New diaper at XP Medical – Absorbency Plus

Absorbency Plus(A grand experiment by the founder and owner of XP Medical)

Ladies and gentlemen… I am pleased to announce the release of our new Absorbency Plus™ line of incontinence products. These fantastic new briefs are designed exclusively by XP Medical and manufactured in the USA to our specifications. The first product we are introducing is our “Level 3” adult diaper. As far as I am aware, this is the first and only product of this type that was actually designed by an incontinent person.

What we have created is a terrific mid to high-range brief, with performance similar to Tranquility ATN, Abena Super, or Molicare Super. We are not yet targeting ultimate capacity (Abena X-plus, etc), although that may come later as we expand the range. The design objective for this product was to create an excellent all-around brief, with good absorbency, full coverage, 100% waterproof / odor-proof backing, strong tapes, and clean design.

You can find more photos and order the product on XP Medical website.

If you are a member on ADISC you can talk about the product here.

Wounder way they choice to call the diaper Absorbency Plus? That is some strange name.