Wet diaper – My ABDL Life

Forced wetting a open diaper – Satuki_rabbit

Poor boy it looks like this girl is force him to wetting a open diaper then she decide to tape it around his wait so he could feel the wet diaper around his waist and pee pee. Look how embarrass he is about this situation.

Jayson Gazeley admits he loves diapers!


Source: randomprecision2016.tumblr.com

Yes Jayson Gazeley really admit and show in this video that he love wearing his diaper. Special when it comes to masturbation.

Sitting him Down

Sitting him DownDiaper goes squishhhhhh

Draw and everything by ZuAgo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21104124/

Yes the diaper sure go squishy. But it look to be a thick diaper that Falco is wearing so i bet it can handle more wetting accident before it starting to leak :) So the star fox have nothing to worry about yet.

Deixe ir

Deixe irInstead, Yure tucked his tail between his legs and shook his head bravely, holding his paws on his diaper front.
– He looks determined to break the rules – said Marshall.
– Maybe it’s time to teach him to behave correctly – says Crunch.
Soon enough, Crunch and Marshall got a hold of Yure’s arms, pulling them from the dampening front. Marshall, then, tugged Yure’s tail and held it firm.
– Give him the mercy hit – says Marshall.
With that, Crunch began to tickle Yure’s belly. Laughing and struggling, the five-year-old wasn’t able to resist to the tickling assault and to hold his liquids in place. He was afraid of making a huge mess; he always floods his diapers! But this one, instead of leaking after the fourth minute peeing, was swelling, containing every ounce of warm yellow. The tickling went on and so did Yure’s weeing, causing the diaper to almost reach the floor. The tight leg bands remained in place, keeping the diaper from sagging. It ballooned pleasantly against Yure, but he was still scared that it would leak by the seventh minute of urination.
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With Crunch Poochyena and Marshall Fox.

Crunch Poochyena poochyena

Marshall Fox marshallfox.1971

Cat, text and draw by Yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21088569/

Yes it is no chance that you can avoid wetting your diaper if you are around friend that can help you if you try to keep it dry.

Long Day Of training

Long Day Of trainingAlthough it seems the little pup might have been a little too distracted learning the shadow clone jutsu he forgot to go to the bathroom :P

Jackal and text by Naru_Skyrise

Draw by Aito

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21087422/

Way focus on a simple thing like potty when you are wearing a diaper that can handle your wet little accident. So you can focus on the shadow clone learning 100%