Lilac´s automated diaper changer

Lilac´s automated diaper changerCommission Piece for brandonh9895 over DA, she is getting prepared for her diaper change by an automated changing station :)

The nervous dog belongs to brandonh9895

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco

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Aww poor cub looks like she is a little worry about being on the diaper changing machine. Poor thing but it looks like the diaper she is wearing is in need of a diaper change so it seems like she dont have any choice here. It is not a good thing to be playing around whit a to wet diaper for to long.

Cyan Diaper pail

Cyan Diaper pailOf Mrs.Cyan being tossed in a diaper pail.

Order by BabyCyanWolf

Draw and text by Perfectly.Patches

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Aww poor Mrs.Cyan looks like another soggy wet diaper is one its way to get dump into the diaper pail. It sure most start to be pretty stinky inside that pail right now whit all those well used diaper inside.

What have happen to here to deserve a stinky fiat like this one? It sure not going to be easy now whit another soggy wet diaper inside the pail now. But at lest the pail dont store any messy diapers. I think it should stink even more inside the diaper pail then.

I hope I manage the night – diaperteenx



Aww poor boy but i dont think that your is going to manage the night in the state is in. It sure seems to be one very well used diaper here. And it sure looks kind of close to watch it can handle and really should be changed before you go to bed.

One soggy morning – diaperteenx



Giggle it sure seems like this diaper boy sure have woke up whit one soggy Rearz Safari diaper this morning. I sure hope that the diaper not have start leaking and make his cute pajamas pants wet. That diaper sure have been pretty busy this night and have made a good job handle all his accidents :)

His diaper front sure most be pretty squishy right now :)

Babyfur Comic: Cheating Messy Challenge Page 2

Babyfur Comic: Cheating Messy Challenge Page 2Order by q123

Draw by kratox

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Awww poor bird wounder how long time he is going to be force to spend time inside this dragons use diaper. It sure most smell pretty nasty inside there.

Rearz LIL’ Monsters | Diaper Water Test with 4L!

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In this video the President of Rearz Inc gives the first ever test of the Lil’ Monster Diapers with almost 4 Litres of Water.

This video is uploaded and created by Rearz Inc

It sure seems like this is a really good diaper special when you do this type of test.