TJ vs the Water

TJ vs the Water

“But mooooooooom…” TJ whined, stamping his feet, “I hate swimming.”

Mrs. Weaselton sighed, “TJ, hon. It’s good for you. Dr. Simon said that you need to do more exercise, and this is a good alternative to your physical therapy. Besides, this is a geothermally heated pool–it’ll be nice and warm. You’ll like it!”

“Fine. We’re here anyway, I might as well–you already dragged across town.” TJ leaned his crutches against the bench next to his towel, and shuffled over to the pool’s edge. Climbing in carefully, he pushed off the edge and let himself sink slowly to the bottom.

He thought to himself, “The water is kinda warm… this actually is nice.”

TJ and text by TJFoxxxx

Draw by revathescarf


Looks like TJ have learn that spending some time in the water can be kind of fun thing to do :)

Wet cub

Wet cubIt not fair when someone is throwing a bucked full of water on you, when not ready

Babyfur and text by kasper93

Draw by natsu-cat


Poor girl this is not something nice to do to a cub throwing a full bucked of water over here.

Looks how wet she is now and the diaper she is wearing is very soggy now.