Silly Bottom

Silly BottomKenny is being silly today! He’s proudly showing off his diapered bottom and shaking it around! Heeheehee!

Fox and text by KennyKitsune

Draw by Zanten94


Yes it sure looks like the silly little baby Keeny really love his diaper :)

And yes it is kind of nice to feel and touch your diaper butt :)

So Stuffed

So StuffedLooks like i overate again. Too many sweets, cookies and nommy foods.

Looks like im gonna go hibernate for a while! ^.

Fox AlfieRubuncle

Draw by Zanten94


Yes it sure looks like this cute little baby fox have eat to match again. Look how loaded his tummy is whit all the nice food he have been eating. Its really look well stuffed now and i bet its going to be nice for him to take a nice and long nap now.

Pichu learned a new move

Pichu learned a new moveThis Pokemon is trying to learn a new move by reading a book. I think it called thunder

Pichu Pichuboy

Draw and text by Zanten94


Yes this Pokemon sure looks very happy about trying to learn a new move and his diaper butt look super cute to.

Reload Beach Donut

Reload Beach DonutCharacter belongs to Yookey and poofy shark

Draw by Zanten94


Sure looks like this two cubs is going to have a nice and fun time at the beach today.

They look so cute and happy together. Wounder way only Poofy shark is eating a ice cream and not Yookey to?


Footsies!Chris like to play with his little footsies because it’s so much fun, but sometimes he tends to get embarrassed when he’s being watched as he’s playing. X3

Chris and text by tripleccc

Draw by Zanten94


Aww looks like cute little Chris have found something nice to chew and play whit. This is one super cute pose :)

Foxy and his ball

Foxy and his ballFoxy was playing in the playroom at the preschool where he have found a nice and big boll to play whit. After he have play whit it for a wile one of the teacher decide to ask him if he could let some other kid borrow it for a wile now and that he could go and play whit something else now. The teacher also needed to check his diaper to see if he needed a change and that was kind of hard when Foxy was playing whit that big ball.

Foxy that still wont to play whit the ball decided to look up at the teacher whit some big cute eyes and hope that should work for him to get his wish come true.

What do you think happen?

Draw by Zanten94