Babyfur Comic: Don’t try it just because you saw it on TV

Babyfur Comic: Don't try it just because you saw it on TVSeriously, don’t.

Characters: RyderKittenPants and  Mandobanjo

Draw by Zinky


It sure is not the best thing to try out wedgie when the furry you try it on is wearing a diaper ;)

But i sure love the look on the face she have in the last box :) But at least the diaper she is wearing is dry and clean. It sure should have been someone else if the diaper was wet or maybe even messy.

How is this thing work?

How is this thing work?

Yes how should i eat this? Maybe i should go and ask mom about it? Because i dont know how i should eat this ice cream. Is so hard to know what to do when you eat a ice cream the first time. Or maybe i understand more if i try to eat this thing.

Draw by:  zinky.