A sweet revenge for Sammy

A sweet revenge!
A sweet revenge!

1)Remi was playing with his bat  on the back of his house, but he  hit  so  hard the ball and it fell  on the yard of Mrs. Rita!The  very  grumpy next door neighbor!

2)Remi:”Oh no! My ball landed in the yard of Mrs. Rita! She is always complaining about everything and is very grumpy!How I can  seek my ball?Hey!What  is  this?A small hole so that I can  enter myself and look for  my  ball!Very  niceeee!Remi, you’re not only handsome, you’re a genius!”

3)But Remi didn’t  know  the hole was too small for  him and unfortunately he got stuck on  it!
Remi:”Gosh! Now  I’m in big trouble!…Sammy, Sammy, help me!”

4)Sammy:”Are you stuck in  there and  need  my  help, my dear brother?”
Remi:”Sammy, Sammy help me! Get me out of here before  Mrs. Grumpy see  me!Hurry!”

5)Sammy:”Don’t worry, Mrs. Rita’s traveling for a few days,and  I’m going to help you and get out of there, but first you need a little discipline!”
Remi:”What do you mean with a “little discipline”?”
Sammy:”Remember what you did to me last week?

Remi:”You’re still mad at me?Come on brother! I was punished too…remember?”
Sammy:”But even so, you need an extra punishment!”
Remi:”You can’t do this to  me!”
Sammy:”Sorry  bro, your  bare white  butt is ready to  be roasted!”

6)Viewing Remi’s  face expression, wich means  that  his little ass will end very toasted!

Another sweet  revenge and mission  accomplished!

Lineart  by  Victor  and  colors  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw any of this comic page and the character is not me.

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=372964

I can agree that is not good to scar dad and i can understand that Sammy dont can miss a chance to spank his brother now when he have a big chance to give Remi allot of spanking now when he is stuck in the wooden fence. This is going to be a weary toasted butt when Sammy is don whit it and a sweet revenge for him.

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