Diaper Pichu bros

Diaper Pichu brosDraw and everything by wwa

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17285011/

Poor little Pichu its look like the other Pichus brother is teasing and make fun of the other brother because he seems to have wake up in a wet diaper. That is not a nice thing to do. It is not his fault that he had a accident in his diaper during his sleep he cannot help it.

Hope the mother or daddy com in soon to stop this and to comfort the crying Pichu.

Soggy Crinklz – diapersboiii


Source: diapersboiii.tumblr.com

This is one soggy diaper that this diaper boy have end up whit. You can easy see how wet and heavy it is right now.

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Soggy diaper – maternalgiantess

Soggy diaper - maternalgiantessSource: maternalgiantess.tumblr.com

Poor little girl looks like she end up whit a couple of wet accident in the Fabine Christmas diaper when she was out playing. The caretaker dont look so happy about to find out the wet diaper that she have to change now before it starting to leak.

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