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It look like this three boys have a weary fun time when they test some adult diapers. Wounder what it is that they are saying? That should be weary fun to know.

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Don’t you find it cute?

Don't you find it cute?
Run for your lives, it’s the tails doll! ;w;

hdofu has a habit of sharing creepy and scary stuff with me. I’m easily creeped out so I thought it would be a funny premise for a picture. x3

Rex: ReXam-1

Hdofu: hdofu

Text and drawing by:

aww poor Rex it look loke like Hdofu have show his friend Rex something scary again that make him run away and the same time use his diaper. I hope he is running to his mother or dad that can comfort him and say that everything is fin now. And when he have stop crying i think that they are going to change his diaper so he dont need to run around whit a wet and messy diaper any more that is bad for his skin and it can lead to some bad diaper rash. I bet he is going to feel more happy when he is back into a clean diaper instead of this wet and messy one that he is wearing now.

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Trading Personalities by Croc – Chapter 7


There I was crawling on all fours like a baby down the stairs then into the kitchen; I felt so humiliated and helpless. Auntie Jodie and Mummy walked slowly behind me eyeing my nappied bottom. Being dressed in this bullshit adult babyish sailor suit and sucking the NUK6 dummy really made me feel weak, but that was just the start…

I walked into the kitchen and I looked up to see a large blue adult high chair:

“Right Benny, be a good boy for your Mummy and sit your nappied bum-bum in the high chair.” – Mummy softly ordered me.

I looked up to Mummy on the edge of tears.

“Go on Benny, be a good widdle boy for your Mummy.” – Auntie Jodie cooed in a wicked tease.

I got angry at that insult but my emotions got the better of me; I began to cry.

“Mummy, please don’t do this to me.” – I mumbled through the dummy.

“Oh looked Auntie Jodie, looks like my widdle boy is crying because he’s hungry, help me into his high chair.” – Mummy sighed looked down upon me with nurturing pity.

“With pleasure, my Josh was the same last year with his ‘condition’.” – Auntie Jodie sighed as she shook her head with nostalgic.

“What are boys like eh?” – Mummy giggled to herself.

As Mummy and Auntie Jodie lifted me into this huge high chair, I was confused – and I was thinking, with this potion; was my Mummy beginning to think that when I speak I’m talking baby talk and not English?

Mummy left my sight to get my breakfast ready, leaving me in the full view of my Auntie Jodie who tightly strapped my waist in this high chair: I was going no-where.

Auntie Jodie turned to her left to view that Mummy was busy then leaned her fact at me:

“Soon enough I’ll have my full vengeance upon you, soon enough my Josh will be 100% fit to full health, and soon enough my sister will have her retarded babyish teenage son back in her bosom. Just embrace your babyhood Benny.” – Auntie Jodie whispered with a smile.

I was trapped, angered and I too wanted to seek out my revenge…all in good time I thought to myself, but time is running out for me, if my sadistic auntie is correct: I will soon slip into a retarded state of body and mind; I will have to act fast!
Mummy walked back over to me carrying a plastic bowl of porridge, she pulled up a chair and sat in front of me.

“Right then young man it’s time for your breakfast.” – Mummy cheered as she took out my new dummy from my drooling mouth.

“But I don’t like Ready Break Mummy.” – I mumbled through my lips.

“Aww did you hear that Auntie Jodie? Benny wants his breakfast.” – Mummy cooed to Auntie Jodie who is in the far corner of the kitchen.

“Well give your little boy his breaky then.” – Auntie Jodie sighed rolling her eyes.

Mummy held the small plastic spoon of runny porridge in her right hand and before I could protest she shoved it into my mouth.

“I want my Benny to grow up as a strong handsome boy, where the girls chase him.” – Mummy giggled as she forced-fed me Ready Break.

“More like a pathetic nappy boy where the girls will babysit him more like.” – Auntie Jodie sniggered to herself in the corner.

Mummy fed me as I was strapped in this high chair crying my eyes out. After eating the porridge Mummy placed down the plastic bowl, she wiped my mouth and tears of from my cheeks with her hanky:

“There, there Mummy is here baby boy. I’m so proud of you of eating your porridge like a big boy, I love you Benny.” – Mummy cooed pouting her lips then giving me deep kisses me on my forehead. Mummy stood up from her chair to take the bowl away to the sink.

Mummy and Auntie Jodie stood for a moment to chat; I took this small moment to pull myself together, but it was short lived. Mummy and Auntie Jodie walked back over towards me:

“Here sister give your widdle boy his bottle of milk!” – Auntie Jodie announced with a smirk giving Mummy a ready made bottle of milk.

Then I remembered what Auntie Jodie told me earlier upstairs “Your mummy is going to give you a bottle fed soon…with more potion in the mix: by the end of the fucking day: you’ll never be able to speak, write, and go toilet like a teenage boy.”

“Mummy! No! Please no!” – I screamed in tears as I wiggled in the high chair.

Mummy was now under the impression that I wanted my bottle. The potion Auntie Jodie gave Mummy must have slowly turned her mentality and emotional instincts to think and believe I am a needy retarded teenage boy who needs his Mummy’s care and affection.

Auntie Jodie stood watching in pleasurable silence.

“Open wide for Mummy.” – Mummy cooed softly as the bottle teat was nearing my lips.

I shut my mouth.

“I guess he doesn’t want his bottle.” – Mummy commented to Auntie Jodie.

Auntie Jodie grabbed the bottle of milk which is more of that potion from Mummy’s hand.

“Linda, the first thing you have to know with retarded teenage boys is that they don’t know what’s best for them. That is what I learned from caring for Josh. Benny is the same, you’re his Mummy and he really needs you. So what are you going to do? Let your one and only son dehydrate because he is rebelling for his bottle huh?” – Auntie Jodie informed my Mummy in her slippery manner.

Mummy nodded in agreement:

“Sorry Jodie, it’s been a while since I was needed and loved. Being a Mummy to a nappied teenage boy is hard work, though it feels so rewarding. Benny needs me, more than ever now, and for the future.” – Mummy smiled to her sister.

Mummy grabbed the bottle from Auntie Jodie and then looked to her. Auntie Jodie nodded her head and walked up to me smiling.

“Sorry Benny, but Mummy only wants the best for her baby boy.” – Mummy softly spoke to me.

Auntie Jodie grabbed my nose and pitched it hard forcing me to open my mouth. Mummy then shoved the bottle teat into my mouth, I was forced to drink the potion I was lightly crying knowing that things are going to get so much worse for me and a new life awaits.

I drank all the ‘milk’.

“See what a big boy you can be if you want to?” – Mummy praised me as she again kissed my forehead then placing my new dummy back into my mouth.

Mummy and Auntie Jodie walked away to the sink to wash up and dry up. The potion now took affect: I looked round all seemed normal except for I placed my hands on the highchair tray and I couldn’t move my hand palms and fingers; they are now weak!

I began to automatically drool from my mouth through my dummy just like a real baby – or in my Auntie’s case ‘A retard’. I then began to try to move my feet, but I couldn’t gather the strength and mentality to do the simple of movements, not even my thighs.

I was shit scared, and given the latter I felt a sick feeling inside my tummy, you know, the feeling when you ride a rollercoaster and that feeling gets your gut, well this is happening to me right now, I wasn’t in pain or experiencing a cramp, it felt like my insides: my bladder and bowels were slowly changing and reducing…only time will tell.

Mummy and Auntie Jodie finished washing and drying the dishes etc. Both women then walked over to me:

“Let’s unstrap my big boy ay?” – Mummy cooed as Auntie Jodie unstrapped me from this beastly highchair.

Just as I was about to leave the highchair (with great difficulty) Josh has awoken and entered the kitchen to seek his breakfast, only to wear my clothing from my suitcase!

“Morning Ben, morning Auntie Linda and morning mum.” – Josh announced as like everything was normal.

Auntie Jodie cuddled her teenage son – my cousin who one cannot forget a year ago was in my position.

“Hse lothes re ine!” – (Those are my clothes!) I declared pointing my right index finger with hard strength, as I then gasped. I’m losing my speech of English.

“They were your clothes honey. You see Benny because of your new medical condition; it’s not wise for Mummy to dress you in casual teenage clothing, even more so now that you’ll be wearing and using nappies. It’ll be hard for Mummy to change you. Auntie Jodie had a great idea to swap your clothing with Josh’s old clothes upstairs; it’s save each-other money to buy new clothes. There are many more new cute little boys clothing upstairs for you to keep. Adding to that Auntie Jodie and Josh will be returning with us tomorrow, for Josh to pick and take your old clothing in your bedroom at his choice, even your old boxer shorts, since soon enough Josh will regain his potty training after his horrific ordeal. Not to worry baby Mummy has got it all sorted.” – Mummy informed me as more tears pours down my young cheeks.

Auntie Jodie winked at me as she cuddled Josh.

“Right then Benny, it’s a big day for you.” – Mummy rejoiced.

I looked up to Mummy in confusion.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” – Mummy smiled.

“I’m going to make Josh and us some breakfast Linda.” – Auntie Jodie told Mummy.

“Sure, I get Benny into his new playpen in the living room and I’ll be with you.” – Mummy commented to her sister.

“He might need a nappy change first.” – Auntie Jodie laughed.

Mummy placed her right index finger into my nappied crotch.

“You’re right my widdle boy is soaked.” – Mummy told herself.

“Come on Benny Mummy needs to change your nappy.” – Mummy softly spoke down to me as I still sat on the highchair.

Mummy placed out her hand. I was scared for I have nearly lost the strength in my fingers, toes, feet, hands, arms, and thighs. I hesitated.

Mummy leaned forward and grabbed me underneath my armpits:

“Who’s a cute Mummy’s boy? Benny is!” – Mummy cooed to me affectionately.

I fell onto the kitchen floor, my nappied bottom was on the ground, I looked up and everyone and everything seemed to be larger.

“Crawl with Mummy to the living room so I can change your bum-bum.” – Mummy cooed. I managed to crawl, a lot harder than I did moments earlier on the landing and the stairs for now I had hardly any strength, maybe I was becoming lighter in weight, if so? Mummy would soon be able to carry me in her arms!

I followed Mummy which took me near 5 minutes to crawl from one room to the other. Mummy produced Josh’s old large Disney adult changing mat and something that looked like a nappy changing bag!

“Is my baby boy ready for Mummy to put you in a new clean and fresh nappy?” – Mummy cooed sweetly to me.

I smiled to Mummy and nodded, I crawled a bit further towards her as she readily waits to take on her motherly nappy duty…

This story is written by Croc.

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Upshot View By DrunknFox On DPRTube

Not like I’ve never gone to the bathroom in a diaper before. Fueled by an alcoholic beverage or two.

Text and video by: DrunknFox

From the sound that come inside from his diaper it really sounds that he really needed to go to the potty. You can see it on the diaper to that it get pretty wet to.

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Time for a new diaper

Time for a new diaperFoxy was playing whit his favorite plushy (His Pikachu). They was playing hide and seek when Foxys mother call for him so she could check his diaper to see if he need a new one now before the nap time. And Foxy was kind of a wet little cub right now so he needed a diaper change right now. But before he end up in the changing mats he crawl to his Pikachu plushy so he could have some cuddling company during the diaper change.

so now is Foxy all ready for a new diaper on the changing mate.

He is looking forward to the nap time so he could cuddling whit his Pikachu in the soft nice crib there he is all safe and happy.

Draw by: fangthefox

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She’s Got The Look By Croc Chapter 8


The First Day…

There I was; a fallen independent, highly educated young lady, recently a dole dosser and chav trapped inside a crazy bitch’s manor as her Adult Baby Girl.

I was nappied, gagged and asleep in the crib, still with the headphones of hypnosis over my ears; playing on repeat.

Gillian and Kerri entered the Nursery, it was late morning:

“What do you think? Is she ready for him?” – Kerri asked her Auntie.

“Hmm…we test her then we show her off. Get the highchair ready for our widdle girl’s breakfast.” – Gillian ordered her niece.

“Yes ma’am.” – Kerri replied leaving the Nursery.

Gillian walked up to the crib; observing my deep sleeping and my slowly sucking of the dummy gag.

Gillian placed her left index finger into my nappy:

“Like clockwork.” – Gillian sadistically commented out loud with a wide grin.

Gillian grabbed hold of the iPod and stopped the hypnosis; she then took of the headphones that were over my ears…I was still asleep.

Gillian lightly shook my petite body to wake me up.

I slowly woken up and my mind wasn’t thinking right, I felt like I’ve got a hangover, which is bullshit, then I remembered that I was forced to listen to hypnosis files all night.

I looked up to Gillian:

“It’s 11am baby girl…you have a visitor, now if I unstrap your gag are going to be a good girl for Mummy?” Gillian cooed down at me.

I nodded in submission…with a hidden plan.

Gillian dressed in tight denim jeans and a short top; exposing her large breasts and curvy figure, with the strong scent of her perfume unstrapped the dummy gag from my head.

“Ahnk ou illian.” – I spoke in horror as I quickly placed my hands over my mouth.

“The hypnosis files you’ve listen to last night was one of many more to come, you’re vocabulary and speech is going to be reduced to that of a toddler and a retard. Plus you are on word commands which will be tested soon enough.” – Gillian informed me of my forceful life.

“Ot iar!” – I shouted in tears.

“It’s not fair? Is that what you’re trying to tell Mummy?” – Gillian cooed at me looking at my babyish state.

I nodded in agreement.

“Tough shit missy, your fate is sealed…have you noticed anything else?” – Gillian hinted to me with the latter.

I shook my head.

“Feel your nappy sweetheart.” – Gillian advised me.

I touched my thick nappy with my small hands: it was full!

“Ha Ha! Your incontinence is slowly wasting away; these hypnosis tapes are from the most expensive and powerful people in BDSM England. Soon enough you’ll be pissing and shitting without knowing it.” – Gillian told me in self delight.

I began to cry…

“Aww Natalie, Mummy is only helping you to become the baby girl she wants for herself. Come let Mummy change your nappy.” – Gillian cooed as she gave me a warm cuddle: which I enjoyed.

Gillian undid the crib locked rail and had me walk out of the crib. My legs automatically fell to the floor:

“It’s part of your training baby girl, you can’t beat the hypnosis system; you’re better off to take it in your stride.” – Gillian told me with a smirk.

Gillian grabbed hold of a bag and placed it before me:

“This is your new nappy changing bag, look it reads ‘Natalie’s Nappy Bag’. Isn’t that cute? Mummy had everything ready for her baby girl.” – Gillian cooed at me.

Gillian then grabbed my shoulders and pinned me down onto the Nursery floor:

“Nappy time for my baby girl.” – Gillian beamed as she changed my wet nappy.

Gillian took her time, the cold Huggies baby wipes were placed under my cute and toned bottom, and many more were detailed on my pussy and clit.

“You like that hmm? Does my widdle baby girl like it when Mummy cleans her innocent and virgin pussy? Maybe I’ll keep you a virgin from men and instead turn you into my dike slave; would you like Mummy’s girlfriends to take sexual and oral pleasure and liberties from my baby girl…I’ll turn you into a lesbian; free of men? That is decided after you meet Mummy’s visitor who is waiting down stairs to see you.” – Gillian cooed as she rubbed in nappy rash cream into my skin.

“Me ant oyfriend.” – I commented in my now babyish accent.

“A boyfriend? Oh Natalie, what boy would want to date, baby and fuck a retarded young lady like you? The only boyfriend you’ll have is one who you’ll please.” – Gillian told me as she rubbed in Johnston’s baby powder into my skin and over my small body.

“I ig irl!” – I screamed in tears kicking my feet in a tantrum.

“You’re big girl life is vastly coming to an end, the sooner you accept this, the better.” – Gillian firmly told me as she grabbed my feet in her large hands: placing them in the air to fit the fresh nappy underneath me.

Gillian tapped me up:

“Sit here and don’t move a muscle.” – Gillian ordered me. I obeyed.

Gillian went to grab some new clothing from the wardrobe and units for me to wear. Gillian came back and stood in front of me.

“You’re going to wear these understood?” – Gillian sternly informed me.

Gillian then knelt back down to dress me in these clothes. Within seconds of being dressed Gillian grabbed my hand and pulled me in full view of the Nursery’s large interior mirror: helping me to stand:

“You’re visitor wanted you to be dressed like this, and so you shall!” – Gillian told me.

I looked in the mirror, I was wearing a short white shirt, a red striped tie, a grey blazer with matching mini-grey skirt and black pantyhose: I was dressed as a teenage schoolgirl: with a nappied bottom.

I had to admit: I did look younger and not the real age of 23.

Gillian twisted me around in a circle; she then placed my brunette hair in a ponytail then grabbed my chin with her right hand; pulling me to her face:

“I’m warning you missy: Don’t fuck up!” – Gillian warned me. I was confused.

“Eee ant ood.” – I pouted in hunger as I held onto Gillian’s hand.

“You’ll get breakfast; after seeing your visitor…only good little girls get food if they behave for their mummies.” – Gillian softly spoke to me.

Afterwards Gillian pulled me out of the Nursery, due to the hypnosis files I was struggling to stand. We reached the large front room where Kerri was standing next to my ‘Visitor’.

“Mr. Saville welcome, here she is.” – Gillian cheered with beaming joy as a proud Mummy.

I looked over to his man, must be aged in his 60s’ he was fat, well obese and bald headed, dressed in an expensive suit and wears large round glasses.

“Oh Gillian, she’s got the look alright. I’ve given Kerri the money for your baby girl’s services.” – Saville told Gillian.

Gillian and Kerri smiled.

“Say hello to ‘Daddy Rolf’.” – Kerri cooed down at me.

I looked up to this beastly man:

“Ello da-da.” – I softly and innocently announced.

All three people laughed down at my pathetic state.

“No sweetheart, say ‘hello’ to Daddy Rolf the other way.” – Kerri told me.

I was confused and I looked up to Gillian.

Gillian rolled her eyeballs and sighed. She bent forward to my ear:

“Hypnosis command: Cocky.” – Gillian whispered in my ear.

Without resisting I crawled on the floor on all fours, I grabbed hold of Mr. Saville’s trouser zip and undid it, I then unbuttoned his boxer buttons grabbing his small erected cock. I was defenceless for my actions: I placed his cock into my small young mouth: sucking him slowly.

“We can make a fortune pimping her out.” – Kerri whispered in excitement into Gillian’s ear.

“One step at a time.” – Gillian whispered back.

Daddy Rolf was soon to cum and as I was sucking slowly and beginning to take speed on his cock; my mind slipped back into Natalie Florence of 23. I soon realised who I was and where I was. I looked up in disgust to his dirty old man.

So I made my mark…I bit my teeth down and hard into his small cock:

“Owww!!” – Mr. Saville cried out in pain and he rushed over to the kitchen holding his blooded cock in his fat chunky hands.

I giggled as I took my vengeance, but that was short lived:

“I’ll make peace with Mr. Saville; you take care of baby girl. You know where to place her.” – Gillian ordered Kerri as she chased Mr. Saville in the kitchen to see to him.

My giggles faded away…I looked up to Kerri who just sternly stared at me with a wide smiled across her tasteful lips.

I tried to crawl away:

“No!” – I shouted as the hypnosis has cleared away from my mind.

Kerri grabbed my hair and pinned me down in the living room; she withdrew a needle and placed it into my arm:

“We have to take extreme measures now Natalie.” – Kerri sadly told me.

I tried to crawl but my muscles went into a weak and light mode, I couldn’t even speak.

Kerri carried me from the living room and back down into the basement; and not the nice padded room: down the corridor into the Abyss room. I began to cry.

Kerri placed me inside the pitch black room:

“We’ve got new plans for you Natalie and don’t worry about Mr. Saville, it’s clear that you don’t like sucking men off, so I guess Daddies are no longer an option; for only women and dikes. Think it over!” – Kerri meanly shouted at me as she slammed the door leaving me locked in this dark room.

I felt like the guy at the end of the first SAW film: I began to sob in tears: I was in the dark, I couldn’t move, I was nappied and I was never going to find true love with a boy…or will I?…

Written by Croc

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