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Letters to Santa

Letters to SantaOur clever little toddler is scribbling (because, you know, he can’t write yet on account of being a toddler) a letter to Santa explaining why he deserves the gifts that he is asking for despite being spanked on a weekly basis. This is possibly the reason he is on his lying on his stomach in this picture. Mooser is keeping him company.

Caiden and text bytugscarebear

Art by Gordo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21982845/

Awww i think that Caiden is going to get presents from Santa even if he get allot of spankings. Do you dont think this cute little wolf cub deserve some nice gifts form Santa this year?

Sharing Smaring Part 2

Sharing Smaring Part 2lf”What is going on in here!?” said Donna sternly as she walked in to see both little ones with the teddy bears ripped arm on the ground.

“Noting mommy!” answered Darcy quickly.

“Y-yeah. We jus pwaying.” said Caiden as she tried to step in front of the teddy bear to hide it.

“It doesn’t look like you two were just playing or doing nothing. What happened to the teddy bear?” asked Donna as she crossed her arms.

“Oh ummmm….I dunno…” lied Darcy.

“It was alweady wike dat.” lied Caiden also.

“Oh it was already broken was it? I don’t remember seeing it broken the last time I came up here. Are you sure you two didn’t break it?” asked Donna

“Uh huh. We pwomise. We no bweak it. Wight Caiden?” said Darcy.

“Wight. I dunno whats happened.” agreed Caiden.

“Interesting. So when I was walking up the stairs and heard bickering it wasn’t you two?” asked Donna as she tapped her foot.

“Err…” stammered Darcy.

“The truth you two. Now.” said Donna very sternly.

“We bwoke da bear…” admitted Darcy

“We sowwy Mrs Donna…” said Caiden

“I am very disappointed in you two. Both of your behavior has been atrocious since we got home. I’ve had to tell you multiple times to not bicker, fight, call each other names, and just be good. On top of that you two decide to lie to my face about breaking a silly toy. What do you have to say for yourselves?” ranted Donna

“We’re sowwy Mrs. Donna. We won’t do it again…” apologized Caiden.

“We’ll be good mommy. Can we’s go pway now…” asked Darcy.

“Absolutely not young lady. I told you that if I had to come up here again to correct your behavior that I would send you to an early naptime and I’m going to. Also, since you both decided to lie to me multiple times you’re both getting your butts whooped. Lying is unacceptable and you two both know better.” lectured Donna as she grabbed Caiden’s paw and lead him to a chair in the corner of the room.

“Nonono! We’ll be good Mrs Donna. Pwease dun ‘pank us!” pleaded Caiden as he clinched his diapered butt with one paw as he was lead to the other side of the room.

“I’m sure you will be good after this, but you two knew better than to act up and lie about it and now you’re going to have to face the consequences.” replied Donna as she grabbed Darcy’s paddle from off of the wall it was hanging on “You just wait right there missy because you’re next.”

Darcy gulped and whimpered as she obeyed and waited for her turn.

“NNOoo…Not da paddle! Pwease jus pank me over my diapee wit your hand…” pleaded Caiden as Donna laid him over her lap.

“No sir. The rules are the same at my house and your house. If you lie you will get spanked with the paddle.” said Donna as she pulled Caiden’s diaper back baring his unprotected bottom.

“Nooo…! Ill be a good boy and nevah lie agains!” cried Caiden as Donna lifted the paddle.

“I’m sure you won’t but you’re still getting paddled.” said Donna as she started the spanking.


“OW OWIE! OH!” yipped Caiden as the paddled hit his bottom.

“You will obey grown ups when they tell you to do something.” lectured Donna between swats.


“Lying is unacceptable in my house as it is in yours young man. I expect you to tell me the truth every time.” continued Donna as the swats were harder this time.

“OWIE!! WHHaaHHaaa! AAHH!!” cried Caiden as his bottom was turning bright red.

“You’re old enough to know better Caiden. I’m very disappointed in you.” said Donna as she finished up with three firm swats.


“Now you go and stand right there while I deal with Darcy young man.” said Donna as she set the bawling wolf cub on the floor and grabbed her daughter’s wrist

“No mommy! It wasn my fault! Caiden did its!” whined Darcy as she was dragged to the chair.

“It was just as much your fault as it was his and you’re going to get just as many swats unless you don’t behave. Now stand still.” said Donna as she sat down and pulled her daughter’s diaper to her ankles.

“No mama pwease! I’ll be a good hatchling! I won’t lie agian or be bad or bweak da bear again!” pleaded Darcy as she was laid over her mother’s lap and put her hands over her unprotected bottom.

“Move you hands young lady this instant.” demanded Donna as Darcy obeyed.


“WWhhAAhhAAhh…..!” bawled Darcy as she hoped her obnoxious crying would mean less swats.

“You know better than to disobey me and when there are guests in the house I expect you to be on your BEST behavior young lady.” lectured Donna as the spanking continued.


OWIE! AHHA! WHaaHAhaa…” wailed Darcy as she covered her butt with her hands again.

“Move those hands young lady or you’re getting three more spanks.” threatened Donna as her daughter obeyed, “You saw what happened to your brother when he lied about knocking over the lamp so I know that you know what the consequences are for lying. I’m very sad at the choices that you made Darcy.


Donna finished the spanking with three final, firm swats and let her daughter down.

-End Part 2

Darcy and Donna @ toddlerdarcy

Story and Caiden by tugscarebear

Draw by warpwarp1929

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21972311/

Poor Caiden it seems like the most time that we she him he getting his bottom spanked or have receive a big spanking. Now he standing there crying again whit a new well spanked butt.

Space theme diaper Kiba

Space theme diaper KibaLook how cute I am in just a diaper,I also a little wet by the look of it,oh well that what diapers are for *giggles*

The cute baby wolf and text by onikiba

Draw by TaviMunk

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21958380/

Yes that sure is what diapers are made for to handle your wet and messy accident and it sure looks like this little wolf have wet his abu space diaper a couple of times.

Philly’s Age Regressed Christmas

Philly's Age Regressed ChristmasYay, Christmas!

I was up late one night during my bout with age regression virus (ARV). I just could not contain my excitement! How else is a toddler suppose to contain it?

Anyway, it’s about 12:30 am, and I just had to look and see if Santa Claus (everyone at Church calls him Saint Nicholas) had come to our house. Luckily, I was not far from the tree, as I had asked “Mommy” (my wife) if I could please have a tree in my room. She agreed only if it was small and toddler-proof. So, I look under the tree, and … what do you know? Santa came!

As I started looking, I saw flying reindeer and a sleigh out of the corner of my eye. I thought Could it be?

Once my head was looking right out the window, I could definitely see it was Santa! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I quickly rubbed my eyes to get the fuzzies out, and I realized right there and then my eyes were not playing tricks. I heard the distinctive, “Ho, ho, ho” in the distance and just stared out the window until I could no longer see the sleigh and reindeer.

The cute little wolf and story by phillypokora

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21999528/

Awww looks like this little wolf got lucky and was able to see when Santa Claus come whit all the Christmas presents :)

Only hope he have been a good boy this year.

The Graduate

The Graduate“Alright everyone, it’s time for the ceremony, everyone line up facing forward.” Came the voice of a large male fox to the room full of female furs. The sounds of rustling graduation outfits and the babbling of voices filled the air as the excitement grew. There was a mouse that stood at the front of the line, and was led out down the hall, followed by the rest of the furs.
The large double doors were opened and the line of furs made their ways down the ails, their graduation outfits crinkling with each clumsy movement. Soon they made their way to there seats and were all buckled down, there graduation diapers being squeezed into the seats as the caretakers all buckled them in. The sounds of cooing and babbling came from the students, along with the occasional fart and squeal of laughter, and after every student was buckled the headmaster, a grey wolf waddled out onto the stage, his graduation robes covering up his own diaper, and he stood in front of the podium and looked out into the audience, seeing the smiling faces of parents, and the dumb drooly grins of the students.
“Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the 2016 graduating class of Derpy University.” The audience cheered and the students babbled and bounced in their chairs, getting drool all over their bare chests.
“Before we begin this most joyous ceremony I would love to introduce the Valedictorian to give a little speech about what she has learned here at Derpy University.”
The audience cheered as a vixen was rolled out onto the stage. She was strapped in a large stroller clad only a black graduation diaper. She was cooing and babbling to herself as a microphone was set in front of her. The vixen stared off into space, and she reached forward and grabbed the microphone and started teething on it, the scraping of gums and drool echoed all around the room. She looked up and saw a pair of jingly keys attached to her stroller and she dropped the mic and grabbed onto them, the mic clanging to the floor as she chewed on the keys.
The audience let out a huge round of applause to the vixen, who smiled and babbled as she was pushed off stage, and the grey wolf took his place behind the podium once more.
“Thank you Vicki for that wonderful speech. Isn’t she just adorable?” He asked the audience, getting several nods.

“Now it’s time to congratulate our other wonderful students. I remember when they first came here, so bright and intelligence, now after four hard years they sit before us as empty headed drooling derps. They may have struggled in Math, Writing, and Reading, but it was all worth it for today, where they will take that lost knowledge and use it in their new lives of derps crawling around in poopy diapers, chewing on there baby blocks and as happy as infants can be.” The audience applauded once more and the grey wolf smiled down at the furs.
“Now we will begin the diploma ceremony, I need each fur to line up one in a single file line and wait to get their diplomas, and once they are up here there will be a picture taken and there useless brain will be dumped into their diaper where it belongs. I kindly ask the audience to hold their applause until the end of the diploma ceremony.”
Two teachers stood up, a fox and a stallion and unbuckled the first row of furs, and two more teachers led them towards the sides of the stage, enticing them with poopy diapers for them to smell while they waited for their names to be called.

Megan Alexander, Judy Amber, Tiffany Aaron…” And so the ceremony went on. One fur at a time was carried up onto the stage, they were handed their pink diplomas, got a tickle on her tummy and a brain dropped into her diaper, and a small needle injected into her arm filled with a special chemical and then she was carried back to her seat and strapped back in, and giving her another tummy tickle to help her mush the brain in her diaper, and this went on for every student, until one gray wolf girl with brown fur all over her was carried onto the stage.
“Let me take care of her.” The headmaster told the stallion, and he handed her over to the headmaster, and he tickled her chin. “I’m so proud of you Jenny, you did it, you’re finally the happy derp you always dreamed of being. Daddy is so proud of you.” He than gave her a kiss on the cheek and dropped her once smart brain into her diaper, smushing it into the black diaper, and her photo was quickly taken and the needle injected into her arm, and she was handed her diploma and carried back to her seat.

Soon every fur was strapped back into their seats, and the headmaster wiped the drool off of his sleeve and smiled towards the crowd. “Thank you all for being here on this wonderful occasion, and now by the power vested in me by Derpy University I am proud to announce this year’s graduating class of Derpy University. You may now go poopy in your diapers and smush your useless brains into mush.”
The liquid that had been injected into each fur earlier had made its way to their bowels and started producing a huge amount of poopy, and as soon as the speech was over with the pressure was too much for the dumb derps to take, and they all went poopy in their diapers, dropping almost twenty pounds of poopy into their diapers, some pooping close to thirty pounds of poopy, smothering their brains in warm squishy mush, and then the furs started rubbing her diapers into the seats, and within a minute there wasn’t one smart brain left in any diaper, just a bunch of pink blobs floating around in a sea of brown.

Soon the ceremony ended and each fur was located by her parents, praising her for graduating university with a hug and diaper pats, and soon every fur was removed from her seat, all except for one, the grey wolf with bits of brown on her squishing in her overfilled diaper, her brain nothing more than a distant memory as it sat in her diaper, destroyed. The headmaster waddled over to the wolf and sat next to her.
“That’s my favorite baby girl, all poopy for daddy. Let’s get you out of there head home.” He unstrapped her and lifted her onto his hip, grabbing her drooly diploma and carried her outside to there car. She was strapped into her car seat and she is given her graduation cap to chew on while they drove home.

Soon they made it home and Jenny is unbuckled from her car and she was carried in and laid her on the living room rug, her cap still clutched in her mouth. He removed his gown, now clad in only a diaper and sat down next to her, ruffling her long blonde hair, and with a tail flip she added a fresh round of poopy to her diaper, much to his pleasure.

“Atta girl…who’s daddy’s little poopy pants? passed “unibercity” at the top of her class? what a good girl…”
She cooed and giggled as her diaper got warm and mushy again. “Gaa blaa buhh…hehe…pooped my diaper dada! Wov my poopoo diapers.” She babbled as she chewed on her cap some more, wiggling her butt and smiling as she felt warm wet around her legs and chest.

“I can see that! You just fill that diaper right up for Daddy…” He smiled down at her and saw her leaking but he simply smiled and grabbed a second diaper and taped it over her current one. He carried her to the couch and laid her down on his lap, and let her relax and he pet her head slowly, giving her diaper a few pats to make her smile, and soon he could see her relax as she fell fast asleep on his lap. He gave her a kiss on her cheek
“Sleep tight my sweet drooly derp, daddy loves you very much.” He gently moved some hair from her face and let her sleep, and soon he was fast asleep. The two slept together as happy father and silly derp, happy forever.

Order by TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21907621/

It sure seems like someone is a good girl for daddy :) Look what a soggy diaper she have made.