Daddys Diaper check

Daddys Diaper checkGetting your diaper checked by daddy always makes you feel like a little cub

Fox Moge

Draw by YuniWusky


Getting you diaper check by your daddy can be a special. And it can be pretty blushing special if you have end up using it like a good little diaper boy.

This is my cookie!! (Clean and Wet version)

This is my cookie!! (Clean version)This is my cookie!! (Wet version)

charmhusky is being greedy trying to take my cookie away!!

Cubs YuniWusky and charmhusky

Draw and text YuniWusky


Aww this is one super cute fight we have here and it is a typical cub fight there both the cub wont to have the last cookie that is left in the cookie jar. Wounder which cub is going to get it or if an adult find out about it and put an end to the fight?

Locked in a diaper

Locked in a diaper - Clean

Locked in a diaper - WetLocked in a diaper - Messy

Seems I’ve gotten myself in trouble again… only this time I ended muzzled and locked in a diaper for a few hours which ended up with quite embarrassing result.

Fox Azerio

Draw by YuniWusky


Yes it sure looks like this fox have end up in a embarrassing situation but he look kind of cute in his diaper :)

It was a good thing that they decided to put him in diapers to because it seems to have been well used.