PokéDigital Monsters

PokéDigital MonstersLooks like Fiona is trying out the latest version of her game, she always names all her minions after friends of hers and here it looks like her loyal “Acepup” is trying out a new attack!

Fiona and text: Runt


Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/16973199/

A new short of PokéDigital game?

Special diaper time – krinkleskorner


Source: krinkleskorner.tumblr.com

Looks like this boy have some special fun time in his wet diaper and the diaper look very well use to :)

blackwolf tauric re-training 2

blackwolf tauric re-training 2yikes! it seems the thing that Travis was concealing behind his back has a mind of it’s own, attaching itself to his rear, and it’s making sure Tucker won’t feel as big as he once was… robbing him of whatever control he had left.

Order by Blackwolf12tails

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/16966524/

Yes it sure look and smell like Tucker dont have any control left now over his bladder and bowel. His diaper look very well use now.

Diaper change – paddedtails


Source: paddedtails.tumblr.com

It is always nice whit a diaper change special if you have a very wet and cold diaper like this boy have. Then it is nice to get change into something dry and cozy again.

Long Night fun

Long Night funa random Bunny Getting Ready for a camping night, and Videogames of course :)

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco

It seems like it is one more thing this bunny needs to getting ready to and that is a diaper change. The diaper that she is wearing right now seems to be pretty well use. So it could be good to change it so it dont end up leaking.