I mean Baby Maid

I mean Baby MaidSo I guess it was a normal everyday, until a certain kitty cat maid saw me, he must have wanted someone he could have babied around and worked for him, so he hatched an idea, and what followed next just went according to plan, wetting myself, getting asked to follow him into what I didn’t know was a maid academy, signed something, laid down on a changing table, then strapped and saw what was coming next~

“You’re mine now~” said the happy kitty maid who was going to decided my life from now. >//<
The new diaper and maid outfit are just the first step for the kitty’s new baby maid! >//<

Art by Markiliox and Xenorvus

Marcus belongs to Markiliox

Zelia belongs to SorceressRose

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18618977/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18618827/

Yes it sure looks like this kitty is in new paws.

Maid in Need

Maid in Need
Running through the huge household, a diapered maid liox, arms tightly wrapped around his stomach, desperately searched for a bathroom. Could have been a bad stomach flu, or the meal he was invited to by the master, the liox thought. As he came upon every bathroom, he was in shock to find every single one so far was locked. Little did he know that his master was stealthily stalking him, grinning slyly at the maid’s fruitless attempts, for he held the key to every bathroom in the household. After a final desperation at the another locked bathroom, the liox maid dropped to his knees. His eyes began to water as the pressure in his stomach kept building. “No…” The liox moaned as his bowels caved in. His diaper slowly sagged as he relieved himself, filling and discoloring his once-white diaper warm yellow and brown. The master chuckled silently at a corner as he watched in delight.

Just as he was finished with his business and slowly got up with his newly-crippled body, the liox’s ears spiked as he heard a familiar voice and a set of suggestive feet-tapping behind him. “Well well, what do we have here?” The master approached the liox maid while glancing at him. “Making a mess of yourself instead cleaning one, huh?” He grabbed the liox’s tail and pulled it upwards, causing the liox to meep and blush.
“S-s-sorry master…” The liox tried to apologize in his embarrassment. “I-I-I’m just go and g-g-get changed…”
“No!” The master interrupted as he pressed his face against the liox’s. “Since I caught you not attending to your duties and even messing yourself, I believe I have to deal with you personally. Come!” He gripped around the liox’s hand and turned around in the other direction, dragging the liox along.

As they moved through the household, they passed by other maids in the premises, who giggled and gossiped at the liox’s ordeal. The liox could not be stop blushing red in embarrassment, not to mention the squishing motion of his bulgy diaper between his legs. The two eventually came to a door labelled “Nursery”. The master took out a ring of keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. “Let’s enter.” The master tilted his head at the liox and smiled.
“Y-Yes…” The liox replied in panic as the two entered the room. When the lights was turned on, the room revealed itself as baby-like nursery environment. “Lay yourself down on that changing table over there,” The master pointed as he walked towards a drawer. The liox slowly shuffled towards to the changing table, and found restraints on the table. “M-Master!” The liox cried. “A-A-Are you sure I can’t…”
“Are you disobeying you?” The master howled as he took out his gloves. “Do you want to know how I punish disobedient maids?”
“N-N-No…” The liox panicked. “Y-Yes master… I’ll obey you…” He looked down in distress and climbed onto the table. His diaper squished under his bottom as he lied down on the table, making him blush more.
“That’s a good girl,” The master smiled as he continued looking through the drawers. He retrieved a baby powder bottle, wet wipes, and a pink baby-printed diaper, and approached the changing table. “Now relax yourself.” The master grabbed the liox’s waists and strapped them to the restraints. He then lifted up the liox’s skirt, revealing the heavily-swelled diaper underneath. He held up the pink diaper and looked at the helpless liox. “Huh, you’re such a dirty kitty, aren’t you?” The liox tried to cover his face with his hands, only to find the short restraints preventing him from doing so. “Ye… Yes master…” The liox’s face blushed red like a tomato as he softly mumbled.
“Heheheh, good,” The master snickered. “Let’s get you changed now.”

Text and liox by Xenorvus

Draw by BabyStar

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18183586/

Poor Liox it sure looks like he put the diaper that he was wearing to some good use now. It look to be weary loaded and wet right now when he is on the changing table all bondage up and ready for his diaper change. I bet it going to take some time to get him all clean up from this messy accident that he made in the diaper but i sure the master is use to that sort of things.