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Third Time is the Charm

Third Time is the CharmThe spanker has asked Caiden (who’s 5 years old and potty trained as opposed to most pictures in which he’s 3 years old and not potty trained) to go potty. Caiden, who normally makes the potty within a reasonable time, decides not to come inside from playing to go potty and wets his pants. His caretaker, who’s not too pleased at this, changes Caiden’s jeans and lets him run around in a clean pair of undies. His caretaker warns Caiden that if he has another accident that he has to wear diapers the rest of the day

A couple hours later his caretaker reminds Caiden again to use the potty so he doesn’t have another accident and have to be put in diapers. Caiden is playing a video game and decides that getting to the next level is more important than making it to the potty and has another accident. Caiden’s caretaker is now very irritated that Caiden ignored him again and gave Caiden a good lecture,

“Caiden, because you keep on ignoring me about using the potty and having accidents you’re going to be put back in diapers” lectured Cadien’s caretaker as he cleans Caiden and puts him in a Pawpers size 8 diaper

“If you need to go potty you will come get me so I can help you take off your diaper. If you have another accident today, you’re going to get a good spanking and you’ll be in those diapers for the rest of the week.” warned Caiden’s caretaker.

Caiden reluctantly agreed and went to go play in his room. Caiden hated being in diapers again because he felt that he was a ‘big boy’. Later that afternoon his caretaker came by again and asked caiden if he needed to go potty and if he needed help. Caiden said no and continued playing with his action figures, as his caretaker went outside to do the laundry that Caiden had created.

Moments later Caiden, yet again, had another accident and wet his diaper. Caiden sulkingly headed outside to where his caretaker was and asked for a change. The caretaker was now very upset with caiden,

“Caiden I warned you what would happen if you had another accident! Come here!” lectured the Caretaker as he picked up Caiden and laid him over his lap,

“Maybe this spanking and a week in diapers will help you learn to obey me!” said the caretaker as he spanked Caiden for not listening

Draw by: Somasleepy

Caiden: tugscarebear


I hope everything works out for the better soon for Caiden. It is not so match fun to get a spanking when you are wearing a wet diaper. Hope he dont ends up whit a diaper rash now or maybe that is the part of the punishment?

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Foxy love to drink from his bottle

Foxy love to drink from his bottleAs you maybe know bay now Foxy love the time he have when he is lying down and drinking from his bottle. And this Christmas morning is no difference but instead of drinking the milk Foxys mother have instead give him a bottle of warm chocolate milk instead. All the warm and nice chocolate milk make Foxy feel all warm and cozy inside and soon even his diaper felt warm and nice.

Foxy love the feeling of a warm wet diaper when he drinking from his bottle it make him feel weary happy and relaxing.

Wounder what sort of fun Foxy should do when he is finish whit his bottle? Maybe he should ask his mother if he could go outside and play in the snow.

Draw by: Yuniwolfsky

Diaper Prepose Bottle abdl86 clean small Diaper Prepose Bottle abdl86 messy small

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Foxys big surprise

Foxys big surpriseOne day Foxy was working late in a office building. Suddenly he heard a strange noise from one of the room close bay. He decide to check it out but when he enter the room someone was fast to cover his eyes and soon he felt a couple of paws push him down on something soft on the floor. Soon after that he heard a sound beside him and someone lift his bottom and when they lover it he felt something soft. After that he felt a family smell and soon after that he fell something soft and thick cover his private part.

When that was don they let him see again and let him discover that the soft thick thing between his legs was a diaper. That make him blush weary deeply and the furrys around him let out allot of cute baby talk and force him to sucking on a pacifier. Suddenly Foxy felt a family feeling in his bladder.

What should Foxy do? Should he use his diaper or should he ask if someone could tack it off ?

Draw by: Yuniwolfsky

Suchbaby Messy abdl86 small Suchbaby Wet abdl86 small


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Sad Charmander


Aww poor Charmander he seems to be weary sad because he have end up whit a wet diaper. But Charmander you dont need to be sad you have your friend Riolu close bay that can comfort you but maybe that is the reason that you are sad. You dont wont him to see your wet diaper.

Hope everything ends up good for this Charmander.

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Plusle is weary embarrassed over his wet diaper

Plusle feel embarrassed over his wet diaperSource:

I have not draw this.


Awww so cute it look like Plusle is weary embarrassed over his wet diaper that he is wearing now. Poor Plusle he need to learn that the diaper is there to help him when he have an accident and it is nothing to blushing about that he had a little accident in his diaper.

Maybe he should feel less embarrassed if someone could change his wet diaper into a clean one.

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Gotta call home…

Gotta call home...
Having to go through several diaper changes a day, eventually the inevitable is gonna happen. The spare pack kept in the nurses office runs out, and the one you’re in threatens to leak… Time to call big sis.
She never seems to mind, but it bugs Terry that he has to bug her like this.

Cub, text and draw by: emeritus_terciel


Yes i agree Terry really need to go and call his big sis so she can come whit some more clean diapers before he starting to leak. And i suggest that he hurry up whit the call special when the diaper seems to make a weary wet sound when he squeezing the wet diaper diaper he is wearing. Hope that his big sis can get there in time before his diaper starting to leak.

Maybe he need to have some thicker diaper during daytime if he needs allot of change.

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