Wiggle Waggle Pup

Wiggle Waggle Pup it’s a puppy wagging its poofy tushy at ya merrily as they crawl away.

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29021694/

Yes this sure is one cute little cub wolf that we have here :) Crawling away and showing his thick and poofy diaper butt for everyone to see :)

This sure is one super cute sketch that Erin-Cloverfox have made here and he sure have some nice talent :)

Bad timing?

Bad timing?

I imagine myself opening the door and seeing this and asking “Bad timing?”
And him casually responding “No actually perfect timing.”

This drawing is order by foxehhyz

Draw and above text by Hitnrun17

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28977757/

I agree this sure looks like as bad timing but in the same time it can be a good timing to. Special if you wont some help whit a diaper change :) And it seems like this wolf want some help to change this soggy wet diaper into something nice and dry :)

Cyan poofy mess

Cyan poofy messwaking up to a full one.

The wolf belongs to BabyCyanWolf

Draw and above text by Perfectly.Patches

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28942233/

Someone sure seems to have one pretty upset tummy here and this wolf tummy sure have put good use off his diaper. He sure have woken up to one big expended messy diaper here. It sure amazing that it dont have leek or exploded.

VC_Wolffe Crib

VC_Wolffe CribPoor bunny, looks like he’ll be there for awhile.

YCH order by VC_Wolffe

Draw and above text by Myoti

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28932220/

Yes it sure seems like this bunny have ended up in a special embarrassing moment here :( And now when the wolf is tacking some photos of him bondage in that crib he sure have some powerful things to blackmail him whit.

Sissy Pup at the Doctors

Sissy Pup at the Doctors

Soren~ getting a proper pampered prostate exam, they were being a fussy pup so the good doctor had to strap em in and put on the hypnosis screens to ease them, and of course diaper them, because we don’t need any accidents during the examination.

Order by Soren

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28893374/

Yes it sure looks like his doctor have decided to give him a proper and intensive examination of his prostate.

Accident at the swimming pool

Accident at the swimming pool
Mommy has taken me to a swimming pool. I wasn’t going to take going into that huge ebil baff and so I complained. After a spanking, she has gotten me into my swim armbands. Before she could put me in a swim diaper, I was running away. Sadly, you don’t run around a swimming pool for a reason and I ended where I didn’t wanted to go… my poor diaper took a flooding like any other and now I’m wet… huff ebil baff !

YCH by Kai, gift from Mommy

Wolf and text above belongs to Loupylupine

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28911208/

Yes your poor diaper sure took a big flooding when you ended up in the pool and i bet your poor butt is going to receive a couple of more spankings. Poor thing your butt did dent get a long time to heal from your last punishment before it going to receive a new amount :( I bet this is going to hurt even more now :(