My Bottles too BIG

My Bottles too BIG

My Bottles too BIG.

….This just…too…BIG! =P.

Baby Fox: BabyChrisTheFox.

Draw by: fangthefox.


Yes your baby bottle look to be to big for you it is no way that you can drink all of that in one time and if you do you going to need to have a thicker diaper that can handle more. Because the baby fox is going to flood it many time so it going to turn out to be a weary wet diaper that he is going to wear lather. But if it happens, it’s not the baby fault that he wet his diaper or make it leak a baby do what a baby do and that is to use the diaper that is a normal thing for a baby to do. Special whit this kind of big bottle is he going to wet it many time in a short time. So i hope the babys parents or caretaker can keep up whit the diaper change on him before the diaper get to wet.

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