Trouble with the babysitter!

Trouble with the babysitter!Once again,another cub is  in big trouble(with the cookie jar again) , and this time, it’s the turn of a little wolf called Rob!

But despite  he having won a good spanking, at least she’s comforting him too!^^

Little Rob by masterlupus

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Poor little Rob it is newer good to steal some cookies. The adults always found out about it and decide that you need to end up whit a toasted butt from the spanking that you receive.

But it is always a little nice after the punishment when you can get some hugs and comforting from the adult..

Babyfur comic: Kyle’s First Big Spanking

Babyfur comic: Kyle's First Big SpankingThis incident takes place a few years ago when before Caiden was even born. Things in the Smith household were going pretty steady for the most part. Mike was really liking his new job and Cheryl was enjoying being a stay-at-home mom with her little munchkin. Well she loved being at home with him most of the time. Kyle is in full blown toddler mode at almost three years old and while he can be adorable most of the time, there are those ‘terrible twos’ times that also come with it. Aside from the occasional temper tantrum, Kyle has had a real problem with taking things that don’t belong to him. At first it was just little things like taking daddy’s keys or mommy’s phone without asking. Then it escalated when Cheryl and Kyle were at the store the other day. Kyle really wanted a candy bar and his mother said no. Kyle decided to take it anyway and put it in his diaper. Unfortunately for him, his mother found it during a diaper change in the car after they left the store and scolded him right there on the spot. After she cleaned him up she brought him back into the store so he could apologize to the manager for stealing a candy bar. Kyle was then taken back to the car and given his first ever spanking. Cheryl took off his diaper and gave him five firm swats for stealing and disobeying. She then warned him that if she caught him stealing again, that she would paddle him.

That brings us to this incident. One Summer day, following his afternoon nap, Kyle was craving a cookie.

“Momma, can I has a cookie?” asked Kyle as he toddled over in just his diaper and t shirt since he just woke up from a nap.

“Not right now sweety, I’m going to start dinner soon. You can have one for dessert though. Go and play for now.” answered Cheryl as she was at her desk typing away on the computer.

“OK momma…” sighed Kyle disappointingly as he walked back through the kitchen.

Kyle looked up at the cookie jar that was on the kitchen counter.

‘I can climb up there and reach that without mommy knowing’ thought Kyle as he carefully climbed onto the counted.

He scooted his way across the counter and grabbed a couple of cookies out of the jar and started eating them. Things were going according to plan as his mom had no idea what he was up to and Kyle was getting the cookies that he wanted. Kyle shifted a little bit to get more comfortable on the counter when he bumped the shelf that the cookie jar was on and knocked it off.


The jar fell right next to Kyle and there were glass shards and cookies all over the counter and floor.

“OMIGOSH! What happened in here!? Are you ok!?” panicked Cheryl as she ran into the kitchen when she heard the glass break.

“I’m fine momma. Ima jus eatin’ a cookie.” replied Kyle unfazed by the jar that just broke next to him as he ate his cookie that he grabbed earlier.

“…and just what are you doing eating a cookie on the counter?” asked Cheryl as she picked up Kyle carefully and set him safely down away from the glass.

“I wanted a cookie so I cwimbed up and gots one.” admitted Kyle as his mother took the cookie he was eating and threw it away.

“Uh huh, and what did I tell you not just five minutes ago about eating cookies?” asked Cheryl frustratedly

“…To not eats any cause dinner will be soons….” replied Kyle quietly

“Uh huh, and what did you do?” interrogated Cheryl

“I-uh…climbeded on the counter and stoles and eated cookies…” replied Kyle

“So instead of listening and obeying me, you decided to steal and disobey? On top of that you did a very dangerous thing by climbing up on the counter. You could have fallen or even cut yourself on the broken glass. I’m very disappointed in you Kyle.” lectured Cheryl as Kyle’s lip quivered “What did we say would happen if you were caught stealing again young man?”

“I’d getta ‘panking with da paddle-…No momma pwease dun ‘pank me!” cried Kyle as his mother took his paw and started to drag him to her room.

“That’s right young ma, I warned you what would happen. I thought that you learned your lesson the last time I spanked you, but apparently not.” lectured Cheryl as the entered her room and she shut the door.

“Pwease momma….I’ll nevah steal again!….I dun wanna ‘panking….” pleaded Kyle as his mother pulled out the paddle and set it on her bed.

“I’m sorry baby, but you knew better and I warned you last time what would happen.” said Cheryl as she pulled Kyle’s diaper down and pulled him over her lap.

“Ima good boy momma! Pwease! Give me antoer chance!” pleaded Kyle as he was pinned to his mothers lap.

“You are a good boy baby, but you need to learn not to steal. I’m sorry, but you’re out of chances. Next time you think about wanting to steal you’ll remember how much this spanking hurt and you wont do it. I love you and I don’t like to spank you, but you need to learn. This hurts me as much as it hurts you.” explained Cheryl as she swatted his bare bottom with the paddle.


“OWOWOW! Momma…wahahaaaa….” cried Kyle as the first three swats landed with a sting.


At this point Kyle was bawling and kicking his legs as those stung just as mush.

“We’re almost done big guy.” soothed Cheryl as she landed the final four spanks


“WWHWHHWAAAA….” bawled Kyle as his mother picked him up and stood him in the corner.

“Now you stay here and think about what you did, while I go and clean up your mess.” said Cheryl as she went back downstairs to pick up the remains of the cookie jar.

Kyle stood there rubbing his fire engine red butt and sniffling.

About 5 minutes passed and Cheryl went back upstairs and pulled Kyle’s diaper up and picked him up and sat him on her lap.

“Baby, I don’t like punishing you, but you need to learn that stealing and disobeying is wrong. Not to mention you could have gotten really hurt today and I don’t want that to happen to you.” cuddled Cheryl as she rocked Kyle

“I-i-mmm sowwy m-momma…” sniffled Kyle as she hugged her tightly.

“I forgive you big guy.” embraced Cheryl as they rocked together until it was time to make dinner.


Kyle and text by tugscarebear

Draw by furrychrome


Poor Kyle he seams to have end up in big trouble and i agree to the spanking you should newer decide to eat cookies whiteout your moms permission.

Fort Kickass

Fort KickassWolf belongs to muarauder12

Draw by kay


Looks like this wolf have build himself a diaper fort to hide behind when he need some protection from the invader. This is allot of diaper package that his mother have bought for him.

I’m A Winner!

I'm A Winner!I don’t know how my favorite teddy got inside the claw game machine but I won her back. It took a ton of quarters, but I did it!

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Yookey


Good thing that muarauder12 succeeded to win his favorite teddy bear back from this bad and scary machine. Wounder how it end up inside that machine?

Hold Up Big Guy!

Hold Up Big Guy!This story is related to to this drawing to:

…”Otay! New game! Wets pway hide an seek.” suggested Caiden

“Yea, yous hide an i count!” suggested Dex

“Otay, you stay here and count an ill go hide.” said Caiden as he ran out of the room and Dex went to the corner and started to count

“1…2…3…7…18…12….6….eleventy-six…” counted Dex as Caiden ran downstairs to look for a place to hide.
Caiden looked around all downstairs and finally found a spot in the den where his mommy and daddy were. He hid behind the couch that was against the wall.

“Shhh…” whispered Caiden to his parents “We’re pwayin hide an seek and ima hindin.”

“Oh, ok.” said Mike who was sitting on the couch that Caiden was hiding behind as he touched his finger to his lips.

“…24….97….72…10! Ready or nots here I comes!” shouted Dex as he started to look around.

Dex started by tearing apart the nursery and pouring boxes of toys out on the floor. After he couldn’t find Caiden in there he decided to head downstairs. Meanwhile, Caiden was still hiding and snickering behind the couch. While he was there he also filled the back of his diaper from last nights dinner. Dex came downstairs and went into the den.

“Mr. Mike, Mrs. Cheryl, have you seen Caiden ?” asked Dex

They looked at each other and smiled. “Nope, we sure haven’t sweety.” said Cheryl

Caiden then snickered a little louder than he should have and Dex went right to the spot.

“Found you!” exclaimed Dex as he jumped up and down

“Aw nuts!” said Caiden as he crawled out from behind the couch. “OK you founds me, now it’s my turn ta count-”

“Wait just a minuet there young man.” said Mike as he reached down and pulled the back of Cadien’s diaper “Yep, just as I suspected. Do you need a diaper change too Dexter?”
Mike pulled on the back of Dex’s shorts and diaper and saw that it was clean. He felt the front and noticed that it was sagging and in need of a change.
“Cheryl, both boys need a diaper change. I’ll take Dex.” decided Mike as he picked up Dex and Dex’s diaper bag and started to head upstairs

“How chivalrous of you to leave me with the poopy diaper.” teased Cheryl as she picked up Caiden and headed upstairs “I get the changing table since you’ve got the easy one.”

“Yes dear.” said Mike as he grabbed the changing pad out of the diaper bag and laid it on the ground in the nursery…

Caiden and story by tugscarebear

Draw by MrTasticToast


Looks like it is time for some diaper change. Caiden always seems to be a special little stinky butt. Good to see that he dont seems to have up whit a spanking in this drawing :) Bet it most be nice for his butt to have some rest from all the spanking he have receive.

Rear Warming

Rear Warming
…An hour later Caiden awoke to find his friend had already left. Caiden’s mom changed his wet diaper and Caiden watched TV on his belly until his brother got home.

“Hey, brother. How was the playdate with the neighbor kid?” asked Kyle as he set his bag down.

“Fine till da end.” grumbled Caiden

“Oh, did you two get in trouble again?” inquired Kyle
Caiden just pointed to his butt in which Kyle pulled Cadien’s diaper back to see the damage.

“Oooo….You gotta big whoopin. I might just have something to help with that.” said Kyle as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a sucker.

Caiden’s face lit up as he had forgotten all about the sucker that his brother promised earlier.
“Thanks big bro!” pounced Cadien as he gave his brother a big hug.

“Anytime stinkybutt.” said Kyle as he hugged back.


Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by MTH001


 That butt has the same red color as a traffic light. Poor Caiden that spanking most have hurt allot.