Soggy diaper fun

Soggy diaper funjust little soggy diaper fun X3

Wolf wuffpaws

Draw and text by CrinkleButt-Yuni


Looks like this wolf decided to have some fun whit his soggy wet diaper. This diaper really look well used.

Taking care of needs

Taking care of needsSteve was super wet and turned on, so he didn’t care where he had to “play”

Leopard and text by someone12121

Draw by jimmyrumshot


Looks like this boy decided to have some nice diaper masturbation time on this public bench.

Hynpo roo (Messy)

Hynpo roo (Messy)cute little roo under hypno and losing his control

Kangaroo by SissyKangaroo

Draw and text by CrinkleButt-Yuni


Poor little kangaroo it seems like someone is forcing him to messy his diaper big time whit help of some hypnosis. This diaper really look well used and it most stink allot very soon when it is this messy.

Hope he get a diaper change soon he really need one after this big mess that someone is forced him to do.

Interrupted Training

Interrupted TrainingLesson for her is use another thick undergarment who contain she wets better.

Fox, text and draw by ConejoBlanco


Yes it sure looks like she have end up in some big public problem whit a leaking diaper at the ballet training.

Hope that no one will notes this.