Medications Side Effects

awww it sure seems like this medications have some strong side effects. Someone sure needs to get his diaper change and maybe wear some thicker diapers.

Tails telegraph that he needs a a change

Poor tails it is sure easy to notes that you need a diaper change when you do something like that. Everyone is going to notes and notes the smell of your stinky accident that you had in your diaper when you do something like this.

Poor Tials here sure have a hard time when he try to cover up his needs for diapers :(

Torracats big meal

It sure looks like Torracat really have eating a big meal today :) Look how big his tummy is :)

Charizard in stuffing a lucky trainer

Poor trainer it seems like he or she is force to spend sometimes in this Charizards wet diaper. That cannot be so match fun :(

This sure is a stinky skunk

This skunk sure is one stinky skunk now when he have added this messy and wet diaper to the mix :)

It sure looks like it make him super horny to ;)

Poor bunny

Awww poor bunny it seems like he dont is use to making some stinky stuff in his diaper yet. No need for this big tears little friend accidents happens that’s way you are wearing your diaper to handle that sort of things when it happens :)