Crinkles and Video games

Crinkles and Video games
Crinkles and Video games.

Bathroom breaks? yeah.. nope, nobody ain’t got time fo’dat :3.

Text, Cub and draw by: TheGentileFenrir.


Yes i agree it is awesome and good to wear diaper during video games special if your playing online against other people. It can be kind of hard to leave then for bathroom breaks when you dont can pause the video game and continue when you finish on the potty. Then diaper can be quite handy to use then and another good thing that is you going to be sitting on something soft and cozy then a hard chair.

So remember to be padded when you playing some online multiplayer games that should be the best for you.

  • 7 Everyday Situations Where It’s Awesome to Be Diapered (
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2 thoughts on “Crinkles and Video games”

  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to call wearing diapers “awesome!”, but I believe that there are countless times when wearing diapers can be a good thing to do. I’ve been on countless hikes in the woods, and I’ve needed to pee. Unfortunately, there are very few public toilets to relieve yourself. What do you do? Look for a place in the woods to pee? I don’t think that the state would want their property to be pissed on. That’s a good reason to wear diapers.

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