Vampire munk

Vampire munkI’m here for your candy

Ricky and text by: Pichuboy

Draw by TaviMunk


That is one scary pichu vampire that we have here. It seems like he have get himself a loaded basket whit candy to eat to :)

The cutest and littlest Vampire

The cutest and littlest Vampire
The cutest and littlest Vampire.

Vampire Pichu: Pichuboy.

Draw by: tato.


This was a very cute little vampire i have every seen and i should have no problem to meat this kind of cute thing in a dark alley. But i dont think that is going to happen i bet he is home sleeping at that time or play whit some toys he is to little to be out at that hour. But now when this only is a cute costume for the Halloween i hope it help him to get allot of candy from the home that he is visiting and from the look of his little bag it seems like he have receive allot of candy that he can eat when his parents let him eat sweet things.

I hope that he is going to have a great Halloween and that he is going to receive allot more candy that he can eat lather :) I only hope that he remember to brush his teeth before bedtime so he dont ends up whit some holes. If that happen he need to visit the dentist and that is not a place where a cute baby pichu like to be.

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