Mommy’s Little Zorua Plush

Mommy's Little Zorua Plush

Plumb has found a adorable suit for Chris to wear around. This suit is made to feel and look like a giant plushie! So once Chris was padded up, she puts the suit ontop of Chris, along with the Plushie size diaper for more cuteness. The suit is so poofy, its near to impossible to walk without big waddles. If he falls over, there’s no getting up for him unless someone lifts him up! With that giant diaper along with the suit, he’ll be lucky if he can even take a step!
But now that Chris is cute looking zorua, she’s ready to go for a walk to the park with Plumb as she lets out some very cute yips like a zorua asking for attention.

Everything belongs to tails230


Aww poor Chris he sure going to have a very hard time walking around now and i sure he is going to attract allot of attentions to.

It’s too biiiiiig!

It's too biiiiiig!I can’t walk! ;3;

Masika and text by RocketWuffPup

Draw by kay


Poor little thing your night diaper have always been this thick. The diaper need to be this thick so it could keep up whit your bladder and keep your bed dry. You dont wont to wake up in a cold wet bed? I can tell you that is not something nice.

Diaper boy waddling around – diaperfag-waddlebottom

aww looks like this diaper boy waddle around showing everyone that he is wearing a thick and cozy diaper :) (ABU Space diaper)