Snow!!What tot doesn’t enjoy a good snowfall here or there?

Color sketch by toddlergirl

Caiden and text belongs by tugscarebear


Awww looks like someone wont to run out an play in the snow right now.

It sure is kind of fun to be inside and watch the snow :)

Spanks a Plenty

Spanks a Plenty
Another sore butt for Caiden.

Wolf and above text by tugscarebear

Colored sketch piece by toddlergirl


Poor Caiden looks like his butt is receiving a new spanking :( Wounder what he have been up to now?

No undies?

No undies?“Oh no!It can be!Where are my undies?”
shouted Lupus!

It seems that Lupus’s babysitter was washing clothes, and among them was one of her favorites … undies with star designs!
And he decided that he would not wear any other undie until the one who was washing was dry!

The blushing little wolf belongs to masterlupus

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Poor Lupus looks like he is force to walk around half naked and wait for his favorite undies to be all clean and dry.

Looks like he is going to be force to stand there blushing for a wile now :(

Hypnotised stinky baby

Hypnotised stinky baby

As soon as the pacifier was in his mouth Isyonir could tell that something wasn’t normal, He felt his pants fall as his undies turned into a thick baby diaper. All he could do was watching the transformation unable to focus or control his body. Unable to hold it anymore, Isyonir felt his diaper growing fuller and warmer.”

The wolf and above text belongs to Isyonir

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure seems like this powerful pacifier really starting to make it magic things whit his size and body.

Good thing the diaper manage to get in place before his body starting to release the wast into the waiting diaper. It sure seems like it is force to start handle a pretty big load.

It sure going to take some time for him to get use to this situation.

Babyfur Comic: Special Pen

Babyfur Comic: Special Penlooks like there was something funny in that vape pen!

Order by torne

Draw by wonderingwolf18


Yes it sure seems like someone have one special pen here.

But it seems like his plan whit the plan backfire on him :( Now they both have turn into cute little wolf cub :)

Comic pg 1

Comic pg 1gotta watch what you drink!

Order by brevity and subdivisions


Yes it sure is good at look on the bottle and read it before you decide to drink from it ;) But now it is to late to do anything about it for this wolf.