Save Express start to sell the plastic Abri form

Save Express-Abri Form X-Plus Plastic Version

It seams that Save Express have start to sell the plastic version of the Abri form x-plus again. It seams strange for me because what i have heard they should stop making this product any more. Maybe it is only temporarily back in store or if they have start to get this adult diapers from US now there they still producing this diaper. I have send a e-mail to Save Express and ask them about this so i hope that i going to get a respond soon about this. It should be good if this adult diapers is back in store for a long time. I think allot of people is going to like that.

I maybe going to let you all know they respond that i get from Save Express about this question and i hope it is a good respond that i going to receive. But i think it can be good to place a order now if they get out of stock again.

If you live in US and wont to have the plastic version of Abri Form X-plus you can bought them from Age Comfort.

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