New product on Save Express – Delicare Slip

Delicare Slip

Delicare Slip

Delicare Slip

NEW NEW! Delicare Slip Extra Medium, Gr. M, membrane-folio white – white, for severe incontinence, for the night, 75-110 cm Hip, suction volume ~ 2250ml, pack of 20 photo icon.

– Stretchability – side leakage protection by Buenchen indoor system – two strong adhesive strips for closing – high absorbency pad having superabsorbent leakage barrier soft, tear-resistant fleece smooth PE film 4-fold, resealable closure Gummibuendchen with four elastic Lycra threads.

The pitcher and the product info have i get from Save Express there you also can order this diaper. You find this new product on this link:

I thinking about to order a sample of this diaper my self next time i going to order from Save Express. Have you order or try this product it should be nice then if you let me know what you think of this diaper. If it was wort trying or if it was bad and nothing to wear.

Delicare Slip diaper sample

Delicare Slip diaper sample

I have try to find about something about this company but it seams hard. I dont find any thing special when i search around on Google on the name: Delicare. If some won find the link to the company it should be nice if you cold share a link to there website on a comment.

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