40 years with Bamse

The magazine "Bamse - the world's strongest bear" celebrating 40 years this year
The magazine “Bamse – the world’s strongest bear” celebrating 40 years this year. Drawing: RUNE ANDRÉASSON Source for the pitcher: http://www.aftonbladet.se/kultur/article16384845.ab

This year marks the magazine Bamse – the world’s strongest bear 40 years, and maybe that’s enough now.

That children do not experience the world in the same way as adults noted understood Bamse empire founder Rune Andreasson in 1966: “It is clear that it has its limitation in the choice of issues to work for the young, but in return, it has the advantage that the customer base is renewed like that every seventh year, so then you have got and start over again. ”

Since I have not had the privilege to be renewed, it is not so strange that I react negatively to the paper thin, omtuggande and in my opinion too often reprized stories.

A danger threatens, at home or in foreign lands, and the constant law stranded Bamse embarks with his animal friends to meet this danger.

That never is any danger, because Bamse can always eat a can smash honey and become super strong, and because the Skalman can always conjure up some amazing invention of the shell, a time machine or a bottle of “XYZ juice” that helps with everything.

It can be some miss whit the translation here from the Swedish newspaper that i have find this text from. But i have try to fix the problem that i could see. You can find the Swedish article here: http://www.aftonbladet.se/kultur/article16384845.ab 

I remember when i read this as a kid. I relay love the story and the amazing bear. I remember that i was always angry that the magazine only come out ones a moths. It is always hard to wait for something that you wont to read. I think you that are visiting my blog have probably been in this situation many times to special when you was a kid.

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