A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 17

A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 17‘Bad Idea!’

Kyle snuck around back to the window where his father was working. His father looked pretty zoned into his work and looked like he needed some fun. At least that’s what Kyle thought. Kyle then threw the water balloon that he just filled at his father and soaked him. Not only did it soak Mike, but it also soaked his paperwork and splashed his computer. Luckily the computer wasn’t damaged but his days work was ruined. Mike then glared out the window to where his oldest son was rolling on the ground laughing.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24417546/

Aww poor Kyle he sure going to be in big trouble when his father catch him.

Work Clothes for Adult Baby!!

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You cannot ALWAYS dress in rompers, onesies, diaper covers, t-shirts, and short-alls. Sometimes little boys have to put on dressy clothes. Today I had big meetings at work and then a show afterwards. Of course, having to be dressy doesn’t mean I can’t still dress like me!!

Text and video created by Blond Boy

This Blond Boy make some awesome and nice videos and he really seems to like to be in front of the camera.

Worker… eh..

Worker... eh..
Worker… eh..

Draw and fix by: RuugiaRuu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10903054/

It seems that we have found this worker whit a very cute butt nad that is a diaper butt of cures :) Seams it was some trouble whit the pants or something. Hope that no one is notes this and that she can get the pants back on very soon before some one is notes this. Can be kind of hard to explain about the diaper. At lest it is not wet or messy that should be something even more blushing if it was use. But in other hand that is what diaper is for but it is not that fun if people found out about it in this sort of way. I can only hope this work out for the best whit this cat and that she can return to work soon whiteout any needs to explain about the diaper she is wearing. At lest she is showing what type of cute and cozy diaper butt she is having right now.

The staff mocks dementia on accommodation

Source for the pitcher: http://www.aftonbladet.se/incoming/article16507082.ab

The images where three employees of a dementia accommodation in Botkyrka mocks his patients were spread on Facebook.
Managers are furious, but the nurses are still allowed to work there.
– They violate the old says Maria Persson Lövkvist, operations manager for elderly care in Botkyrka.

Laid out the diaper photos on Facebook.

In early March, the the two of them put on adult diapers. A third-footed and put the pictures on their Facebook pages. Colleagues, but also friends and acquaintances “liked” and discussed the photos.
– “Oh, how beautiful you are.” “You should have the larger size.” It was the type of comment, the source said.

Insulting to our patients.

It’s insulting to our patients. They humiliate their need for incontinence, she says.
The three pointed working further while the investigation is ongoing. They can be turned off or redeploying. At worst, they risk getting fired.

I hope that i have get the translating right from the source page: http://www.aftonbladet.se/incoming/article16507082.ab

I hope this three staff member on the accommodation is going to get fired or at least a warning for this type of behaved. This sort of stuff should not be allowed.

No light in the end of the tunnel

No light in the end of the tunnel
No light in the end of the tunnel

Like the title say i still dont have any light in the end of the tunnel when it comes to find any new job. I think i going to need to wait a long time before i find any. I have send some applications to some stores but i have not get any positive responds yet. And i dont know if i going to get any positive responds when i dont have any work experience in the sector that I’m looking for. But i still hope that it going to turn to any positive soon but it dont look like that for now :(

The only thing that i can do right now is to keep looking to see if i find a job that i going to like. Maye i get lucky soon :)

In the mine time i can work on my blog and enjoy my diapers :) That is always something good. And i hope that one day i going to find the light in the end of the tunnel.

Good news from unemployment insurance fund

unemployment pic
unemployment pic. Pitcher Source: http://watchmywealth.blogspot.se/2010/12/what-unemployment-insurance-really-is.html

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had lost my job and my income that i have from this job. Now i have receive some weary good news from the unemployment insurance fund that i have bean qualified for the income relate insurance. Whits mean that i am going to receive 65 dollar per day five days a week in 200 working days. After that is going to be lover but i dont know how match i going to get then. But i hope that i going to find a temporarily job so i can postpone the day that i can get money from the unemployment insurance fund. I keep you all posted on the improvement i do in this thing.

This mean that i going to get 315 dollar per week if the information i have is correct.

Should be nice to see how all of this is going to end but i hope it going to end up all well and good for me.

How does Swedish unemployment insurance work?

Short information about the system how it works:

Most working Swedes are members of an unemployment insurance fund (A-kassa). This entitles them to up to 80 percent of their former salaries for their first 200 working days of unemployment. The following 100 days (so up to a year after becoming unemployed), are paid at 70 percent of previous income. Payments are capped at 680 kronor per day, though, so only people on relatively low incomes will receive 80 percent of their previous earnings.

You can read more here there i find this information: