Cubby Superheroes need a nap too

Cubby Superheroes need a nap tooAfter a “hard battle” with the evil Mr,Teddy, and quick diaper change by the caretakers the cubs were tired and fell asleep…once again the universe will be safe and in peace, thanks to our superheroes … Little Caiden and Kiba!

Cubs: onikiba and tugscarebear

Draw by: nelson88

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Here we have some weary cute and sleepy superheroes and i agree even small superheroes need to have a diaper changes and nap time. They look so cute when they are sleeping and perhaps as they dream about new adventures as they perhaps will experience when they wake ups from the nap time.

Maybe a new evilcrook will take their teddy bear. But if that happen i can bet that this two superheroes can take it back from the evil crook if that happens.


Tantrums!Being a babysitter is not easy stuff!And more when the cub gets tough on the changing table and before going to bed!

It seems that is the case here, little Jim is putting things a little difficult for his babysitter!
Even with all the tantrum that Jim can create, the babysitter always has the solution for such problems …a good bare bottom spanking!^.^

Jim: Jimfox1985

Line art by Victor/colors by nelson88

Source: //

Yes a good bare bottom spanking is watch happen if you give your babysitter a hard time and when she is finish whit Jim i think he is going to have a hard time sleeping now whit this spanking butt. But he have get what he deserve for being a naughty boy on the changing table.

I only hope he dont decide to do it again. But i have to admit that he look weary cute in this pose and he seems to handle the spanking weary good to.

Tire swing!

Tire swing!Little Pilou is super happy because he have a tire, to swing all day and anytime!
One morning, he woke up early and went straight to playing with his tire!
He didn’t care if he wore pajamas, the only thing he wanted was to play!

But accidents always happen and when he climbed to the tire, his drop seat was opened showing his diapered bottom…with a cute bear illustration!

Pilou could only say:”I want my mommmyyy!”

Pilou: Pilou

Lineart by Victorcolo/rs by: nelson88

Source: //

I think that Pilou have a weary cute diaper butt and yes this can happen whit a cubs pajamas some time that the drop seat suddenly opens but this dont seems to be the right moment for that to happens and that is not so fun for Pilou to show his diaper bottom fully visible.

The Practical Pig

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The Practical pig built a Lie detector spanking machine.

Poor wolf it look like he receive allot of spanking for not telling the truth and he deserves it and even the pigs in the end do that. And it look kind of cute when they get a red bottom from the spanking the get. That is what happen when you’re not telling the truth.

Sore Bottom

Sore BottomOnce again Caiden was in big trouble with his ​​dad! Maybe this time he took the cookies without his permission or maybe he did some mischief during the day!

But whatever thing you did, at the end of the day,the result will always be the same … you just got a red and sore little bottom!

Art by Nelson88

Wolf: tugscarebear

Source: //

Yes a bad boy always end up whit red and sore little bottom bay the end of a day so they learn to behave like good cubs should do. But before that happens the cub is going to end up whit allot of a red and sore little bottoms. But i hope he learn soon how to behave right.

But you most agree this is a weary cute pose and he look kind of cute to.

A future Artist maybe

A future Artist maybeLearning to draw … maybe you will be a great artist when you grow up,little Kiba!

Artist by Victor/Nelson88(color) over on Inkbunny.

Wolf: onikiba

Draw and fix by Victor/Nelson88(color) over on Inkbunny.

Source: //

Yes he maybe going to be a future artist who knows but he have a long way to go before he can be that good. But i hope that it is one thing he dont learn and that is to control his bladder and bowel. Because if he dont learn that he can have move focus on how he can draw some good art and the diaper can he change when he have the time or need a break from all the drawings that he have done. That is the best thing when it comes to diapers that it can make you more relax so you can focus on other things. Maybe you can start you drawing whit some nice pictures of your cute teddy bears they can be your models. Should that not be so great and awesome?