Re-program all the Pups!

Europe/Stockholmtoyapup dealing with some adjustments to his life :3

Wolf toyapup

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot

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I think this is going to be a big adjustments to toyapup life now when his mind get back to infant state and he need someone that could care for him 24/7. Poor boy this is not going to end up well for him when he is finish whit this re-program.

Aw man

Aw manpoor toyapup stepping out of his (poorly drawn) clothes.

wasn’t the first suprise i’m sure :3c

Wolf: toyapup

Draw and text by _RainyDays_

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Poor wolf looks like he already have end up in some wet diapers. No need to blush little wolf it is normal for cubs to end up whit some wet diaper thats way you where them for protection.

Can’t Reach

Can't ReachMy Riley bear fell on the floor and I can’t reach it. If she isn’t in the crib with me for snuggles, I just might cry. Uh oh, it looks like I am about to already.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by myoti

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This is one of the bad thing that can happen to a cub. That your favorite Teddy bear fell out of the crib into the floor so you dont can reach it any more for some nice and good cuddling whit it.

This is something really sad and he should cry so someone is coming to help him get it back into the crib.

Hope everything ends well for this cute cub.

Mommy Bearest

Mommy BearestMy favorite plushie, Riley, has comes alive and grown giant. She has taken it upon herself to be my mommy. I love my Riley bear but she is scary when she is big.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Diapered-buns

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Is this the reason way your diaper look to be so wet and stinky now? You really seams to have make a big mess in your diaper.

Happy Birthday Little Kiba

Happy Birthday Little KibaHAPPY BIRTDAY,KIBA!” all shouted at once!
Little Kiba was very excited and apart of that, it was a very great day too!After the birthday party, and when all his friends are gone to their homes, Kiba looked at his many gifts that his friends had brought him!

Kiba:”I will open this! No, better this one! Not yet! This will be better!”

Poor little Kiba!He never decided by which birthday gift he was going to open,because he was so exhausted and he fell asleep on them!^^

Happy birtday,Kiba!^^

Kiba belong to onikiba

Lineart by Victor/colors by Nelson88 and story writer as well

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Looks like the birthday party was to match for Kiba. He fall asleep before he could open his presents. Hope he have some sweet and nice dreams now :)

Big Brother Dooty

Big Brother DootyOne summer afternoon at the Smith household Caiden and Kyle were playing in the living room with legos while Mike and Cheryl read their books on the couch. The day had gone surprisingly smoothly after the prior weeks incidents that included almost burning the backyard down and a nasty day at preschool. Both boys were even getting along as the played legos. As they were playing caiden felt that all too familiar urge and instead of asking for help to used the potty he instead, as nonchalantly as possible, squatted down, gripped his stuffed moose ‘Mooser’ tight and relieved himself into his diaper. Big brother Kyle, who was only a few feet away, saw the look on his baby brother’s face and his stance and decided to act upon it.

“Mom! Dad! Caiden pooped again!” shouted Kyle even though both Mike and Cheryl were in the same room.

“I did nots!!” shouted back Caiden as the smell proved otherwise

“Boys! Stop that right now!” snapped Cheryl “Caiden, clearly you need a diaper change. Go get the changing mat and the changing supplies and bring it here.”

“Yes momma…” trailed Caiden as he hated being changed in the living room where everyone could see him

“Ha ha! Stinky butt stink butt…” teased Kyle as his brother gathered the supplies.

“Kyle Smith! What did your mother just say!?” said Mike sternly as he put down his book

“Sorry papa…” apologized Kyle as he hoped that little joke didn’t earn him a spot on the naughty stool

“You know what? I think that you’re old enough to help with diaper changes. Kyle you’re going to change your brother this time.” announced Mike to Caiden’s delight

Caiden instantly perked up at the thought of his brother changing him. He know that Kyle hated that kind of stuff.

“Ah pa…do I havta?…” whined Kyle as Caiden finished setting up the changing area and laid down with a smirk on his face.

“You sure do, now lets get to it.” said Mike as he sat behind Kyle so he could guide him through it.

“Aw man!…This stinks!” commented Kyle as he changed Caiden’s poopy diaper


Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Art by toddlergirl

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Poor big brother something can it be hard to change the little brothers diaper special if he have a stinky diaper thats smells allot. This is going to take some time.