Depend® Protection with Tabs


I think about to try this diapers some day. but first i need to find some one that can ship some diapers to Sweden there i live. thats can be kind of hard and expensive to. But maybe i and the seller can find a good price. But first i need to find some place there i can bought some of this diaper.

I hope this post can help me whit that problem :) should be something to try this diaper to see how it works. And it it is not every time that you can where i diaper that have six tapes instead of four that the most adult diaper brand have.

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  1. This was the first (so far only) kind I’ve used. They’re really comfy and they can hold a decent amount of liquid. The six tapes is nice, but you have to make sure they are exactly where you want them the first time because if you try to remove them it will rip the plastic really bad. :(

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