Detective Pikachu: How do diaper get wet &/or messsy?

Detective Pikachu: How do diaper get wet &/or messsy?
Pikachu is finely going to find out whit help off his magnifying glass and special pacifier how diapers get wet &/or messy.

He is convinced it is something deep inside the diaper that make this happen. What else could it be that make this happen?

Draw by Veemonsito

Pikachu check out the pool for the first time

Pikachu check out the pool for the first timePiakchu was outside playing in the sandbox when his mother com bay and sad that she have something fun to show him. He take his mothers paw and start to waddling beside here whit his cute diaper butt moving from side to side. It is such a hot day today so i think you can play in the pool for a little wile.

It was then Pikachu notes some big new thing in front of the house. He point at it and sad can i really play in that thing? His mother smile at him and sad yes little sweetie it is going to be allot of fun. Wait here i need to get back in and bring out your bathing toys.

Pikachu look at the strange thing where he should suppose to play in. He get down to all four whit his diaper butt in the air and start looking at it little closer and wounder what sort of bathtub is this? It did dent look like anything he have seen inside the house. The bathtub in the bathroom was match bigger and this thing was smaller and something you could look straight through. Is this really something you can play in?

Draw by Veemonsito

Baby Pikachu can’t reach his pacifier

Baby Pikachu can't reach his pacifierPikachus mother was trying to learn Pikachu that he need to stop sucking on his pacifier so match that he did right now so she took his pacifier and and hung it on a hook so Pikachu could not reach it even if he was standing on one of his diaper package.

Pikachu love to suck on his pacifier and when he relished that he dont could reach it make him very sad so he was starting to cry big tears.

He did dent wont to stoop sucking on his pacifier.

Draw by Veemonsito

Baby Pikachu’s diaper change – Part 3

Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 3Story continues from part 2

Pikachu decide to waddle away from the changing blanked that he have been lying down on some cute baby powder cloud get out from the back on his diaper. So now during the waddling he end up whit some cute powder clouds thats his diaper is making :)

whits make him look so cute when he notes and blushing a little about it. Now he really smells like a little baby.

Draw by Veemonsito

I would like to thank Veemonsito for the wonderful work this is really a person that can draw some nice and super cute Pikachu drawings.

Baby Pikachu’s diaper change – Part 2

Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 2Story continues from part 1

Diaper butts that make you wont to pats it allot. Pikachu is so happy that he is all clean and dry now. The diaper is so soft and cozy to wear and he feels completely safe right now. He is so happy that he have a mother that understand his problem and dont are mad at him because that he still needs diaper.

The scent from the baby powder is also something that Pikachu like it make him feel so relax and happy. But sometime it can be to match baby powder in the diaper and then….

Read more in Part 3

Draw by Veemonsito

Baby Pikachu’s diaper change – Part 1

Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 1You maybe wounder way Pikachu still needs to where diapers?

Pikachu evolve from Pichu for a couple of weeks ago but his bladder is the same size and function like a newborn new hatched baby. So his kind mother Raichu have decided that he still needs to where his diaper. Because after all he is match more cuter wearing his diapers then some wet underwear. After all many babys have also some cute…….

Se part two for the rest.

Draw by Veemonsito