s all about it . But it’s not . We have other interests , says Maxine.

What other misconceptions do you face ?

– Because it is a fetish , many believe that it is about sex . But it does not for us. We talk about this because we want people to learn and get to know who we are. We are not criminals who are interested in children , it is we who are the children. But there will always be those who have an opinion and a good way to try to make them understand is to tell, says Derek .

He then asks if we want him to put on his favorite clothes and disappear off to the bedroom. When he comes back , he is dressed in a light blue baby dress . It is in two parts and comprises a tight , fuzzy sweater and a short pants . The motifs are from the children’s program ” Thomas the Train ” .

– He has had it for almost twenty years. And it cost more than my wedding dress. What a crappy boot he says Maxine and both start laughing .

Tell those who do not understand, what is this really about?

– The first thing I would say to anyone who is wondering , “What do you do when you come home after a stressful day at work ? Takes a glass of wine ? Watching a movie? ‘. That’s what it’s about. This is my way to unwind . I am putting on a diaper , my baby dress and drinking a beer in front of the TV, says Derek .

A diaper and a beer ?

– Sure . That is what many of those who come here do. They put on the diaper and have a cup of tea down here at the TV or a beer perhaps.

Maxine has handled the couple’s business full time long , but is actually a trained cake designer . Derek was previously a truck driver but have stopped working to devote himself to the couple’s business full time .

Did you ever for colleagues that you were an “adult baby” ?

– I told a few. Them as I felt I was close . They did not care that much , says Derek .

How discreet you must be with this lifestyle ?

– We are very discreet . Especially with those who come here . There are no photos of our house on our website and we will never give exact address. We just say that we are in the vicinity of this town and we pick them up. We must be a little secret just because it is such a rare phenomenon.

When the British television station Channel 4 showed a documentary on the subject in 2012 was stated in the movie that there were between 200,000 and half a million people in Britain and the U.S. who call themselves “adult babies” . Maxine and Derek nods in agreement , even if it is not possible to know exactly – but they agree that it ‘s more than many people think. Those who contact them are all kinds of people, from different backgrounds and with different professions.

– We have pretty much the military. People from stressful occupations. A lot of business leaders and students, says Maxine.

Will they usually here England ?

– They come from all over the world. U.S., Ireland, England , many from. It is really from all possible countries .

This text is translated from a Swedish newspaper article that you can find here.

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  1. I wish there were such places here in the USA. In nearly every state, there should be at least five places where adult can go to be a child. A temporary escape from adulthood.

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