Wet baby sheep


Source: marcibadges.tumblr.com

Aww this is a cute baby sheep. Looks like he have a nice time playing whit the baby mobile above him and sucking on his pacifier. It even seems like his diaper have been use to :)

This is a perfect babyfur badge.

Soaking my diaper

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Glad I was wearing my diaper when I had this accident ;)

Video and text belongs to Gary Campbell

Yes i agree whit the words from Gary Campbell that it was good that he was wearing his diaper when he had this accident.

Nappy rubbing – XTube

Nappy rubbing powered by XTube and posted by corbypaul89

Yes can really here how wet and soggy his diaper is during his diaper rubbing. This diaper is well used and sounds like it is close to leak.

If you wont to order this diaper you can find it on cuddlz.com or abdlfactory.com

nekonekodiamata helpers need helping

nekonekodiamata helpers need helping looks like two of the Heroes’ helpers are in a bit of a pickle of a jam… But i wonder how they got here in the first place…

I also discovered why some people dislike drawing Midna. Personally i woulda picked Navi… Padded her up until all you could here were muffled shouts from a large ball of padding…

but these two need help… will anyone assist them?

Midna is © Nintendo
Fidget is © Humble Hearts

Draw and everything by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17758649/

Yes i wounder the same thing to? How did they end up in this place and who is going to change there very messy and wet diapers? It really seems like they need a diaper change now.

Soggy diaper – diapereddallas


Source: diapereddallas.tumblr.com

This is one super thick and well used diaper this boy have end up in. You can really understand that he have wetting this diaper allot of times and it seems like the diaper can handle it very good. Most be a nice feelings now that he have between his legs to feel this heavy and soggy diaper that he is wearing.

but i think he should change this diaper now. I think that should be good for his skin to get some air.