The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice

The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice
The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice.

After not eating his vegetables at dinner and not cleaning up his toys after he had been asked multiple times Caiden’s parents turned on the spanking  machine and it is  doing its job!Spanked again!Poor  little  cub!

Art by Nelson88.

Cub: tugscarebear.


It is maybe sad that this cub get a spanking. But if you dont do the thing your mommy and dad wont you to do. And you need to it your vegetables so you get all the vitamins that you need to grow up and stay all healthy.  If you dont do this things your parents ask you about you have earn to get a lot of spanking from the spanking machine. And i hope that you do the right thing the next time. It is dont so match fun or nice to walk around or sit down on a but that have receive that many spanking. It going to hurt allot and you going to feel that four many hours.

I really love the look that he have on his face it look so cute and it dont seems that he understand way he have earn to get this many spanking.

What do you think have the boy earn some time in the spanking machine for the bad thing he have done?

Zelia’s dancing mishap

Zelia's dancing mishap
Zelia’s dancing mishap.

Zelia and Sammy were chatting online, and among them spoke of many things!.
One of the many things they talked about was,  “the crinkle butt song”,one  of  Zelia’s  favorite  songs  ever!.

Sammy:”I’ll dare you to dance the song now, while we chat!”.
Zelia:”Are  you  serious?It  seems  you  not  know  me!Watch  this!”.

While Zelia was dancing, she didn’t realize that her diaper was loose,and  her  bare  bottom was in the air!.

Zelia:”Shhhhhh! Don’t  you see I’m focused on my dancing!”.
Sammy:”Your  bottom  is  bare!”.

Sammy was laughing  a lot and  said:”Your face is worth a million!”.

Lineart  by  Victor/colors and story by: nelson88.
Guest  character  invited: Zelia.


Yes this can easy happen that the tape on the diaper come off and you ends up standing there with your bare bottom. And when that happen it can be kind of embarrassing special if someone else is notes that to like it was in this case.

Mom I want up

Mom I want up
Mom I want up

tsukikita wanting out of his crib!

Cub: tsukikita

Draw and text by: Wen


I can understand that tsukikita want to get out of the crib and maybe get a change from that wet night diaper. Cannot be that match fun to play in the crib whit a soggy night diaper so i bet he wont to have a clean one before he start playing. Or maybe he is hungry and wont something to eat after the morning change. Hard to tell but i think that he wont to have his bottle and maybe he can drink from his baby bottle meanwhile he gets his diaper changed. That can be something and then he gets some more time to play whit his toys and maybe his teddy bear. I bet he should like to have a long and fun playtime whit his teddy that he maybe love to play whit.

You dont need to be shy or blushing over the wet diaper you have. It is normal for a cub to have a wet diaper in the morning. It is there to help you and it help to keep the crib all dry and warm like you love it. :) It is not so match fun to waking up in a wet and cold crib in the morning. So it is completely normal that tsukikita have a wet diaper in the morning.

You wont to see more drawings from Wen? Click here then.

Tanabe Badge

Tanabe Badge
Tanabe Badge

Cub: Mouse187

Draw by: TaviMunk


Wounder if this little sleepyhead are on it way to his little crib or if he have sleep. But i dont think so because his diaper look dry and i dont think his diaper should be dry if it was morning. Then it should be soggy and leaking if he have wet allot. I like the little ponny plushy he have whit the matching t-shirt. It look weary cute and it is not every day you see a boy whit a ponny plushy. That is more of a girl toy. But it is still weary sweet and fit good whit his pacifier that he is sucking on like allot of cubs do. :) I only hope that he ends up in his crib soon he look way to sleepy to be up any more.

Diaper wedgie

Diaper wedgie
Diaper wedgie

Cub: marcofox and furwolfy

Draw by: marcofox and furwolfy


I think this is the first time that i have seen a diaper wedgie drawing. And it seems that the one that drag the diaper can do it allot. It is strange that the diaper dont get rip apart for this type of thing. I mean it is not made to handle this type of thing like a diaper wedgie. I only hope this dont hurt to match for liox. And i think he is going to need a diaper change after have experiencing something like this.

Wolf howling T-shirt design

Wolf howling T-shirt design

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I think this T-shirt look amazing and it is very cute. Wounder how cute it should be if this howling Wolf was wearing some nice and cute diaper to. Bet it should look even more cuter then :)

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