easter spanking – by zorrito_Mika

easter spanking - by zorrito_Mika
easter spanking - by zorrito_Mika

something that my nicey bro   foxgold comisioned for us
done by https://inkbunny.net/SKS799 he is a nice artist

english isnt my first language, enjoy

it was a nice spring day and the cubs were really excited about the egg hunting of that afternoon, Mikeru [mika] was a 6 years old fox-coyote kit, he was a tad crybaby and a mama´s boy he was looking for this day as it was going to be his first hunting ever, Saila was a 7 years old racoon-fox, and he was really happy for his first egg hunting with his adopted familly, the foon and the fox had been togeter since they were 3 and 4, and by now they were like any pair of real siblings.
Vicky, the golden fox and mika´s mother smiles as she takes the cubs to the park

“momma momma are we there yet” mika said wagging his tail a lot, he was wearing a pair of black cargo shorts and a blue shirt, his favorite color, he was holding his basket on the left hand*

“no hun, we arent there yet, calm down a little* Vicky sighs as she holds the basquet with food
“mommy why cant daddy come with us?” the little foon said, he had became very attached to the coyote
“sorry lil one, but he has work to do, but he will join for dinner with some capiro-something that his sitser will send to us” she keep walking

“are we there yet?” mika look at his mother
“no mikeru, now calm down the park isnt going to go anywere”

the foon who was wearing a purple shirt and pink jeans start to giggle “silly mika” he keep chatting with his mother and keeping mika amused
“are we there yes mommy?” mika asks again

she sighs, thankfully they had arrived “yes mika but…” mika already had left his mother side and ran to play “saila, i will sit on that bench, please, be good and take care of your brother, remember, be carefull with his glasses and your inhaler”

the foon nods “yes mommy, we will” he smiles and goes to catch up mika

the day was nice and the kids play till a white bunny stands on a box “good afternoon kids” all the kids great the bunny cheerfully “well little ones, i am friend of the easter bunny and i helped him to hide some eggs with a lot of candies, get fun and be nice with each other, now GO” every kid ran to find their eggs and mika and saila werent the exception.
mika was really good finding eggs, he already had his basked full, the foon was good too, but he was a little picky and was only picking the pink, purple and yellow eggs.
Saila had a lot of troubles with bullies because he was a sissy, and right now, he was totally vulnerable, nor alex the lion, nor mika, nor his cousin scy were there to help him

“oh look who is here, a little sissy” a white fox laughs a little
“sethie, lets go, i want candies” said a little squirrel
“oh then i think that i can give you this!” he snatch the basquet from the foon
“shethie please it is meanie” said the girl, the foon just whimpers as an orange fox and a blue cat giggles
“awwwwwww the poor baby is going to cry” he smirks and tugs down saila´s jeans “cute diapers”

saila was sniffling and closed his eyes when he heard a hard thud, and saw a little foxy younger than him hitting the bigger fox “let mah bwo awome” me meeps and blushes

“look another baby” he smirks and push mika
“dont push me!” he sniffles and push the fox back, soon both stop pushing and start to fight, mika does his best, but in a hit the kid break his glasses, mika meeps and soon start to cry a lot little a little kit, by now the little squirrel had gone away to bring someone able to stop this, to bring an adult

“dont pick on my little bro!” saila yells as he start to trow rocks to the kid, mika stands and start to kick in a rampage, with tears on the eyes, the fight would had continued if it werent cause a golden vixen picked by the scruf both sibling

“KIDS I AM REALLY DISSAPPOINTED OF YOU” was the only thing that vicky said before dragging the kids to the dinning table, and serve to her kids a slice of pizza and cake “I SHOULDNT BE REWARDING YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID” mika meeps and sinks a little tryign to look at mommy with puppy eyes “MIKA, STOP THAT, YOU SHOULDNT BE FIGHTING, AND SAILA, YOU SHOULD HAD COME TO TELL ME WHEN MIKA STARTED TO FIGHT”

the little fox sniffles a lot and looks down, as the foon look at his mother “but but moooooooommy, mika was helping me, and the meanie kid started”

“I KNOW, BUT THAT DOESNT CHANGE THE THINGS, THE KID ITS ALREADY AT HIS HOME, AND YOU WOULD BE THERE BUT YOUR DAD ASKED ME TO NOT DO IT” she let the kids eat the pizza and the cake cause she didnt wanted the hours at the oven wasted
mika start to eat and as he pig out he forgets everything, the foon on the other way eat slowly and with a gloomy face
the egg hunting restart, and mika giggles running away and tripping with everything, the foon feeling a little bad for the spanking, and cause mika wasnt going to find eggs do his best and set the non girly colored eggs in mika´s basket when he isnt watching, the hours passed by and soon it was time to go home
mika walked happily with his candy to the house while the foon was really fidgety about it, soon they arrive to the house “TO MY ROOM” comand the vixen, mika and saila meep and run away, mika soon remember everything
“saila i dont wanna a panky” mika sniffles a lot and start to cry, the foon just start to try to confort his little brother by hugging him and rubbing his head
vicky pass by “now, i want you both to drop your pants” she is carring the big wooden brush and mika meeps, the foon soon obey and drop his pink jeans revealing a thick pink diaper

“buh buh mommy” mika said as he whimpers, she was about to do something and the foon soon leave mika in his pull-ups

“you will get your spanks and the one who wet my bed will get extra spanks” they both meep as she pick the foon for being the oldest one “saila i am really dissapointed, its supposed that you are the responsible one” she toss the diaper away

Saila sniffles a lot and look down feeling really guilty “sorry mommy”
she as soon as the foon answer start to spank with the brush “you *spank* have *spank* to tell *spank* mommy *spank* each time *spank spank spank* that *spank* mika get *spank* in troubles” she spanks 11 more times and the foon is on a great pain and crying a lot “UNDERSTOOD” the foon only manage to nod as a last spank hit “now lay on the bed while i deal with your brother”

mika meeps at hearing this and then tries to run away but he is caugh by mom and set in her knees and toss away his pull-ups

“momma pwease pwease, nu bare butt pankies” she spanks hard “whaaaaaa”
she spanks 3 times “mika, getting in fights *spank* what are you thinking *spank* you can get injuried *spank* you got your *spank* glasses broken *spank* you know how expensive they are *spank*”

mika start to kick and his mother spanks really hard another time

“DONT KICK” she spank 3 tmes “you should had told me *spank spank spank* about the bullies and not punch him *spank* bad kit* she spanks 4 more times to fill her quota of 3 spanks per year lived

“now both, to your corners and wait your father there” both kids gulp as they hear the word father and goes to their corners, mika sniffles a lot and start to bite the back of his paw
“brother, dont do that, you can get hurt” the foon whimpers
mika sniffles a lot and keep doing it, after 10 minutes a tall coyote enters, it had icy blue hair, and blue markings like the fox, with a weird mark on the arm, mika burst in tears again as the foon just whimpers a lot
“calm down little ones” she pick both kids and lay with them on the bed, he embrace his kids “i am not mad at you, just dissapointed” he start to rub the foon´s tummy and the foxyote´s head, their respective weak spots “i am sorry mika, but you will use your glasses from when you were a baby till i buy new glasses

“daaaaaaaaaddyyyyyyy no faiw”

“shhh shhh little one, and i am sorry saila, that those meanie kids bullied you” he kiss his sons on the forehead “i wanted to keep this as a secret but you need to know, tomorrow we are going to the beach”
a smile came from both sad, sore and scared kits
“and we will get lots of fun” both kids smiles and cheer “and we are going to eat cake and capirotada” mika smiles a lot and the foon looks confused at the coyote for the word
“yes little ones, and we will watch movies, so who will be first?” he pick the hairbrush and sits on the bed to start to pat his lap….

aside from the butt tanning it was a nice night, daddy spanked really hard, and walking was a pain, the swimsuits and the sand hurted our bottom, but my brother and i had a lot of fun, we stuffed ourselves with candies and somehow i still have a huge bunch in my basket, now i have to go cause mommy is calling me for the night time diaper, and i dont want another spank anytime soon, bye

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7636892

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Hope the have learn to be nice now when the have bean spanked. Hope it was the last time. Seams to heart allot and that should it suppose to do.