Pikachu Used Punishment On Eevee

Pikachu Used Punishment On Eevee

Pikachu Used Punishment On Eevee

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.

Draw by: BatLadie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10151531/

Seams like Eevee have bean a weary bad Pokemon. Seams like Pikachu is weary angry and decide that Eevee needs allot of spanking here. Wounder what he have done that make him earn this very red and toasted butt. Maybe he have steal a cookie or something.

I think BatLadie made a awesome work whit this one and i love this nice and wonderful colors in this drawing. Eevees face is so cute and you can relay see on the face how he feels about this.

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