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Babyfur Comic: sonho do bebê, página 1 – 2

sonho do bebê, página 1Once upon a time, there was a cat name Yure. That cat, poor thing, had a small problem: he peed the bed. Every night, he would promise to himself to control his wee, but always failed. That night, as usual, he wore his diaper and took a cup of water. Then, he fell asleep. In the dream, he woke up in a crib, much smaller than his bed. He was also sucking on a pacifier! He, who always slept with the lights on, was scared to find everything dark. The dream was very real. It was like he was in his home, in the same place were the bed used to be, except that now the bed was a crib, the lights were off, he was sucking on a pacifier and even had baby mittens. “What is going on?”, he thought to himself as the moonlight bathed him through the open window.

Draw and everything by Yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19667830/

It most be super strange for this cat to woke up like this.

o sonho do bebê, página 2Yure spit the pacifier and began to walk around the house, trying to understand what was going on. But he didn’t walk a lot before being forced to stop: a strong shudder ran through his spine, coming from his bladder, rising to the brain, coming back down and ending in the pee-pee and tail tip. He had to wee, and had to go at that instant. It was when he noticed what was going on… First, he woke up in a strange place… and now he had to pee. It could only be a dream, caused by his little body’s desire to make a little river in his diaper. But he could not allow! If he made a tinkle in the dream, of course he wake up in wet diapers or maybe even on a wet bed! He had to hold it in… but someone approached slowly…
– Hello, Yure! – said Vitória.
Yure was startled and almost relieved himself there and then. He looked behind and asked:
– Waahgwahbgwahbgwabgwahbagaaaa!
He was startled again. The words were not coming out.
– Maybe the little baby wants baba? – asked Vitória. – You look thirsty…
It was now clear: the diaper that he wore at bed time and the desire to wet it were making Yure dream that he was a five-year-old baby.

Draw and everything by Yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19746132/

Now it is going to be pretty hard for this cat to find a bathroom in time. I think he is going to be force to wet his diaper pretty soon.

Are you done soon?

Are you done soon?Order by Yure16

Draw by ComedianCat

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19494914/

Poor cat looks like he wont to use the big boys potty instead of his thick diaper. But the question is the furry inside the toilet going to be ready on time before he have an accident.

Leaking In The Trees

Leaking In The TreesCrunch, with his secret love for wetting, drank plenty of water before going outside to play. playing on the trees, the poor poochy fell and almost met his fate. he should have never ventured on the platformer realm and he hoped he wasn’t a one-hit wonder too. he waited for help, but the wait was making all that water go down to his cub bladder. it began demanding relief. Crunch, thinking his super thick diaper could take the pressure, peed his diaper like a boss. time kept passing and passing, Crunch kept calling for help. eventually, he needed to go again. he tried to hold and hold; being seen in such situation was bad enough and it would be ever worse if he was seen in leaky diapers. as soon as help came, his struggle ended and he leaked right in front of whoever offered help.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12880224/

Crunch: poochyena

Draw and text by: Yure16

Aww poor Crunch but i think the person that find you is going to understand way your have a leaking wet diaper. It is no a easy think for a little cub like you to focus on your bladder when you are stuck in the tree over the dangerous thing that are on the ground.

And beside you look so cute in your leaking wet diaper and i think that someone is going to find you soon so you can get some help and a diaper change. You really need one.


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