Amy´s gaming break

Amy´s gaming break

Draw by ConejoBlanco

Yes girls need sometime go an visit the potty to when they play video games. For that special occasion it is good to have a diaper on so you dont need to pause the game.

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Unfair Long Trip

Unfair Long TripSerpent belongs to Rogeykun

The Platypus and Mamoo belong to tato

Draw by tato


Yes it is easy to see that one of the diaper boys really need to go and visit the potty and i dont think he could hold it back this 23 miles to the rest stop. And even if he do i dont think that Momma Cow is going to let then use the big boys potty when they are wearing this diaper that they could use instead.

What is your point of this? What do you think is going to happen if he find the power over his bladder to the rest stop? Do you think that momma cow is going to let him use the big boys potty?

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I Like Baby Stuff

I Like Baby StuffSource:

Yes this is something that i agree on I Like The Baby Stuff that i have :) Do you like the baby stuff that you have?

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myself012s wet morning diaper


This is a weary wet morning diaper. But that is what a night diaper should be in the morning completely wet and heavy from all the wet accidents during the night.

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Comic: Between brothers

Comic: Between brothers

One thing that Remi  doesn’t tolerate  is someone touching his stuff without permission!And this time his brother (Sammy) discovered the secret place where he (Remi) hid his chocolate chip cookies!

“What are you doing?Oh no!My cookies!How you dare to touch my stuff?How many did you eat? And how many are left?”shouted a cranky puppy!
Sammy:”All… no wait… there’s only one at the bottom of the bag!Just tell me if you want this last cookie! I’ll eat it too?”

Remi became  more angry and shouted:”Drop your undies now and put your stinky bottom over the bed!I’ll teach you to respect my stuff!”

Meanwhile Remi was punishing his brother with a  spanking, Sammy asked:”Hey Remi?That means that you don’t want  this  last cookie! Can I  eat it!?”

When Remi heard that,he  increased  the slaps on his brother’s butt and said:”Yes brother!Bon appetite!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Looks Sammy docent bother how match spanking he receive from Remi. But i bet he is going to have problem to sit on his butt for some time when Remi is finish whit it.

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Asleep in the Stroller

Asleep in the StrollerFoxy: abdl86

Draw by Fangthefox

Foxy and his mother was out this beautiful day in the park during Foxys afternoon nap. It was good for his mother that Foxy always sleep so good in his stroller because during the time Foxy was asleep his mother could go out for a walk whit him or sit down on a park bench and read the newspaper while Foxy slept peacefully in his stroller.

And we hope that Foxys mother did dent forget to bring the diaper bag when they walked out from the home because it looks like Foxy need a diaper change when he woke up from his nap.

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