Driving around

Driving aroundMy little brother fexi ist laughing about me because I fall asleep while driving and woke up wet *blushes* and trying to hide it.

Characters in this drawing belongs tofexi and BoltX

Text by BoltX

Draw by wen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/27766668/

Poor BoltX it sure is not nice that your little brother is teasing you about your wet diaper. I sure hope there mom is going to put a end to this soon.

But i sure bet that your little brother is going to put his diaper to some good use soon to.

Wet Undies Again? Looks Like it’s Back to Diapers

Wet Undies Again? Looks Like it's Back to Diapers

Looks like someone’s getting put back into diapers after soaking their big boy pants.

Characters belongs to ALittlePrince and lulukitten

Text by ALittlePrince

Draw by Wen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/27716354/

Awww poor looks like ALittlePrince have woke up whit another night time accidents and this time his mother think it is time for him to get back into diapers again. Special during his sleep so the diaper can handle his bedwetting problems and the diaper helps his bed to stay dry and soft instead of being wet and cold. That most be match more nicer :)

Diaper time!

Diaper time!

Elu and Wen are teaming up to diaper Jelani and it looks like he’s really embarrassed. oh my!

Story by Jelani and Elu!

After being told to lay down sweetly Jelani was shown the big diaper and asked by Wen, “Who’s big baby diapers are these?” Not able to bring himself to answer he just grumbled and blushed as his legs and bottom were hoisted in the air.

“Aww he is all blushy.” Elu chimed in jingling the toy to ‘distract him’

“Dont worry once Wen gets you diapered you can chew on them all you like yes you can.” She added. Jelani couldn’t think of anything to say. He was thoroughly humiliated and yet loving every minute of the treatment.

In the distance Kit managed a, “Play nice girls.” As Jelani just kept stammering and trying to give a rebuttal. Before he could find the words Wen throughly powdered him and pulled up the diaper. Then she grabbed his feet like a two year old and started a teasing sing song motion.

“Who’s a big baby?…”Who’s a big baby?…”Who’s a big baby?…I think you are.” She said tickling his belly. Jelnai just giggled lost now to the little space.

Order by paddedfoxgirl and Jelani_Crinkles

Draw by Wen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/27640041/

Awww someone sure found the situation a little blushing but i sure he also love the situation to :)

I bet its going to fell match better when the diaper is in place :)

Little Gamer

Little GamerCodyOmega playing in his nursery!

The happy playing cub belongs to CodyOmega

Draw and text by Wen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/27177221/

It sure seems like Cody have one fun playtime in the nursery playing around :)

Late Night Gaming

Late Night GamingAfter a long tough week, Ronnie just needed to cub out for a fun summer Friday night with some gaming, snacks, and his loyal wolf plush companion, Fenrir. Nothing better to unwind and shake off all the unwanted grown up concerns!

But it looks like it’s way past his bedtime, now… ^^’

Ronnie and text by Lil-Ronnie

Draw by Wen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/27163449/

But at least it sure seems like he fall asleep pretty happy :)

He sure looks kind of cute sleeping whit that pacifier :)

Your New Life

Your New Life I was a very very bad kitty. So it was decided Id be a kitten again!

But my new mommy had another way of raising me in mind. No more silly and naughty boy things. Id become a proper pretty sissy girl instead!

Text and leopard belongs to Sadey_Mayfire

Draw by wen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/26693366/

Poor Sadey_Mayfire looks like he is forced into allot of change in his life now when his mother have decide to start over and treat him like a girl instead.