The little artist

The little artist

The little artist

Papa Otter had discovered in his son, a talent for drawing.
So he decided to buy some colored pencils and a notebook, and thus further enhance the talent of  his child!

The little otter was very happy and wanted to start drawing as soon as  was possible!

Little  Otter:”This notebook is very small for me and I need something bigger,  where I can draw  better!”

And looking around, found the wall that had recently painted  by his dad and  said  with  great  joy:
“Here I’ll draw better!Yay!”

When Little Otter finished  his drawing in the wall, went straight to his father and said very proudly:
“I know Dad, what I wanna be when I grow up!”

Papa  Otter:”And what you want to be when you grow up?”

Little  Otter:”A great artist!And I want to show you now,the  drawing  I did!Come  with  me,dad!”

But  papa Otter, was impressed and shouted out:
“Oh no! My  freshly painted wall! Little Otter you are a naughty boy! ”

Poor Little Otter … being an artist also has certain consequences …

Little  Otter:”I don’t want to be an artist when I grow up …Booo,hooo!”

Anyone want  to  give  a  hug  to  him?

Pic  by  my  cousin  and  colors/story  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


I can agree this is whats happen if you decide to draw on the wall you get a spanking. So i hope this little otter have lean that you should not draw on the wall if he wont to If he wants to get away from more spanking

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One comment on “The little artist
  1. David says:

    OMG!Adorable little tyke!

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