Crying thunder

Crying thunder

Crying thunder

Foxy dont like the thunder and this night was it a big thunderstorm outside. Foxy starting to cry allot and scream for mommy and the same time hug his teddy bear close to him and wish that the scary thunders goes away. But it dont work how much he wishing for the thunder to go away. And that was not every thing in all of this he end up making a big mess in his diaper but he is barely aware of that because of the big thunderstorm outside.

Hope mommy can be hear soon. Maybe i can sleep whit mommy and daddy the rest of the night. Foxy and the Teddy Bear dont wont to sleep alone for the rest of the night after all this. Dont feels so safe and secure right now and Foxy hope that he dont going to get any trouble about the accident he made in his diaper during this scary storm.

Foxy have nothing to worry about it is easy to have accident if you are scared by something. And foxy is wearying a diaper so the bed stays all clean and dry so it is nothing to worry about here. After all foxy is still a baby so messy and wet diapers is normal things for him to have.

Draw by zanten94.

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One comment on “Crying thunder
  1. Jason says:

    Awww! Poor Foxy! It just makes me cry looking at the picture. Besides being scared of the thunder storm outside, it looks like he needs a diaper change.

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