Mommy’s Little Zorua Plush

Mommy's Little Zorua Plush

Plumb has found a adorable suit for Chris to wear around. This suit is made to feel and look like a giant plushie! So once Chris was padded up, she puts the suit ontop of Chris, along with the Plushie size diaper for more cuteness. The suit is so poofy, its near to impossible to walk without big waddles. If he falls over, there’s no getting up for him unless someone lifts him up! With that giant diaper along with the suit, he’ll be lucky if he can even take a step!
But now that Chris is cute looking zorua, she’s ready to go for a walk to the park with Plumb as she lets out some very cute yips like a zorua asking for attention.

Everything belongs to tails230


Aww poor Chris he sure going to have a very hard time walking around now and i sure he is going to attract allot of attentions to.

Diaper 101: Sneaking Zorua Alt

Diaper 101: Sneaking Zorua AltHere we have a zorua, who is required to wear diapers now seem to keep sneaking around to steal some stuff for unexpected clerks. However, it seems his new garment emits a strange odor that others can smell if close by. Good luck little fox.

Draw and everything by tails230


Poor Zorua it sure going to be hard hiding whit that stinky messy diaper this Pokemon is wearing. It going to be kind of easy to find the right spot when they are getting closer and notes that the smell increases as they getting closer and closer.


PokeFoxesDraw and everything by SugarMable


Poor Zorua she dont seems to have a fun time at lest Fennekin and Eevee seems to have a great time :)

This three Pokemon sure are cute :)